Raven Alexandria
Raven Alexandria
Real name Raven Alexandria O’Connor
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Height 5’8"
Weight 2135
Date of birth April 18th, 1983
Place of birth Dublin, Ireland
Date of death
Place of death
Resides San Diego, California, United States
Billed from Long Beach, California, United States
Trainer Chris Benoit, Scott Levey, Herself, DSW
World Wrestling Entertainment
X-treme Wrestling Federation
Insane Entertainment Online
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Debut August 15, 2000
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Raven Alexandria (born Raven Alexandria O'Connor on June 6, 1981) is an Irish-American professional wrestler currently taking bookings for independent shows as well has handling a career with prestigious federations such as X-Treme Wrestling Federation and World Wrestling Entertainment. She is best known for her work in federations such as,World Wrestling Entertainment, Insane Entertainment Online, and Ultimate Championship Wrestling.



Born June 6, 1981 to Bernard and Rose O’Connor, Raven Alexandria is the youngest of two children. Predecessor to her older brother of four years, Alexander O’Connor. Born in Dublin Ireland, she had the life that most children would only dream of, until the are of eight that was. A great tragedy occurred in her life that sent it spiraling into a downward into a hell she thought she would never be able to escape.

Early Life; Riches to Rags.

Life is always so much easier when you’re younger, as this held true for Raven Alexandria. She was born into a family that loved, and cherished her. A family that she thought would be there for her to matter what. Her father, a neurosurgeon who provided for his family better than most, and her mother a stay at home mom. They lived on a beautiful farm, cows, chicken, horses, pigs, every animal you could imagine. It was the perfect place, a haven for Raven Alexandria. But at the age of eight it was all ripped away from her. It was Christmas Eve 1989 when the police man knocked on the door, bearing the news that her parents had gone over a bridge and into the Shannon river. It was that day that her life changed for the worse.

For the next three years she was dragged through orphanage, one after another. Thrown in different foster homes every month or so. She was young, and wanted her mother, that mixed with the language difference didn’t make for a good combination. No one could seem to put up with her for longer than a month or two.

Stepping Through The Curtains

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Wrestling career

Insane Entertainment Online

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Ultimate Championship Wrestling

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World Wrestling Entertainment

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X-Treme Wresting Federation

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In Wrestling

Finishing Moves

  • Ravens Wings

Standing behind her opponent with the opponent in front of him/her, Raven Alexandria bends him/her back and applies an inverted facelock, then falls backwards to slam the opponent's head into the mat.

  • Sweet Sacrifice

This variant on the senton is performed by leaping from the top turnbuckle (or other raised surface), flipping forward 270°, and landing on the opponent back-first in the standard senton position.

  • Fallen Angel

Standing behind her opponent with the opponent in front of him/her, Raven Alexandria bends him/her back and applies an inverted facelock, then falls backwards to slam the opponent's head into the mat.

Signature Moves

  • Lithium [Diving Hurricanrana]
  • Acid Drop [Dudly Dog]
  • Lose Control [Off the Top Turnbuckle Corkscrew Moonsault]
  • Lachrymose [Off the top rope chair shot ]
  • The Kill [Double Springboard Moonsault]
  • Fallen [Canadian Backbreaker into Ace crusher]
  • Sinister Sister [Tornado DDT ]
  • Once Upon a Time [Gory Bomb Special]
  • Disfigured [Back Cracker ]
  • Train Wreck [Drop Toe Hold ]
  • Widow Maker [Reverse Firemans Carry Slam ]
  • The Sith [Cross-Arm Hangmans Neckbreaker]
  • Window into the Soa [Fisherman Suplex]
  • Lucky 8 [Thesz Press w/ 8 Mounted Punches]
  • Something to Talk about [Camel Clutch ]
  • Dooms Day Device [Elevated Boston Crab]
  • Superiority Complex [Inverted Leg Lace]
  • Insult to Injury: [Raven Alexandria Licks her palm, pulls back, and slaps her opponent across the face ]
  • Nobodys Fool [Raven Alexandria pulls her opponent down to the mat by their hair, grabs a hold of the mass and began slamming her opponents head into the mat by their hair ]
  • Toxicity [Irish whip into the corner followed by hair pull onto the matt face first, them fliping them over Raven Alexandria begins to punch her opponent ten times in the face. ]

Trademark Moves

  • Drop Kicks
  • Baseball Slides
  • Springboard Elbows/Kicks
  • Powerbombs
  • Legsweeps


  • "The Raven Haired Vixen"
  • "The Sinister Seductress "
  • "The Enterprises Little Vixen"

Entrance Music

  • "Bleeding Mascara" Atreyu

Career Championship Highlights

  • WWE-Uncensored
    • Woman’s Hardcore Champion (1 Time)
  • Insane Entertainment Online
    • IEO Woman’s Hardcore Champion (2 Times)
  • Ultimate Championship Wrestling
    • Woman’s Champion (1 Time)
  • X-Treme Wrestling Federation
    • XWF Woman’s World Champion (1Time)
  • Gateway Wrestling Organization
    • GWO Television Champion (1Time)

Personal life

Raven Alexandria is one to keep her personal life a little bit of a mystery, at least to the public eye. She has not settled down, but it’s no secret that she is currently in a serious relationship with long time friend, Alexis Morningstar.

People Raven Has Dated In The Past
- Sting
- Ricky Rourke
- Angel Ryann Felicity
- Isaac Triston Gunn
- Spike


  • Raven Alexandria has over one hundred tattoos, and her most favorite are those done by her friends on those wild nights.
  • Raven Alexandria prides herself on being Straight Edge.
  • Raven Alexandria is a PETA activist.
  • Ravens’ favorite drink is Sprite
  • Raven has two cat’s; one named Fish-stick and the other named Wendy. They’re both boys.
  • Raven has a degree in Photography as well as Psychology.

Contact Information

AIM: paintaheartbreak
Yahoo: the_raven_haired_vixen

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