Ray Damian
Ring name(s) Ray Damian
Height 6 ft 0 (1.83 m)
Weight 233 lbs (104.5 kg)
Born September 25, 1984 (age 26)
Toronto, Ontario
Resides Toronto, Ontario
Billed from Toronto, Ontario
Trained By Ryan Hertz
Debut 2003

Raymond Allen Damian (born September 25, 1984) better known by his ring name, Ray Damian is a Canadian professional e-wrestler known for working prominently with Supreme Action Wrestling (SAW), Pro Wrestling Federation (PWF) and European Wrestling Federation (EWF) and has had stints with many other organizations. Damian first ascended to short-lived success in SAW in 2006 as part of the legendary group that has spanned many federations, Legends by Nature becoming SAW Tag Team Champion with comrade, Nate Franklin. In PWF, he established a successful solo run, stepping up during that period to win the PWF United States Championship. He also maintained a memorable rivalry with Andrew Watts from EWF, which spanned two promotions.

Early Life of Character

Damian was born September 25, 1984 in Toronto, Ontario and grew up a single child. His mother pulled double duty as both his mother and father, filling the void of his father who reigned absent for most of his youth years, entering in and out of romance with his mom. He took an interest into professional wrestling at 13 year old, watching it with his uncle. In later years, he began idolizing The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan.

In 1998, Damian started to struggle through the loss of his mother that year who died due to complications with diabetes. For a short interim, he lived with his father who filed for custody after his mom died and during that time, according to Damian, he felt he was treated "noticeably second fiddle" to his father's child with another woman. But despite that, he kept much focus on school and achieving good grades while aiming after a career in Emergency Services.

In 2002, he went for the career path in professional wrestling and attended a non-legitimate wrestling school program and practiced some of his abilities in a backyard federation, both where he discovered his true potential. Experienced local trainer Ryan Hertz trained Damian into owning a flashy style of technical skill coupled with athleticism. Unfortunately that year, Damian would have issues surviving out on his own and had to put that ambition aside and try to avoid bankruptcy by working more jobs. In 2003, he resumed his pursuit and started obtaining opportunities to work for various independent and major promotions.


Total Impact Wrestling (2006)

In January 2006, Damian reached an agreement with co-owners Chris King and Brian Miller, becoming signed to the Philadelphia-based Total Impact Wrestling (TIW), which had reopened after a demise a few months before. He was set to debut at the Resurrection pay per view teaming with Christian Cain to compete with Shaun Cabalar and Jay O'Neil for the TIW Tag Team Championship, but the pay per view was cancelled, and the promotion faltered. Moreover, it was said Damian was booked to win the TIW Tag Titles with Cain.

Supreme Action Wrestling (2006)

In early 2006, his trainer Ryan Hertz recommended him to the management of Supreme Action Wrestling (SAW) and also spoke to a few of the wrestlers who were getting brought in there. Damian signed to the promotion and was allowed some creative freedom. He dubbed himself under the alias "The Gladiator", an ultra arrogant heel-type character hellbent on being the elite and of superstardom. In his first match on March 5 edition of Sunday Night SAW, he lost the round one match of the Quarter Finals SAW Championship Tournament to Alex Liddel, who he started befriending.

Legends by Nature

Main article: Legends by Nature

In March 2006, Damian joined Alex Liddel and Nate Franklin in a group comprised of them to be known as Legends by Nature, all of which had input for the group and that Liddel created the name for, since according to contractual obligations, the wrestlers were allowed some creative freedom. The extremely arrogant group centralized on dominance in the duration of its run, though their path kicked off rocky. At the Redemption PPV in March, Damian faced Chris Lightning for the SAW Combat Championship, but ultimately lost. At the same event, a wrestler later revealed as Kenku befriended him post-match and seemingly joined the LBN group, though however, for a very short period.

Not long later, Damian and Franklin won the SAW Tag Team Championship in a high octane Triple Threat Tag Team TLC match on the March 19 edition of Sunday Night SAW. They were involved in a feud with the Gathering of Destined Souls (G.O.D.S) group for company supremacy that extended throughout the brief life span of the promotion, as Liddel feuded with Lightning and Jonny Nitric over the SAW Title, all culminating with LBN defeating G.O.D.S in a group versus group match and Liddel winning the Combat Championship at Rising Evil in April. Building to the following month's event, Pain Monopoly, SAW Owners 2 Priceless went after Damian and Franklin to slow down their rate of ascension. However, the event was cancelled and LBN kept all their titles right through the demise of SAW in May.

