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Height 6'0"
Weight 221 lbs.
Date of birth July 02, 1984 (Age 23)
Place of birth Palm Springs, California
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Debut Winter 2005
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Ratings is a professional e-fed wrestler. His real name is Drake Avery, son of an billionaire corporate president and French socialist/model. He currently wrestles for Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation.

Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation


  • Ratings full name is Drake Monet Avery.
  • Is good friends with ex-EWT superstars Bret Michaels, "Sensational" Cherry, Maxx Awesome & Erik Majors; the latter two were his former stable mates in the faction known as "The Elite".
  • Ratings has a background in gymnastics and dance.

Title History

  • GWE Heavyweight Champion
  • KPW World Heavyweight Champion (1st champion in company's history)

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • The Finale (Running STO)
  • Headliner (Corkscrew neckbreaker)
  • Rodeo Driver (Fireman's carry into a Emerald Frosion)
  • Glitterati Guillotine (Reverse DDT into Backcracker)
  • Critically Acclaimed (Jumping spinning roundhouse kick)
  • Pele (Backflip kick)
  • Gamengiri (Jumping high kick)
  • Superkick
  • Forward flip into shining wizard
  • One arm handstand kick
  • Springboard handspring wheel kick
  • Flying forearm
  • Various flips and other acrobatic maneuvers
  • Theme Music
  • "Keep On Liftin'" by dj nagureo
  • Nicknames
  • "The Palm Springs Playboy"
  • "The 'It' Athlete"
  • "The Greatest Superstar of Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow"
  • Quotes
  • "You will fall and the ratings will rise."

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