The Skull Furnal
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of The Skull Furnal]]
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Ring Names The Skull Furnal
Raul "Razorblade" Ramirez
Height 6'8"
Weight 309 lbs
Date of birth
Place of birth Fresno, California
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Madera, California
Billed from
Trainer NAW
The Wrestling Factory
Handled by
Win/Loss Record

Raul Alvarez is a professional wrestlers best know by his ring name The Skull Furnal.


The Skull Furnal was born in Fresno California and was a huge wrestling fan at a young age, when he got older he moved to Madera California in order to start his dream of becoming a wrestler. He was trained by an indie promotion call N.A.W. (North American Wrestling), there he wrestled for a few years, he left for a short tour in Mexico until he got called up by a wrestling promotion called SBW (Submmision Bar Wrestling) where he was able to wrestle on Television for the first time, sadly SBW closed down and The Skull Furnal was forced to go back to the indy seen. He wrestled for a very short moment with NAW until he felt he had to leave NAW and try something new. The Skull Furnal quickly left to wrestle in Mexico, where he wore a mask and took on a new persona as a Jester sent from hell. He was very successful in Mexico and even toured in Japan a few times. Trajudi struck home when his mother was sick and he could not go back home to the United States, that was when he made the choice to return to the United States where he could be closer to his family.

Wrestling Moves

  • Finisher: Gory Special
    • 1.running fore arm smash
    • 2.big boot to the face
    • 3.running back elbow into the corner
    • 4.running DDT
    • 5.elbow drop
    • 6.sidewalk slam
    • 7.springboard closeline
    • 8.standing leg drop
    • 9.Abdominal stretch
    • 10.hammer lock
    • 11.wrist lock
    • 12.Double Arm Elevated Chicken Wing
    • 13.head lock
    • 14.half Boston crab
    • 15.Mexican Stretch II


  • Name History:
    • The Skull Furnal
  • Nick Names:
    • TSF

Wrestling Theme Songs

  • Don Omar - Angelito
  • Baby Rasta - Toma
  • Pantera - Cowboys From Hell


Raul is a fan of the wrestler Sting and wears a face pain similar to Sting's NWO Wolfpack face paint.

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