Pro-Wrestling Federation (2006)

In July 2006, Damian signed a contract with Pro-Wrestling Federation. He began a short singles run that went on to be a success, beginning with an appearance on July 30 at the Point Break pay per view, sparking a feud with Calypso by assaulting him during his post-match celebration of winning the PWF United States Championship. Damian, however, lost his debut against Calypso a week later. In denial, this caused him to start exclaiming he was the "Best Damn Gladiator", fueled to prove his ability. The feud continued and Damian eventually defeated Calypso for the PWF United States Championship on August 21 edition of Code Red. At the EWF Full Throttle pay per view in August, his first defense was against his now rival, Calypso, but defeated him to retain and end the feud in a Ladder match.

After prevailing in champion matches with Mr. Showtime, his success rewarded him an opportunity for the PWF World Heavyweight Championship provided he defeated Nick Shaw and Showtime in a Triple Threat match, where in consequence if him or Showtime lost, they would be forced to defend their title against Shaw. Showtime ended up victorious between the three of them at Under Siege in September. Subsequently, Damian lost his title to JP Money in a Ladder match on Code Red. Later, he briefly formed a team called The Future with Evan Hawk which never really took off as PWF folded with alterations in management leading to a downfall.

Global Wrestling Alliance (2006)

In August 2006, while working for PWF, Damian signed with Global Wrestling Alliance (GWA). His initial match was a loss against Prime, Cable and Bounty Hunter in a contender's match for the GWA Prime Championship. It became apparent to management that his motivation towards the company was absent. He proceeded to compete in one final match before he was released from the promotion.

World Attitude Wrestling (2006)

In December 2006, Damian started wrestling for World Attitude Wrestling (WAW) while signed with PWF, which according to his contract, was permitted. He wrestled his first match with Matthew Wade on the December 14 edition of WAW Breakdown which he lost. After another match competing with Mike Harris, Damian took exit from the promotion to rather continue his time in PWF.

Elite Wrestling Champions (2007)

In April 2007, Damian had negotiated a meeting with Mark Horton in regards to a singles contract. His skepticism stalled an agreement for a week until one came through where Damian would compete in the promotion. The plan was to prolong his "Best Damn Gladiator" gimmick, and in his debut match, he defeated Mike Auger. But Horton broke the announcement that EWC was going out of business in early May.

European Wrestling Federation (2007)

After a negotiation with EWF President Mikey Sparks, Damian signed with the company in early May. The promotion returned as part of a resurgence from when it was discarded for the opening of PWF. On the May 14 Revolution premiere, Damian competed with Ryot in a Gauntlet Elimination match and was eliminated due to costly interference from Darrel "The Reality" Noke and his Reality Check superkick finisher, taking Damian's place in what was a 3-Way Gauntlet. The ramifications of such events did not showcase a developed feud between the two in subsequent weeks and rather, Damian rehashed his alliance with Liddel, with the new addition of Andrew Watts in LBN, making it the first time LBN appeared in another promotion. However, the promotion closed shortly after.

By August, Sparks revived EWF back into business and with two separate brands – Revolution and Mayhem. Liddel was forced on the sidelines because of an injury prior to the company's resurrection, leaving Damian and Watts to operate LBN as a tag team. Watts began a feud with a newcomer known as Sebastain Morton in which Damian appeared more of a tag-along than a partner in most cases, but tried to aide his partner. This led to the August 27 edition of Revolution, when Damian competed with Morton in a Tables match. On this night, Watts came out to offer support to his partner, but this was all an act to eventually help Morton send Damian through a table to obtain victory and lay the grounds that him and Morton were the "new blood" of LBN, blaming Damian for being inconvenient and not holding up his end of the bargain. As a conspicuous result, Damian was discharged from the group. After all three were drafted to Mayhem brand, Damian lost a Round One EWF Legacy Championship Tournament match to Watts and disappeared while LBN escalated their predominance by acquiring members as well as even the Mayhem GM, Jason De Luca. Watts also arose to prominence after winning the EWF Legacy Title, the main title on the Mayhem brand.

At Devastation Awaits in October, an anonymous masked assailant assaulted Morton following his match during the night and after the Legacy Title main event officiated by De Luca, the assailant attacked Watts, who was reeling after losing his title in a grueling Triple Threat First Blood match to Kostoff and Mike Howard. De Luca unmasked the assailant to reveal that Damian was the one behind the attacks. Damian reunited with Liddel as half of the original Legends by Nature along with the newest recruit of De Luca, who turned on Watts to join them that night. In events that followed, Watts was put out from action, but EWF folded in December before developments could further unfold.

Second Run in Elite Wrestling Champions (2007-2008)

In December 2007, Damian signed with the resurfaced Elite Wrestling Champions and was assigned to their Elite brand. Damian turned up unsuccessful in an initial bout with Noriko Lee and went on a week later to repeat a loss against Sikkness. Damian commented that "he wasn't really feeling his career at this point" and his last match was teaming with Creed to face 1-Shot Hitmen in a Loser Leaves EWC match which was lost, however, Damian was suspended while Creed had actually been released. Shortly though, Damian was released from the promotion also.

European Wrestling Federation (2008)

On June 2 edition of Revolution since the reemergence in May, Damian made his unexpected return to EWF, savagely attacking Watts in a surprise appearance on account that he was getting even with Watts for his betrayal and assuming the rights to LBN away, which he would do by trying to cease his EWF World Heavyweight Championship opportunity. At Kings of Hell on June 8, Damian fought Watts in a physical San Francisco Street Fight to a loss that settled down the feud.

In a questionably decision, his close associate Liddel showed up and joined Watts in reforming LBN with Brooke Logan and Adam Stone, who Damian got in an all-out brawl with that led to the Exotic Sunset pay-per-view on July 13 with the addition of EWF International Champion Best in the Business putting his title on the line. Stone won the match, but shortly after, Damian unveiled an alliance with James Draven, who had history with Watts in a group they called Alliance of Defiance. Allied with The Perfect Alliance, they labelled their assemblage, Hostile Takeover, coming together in their mutual effort of bringing a stop to Watts and LBN. By August, Damian was kayfabe injured by The Wave of the Future to be written off the program just before EWF indefinitely went under.

Elite Wrestling Academy (2008)

Employment became offered in August shortly after businesswoman Elizabeth Black purchased the rights to EWF and it appeared the foundation of the company would continue. Initially intended to operate as an "EWF 2.0", where all active talent could transfer, Black decided to make a separate creation by founding the Elite Wrestling Academy. Damian boarded the promotion and wrestled in a contender's bout for the EWA Roadkill Championship and a dark match with Adam Stone. Ultimately though, it became apparent that Damian had not strongly been behind the promotion and was eventually released by management.

Third Run in Elite Wrestling Champions (2008)

Damian made an re-signing with EWC in December, coincidentally a year anniversary since he had in 2007. Again, he was assigned to the Elite brand wrestling his redebut match with Ragonus to a loss. At EWC Silent Night 2008, Damian competed in his final match with Ronnie Mcneil, Noah Mackenzie, and Alyx Gates.

Prominent Wrestling Organization (2009)

In March, Ray Damian signed with Prominent Wrestling Organization (PWO). On March 31, he wrestled a dark match to a loss against Paradice. Promoted to the main show PWO Takedown, on the April 7 edition of PWO Takedown, he teamed with Ethan Lee Alexander facing off with Katherine Stryfe and Joey Harris in Round One of a PWO Tag Team Tournament that resulted with Damian submitting to Stryfe's submission hold, TTFOB. After the match, Alexander incensed with having lost, assaulted Damian until Watts came to the aide of Damian. A reconciled friendship seemed to be panning out for an LBN reunion until Damian was hit with Watts' Highlight finisher. Watts revealed his actual alliance with Alexander, who both proceeded to pummel him. Damian was released of his contract some time after.

Old School Wrestling (2009)

On May 19, Damian signed a deal with Old School Wrestling (OSW). On the May 25 edition of Premiere called Premiere 007, Damian appeared in a vignette exhibiting his anger towards inconsequential treatment, noting on former PWF Owner and now OSW Owner Jason Hart not fitting him on the show. Damian competed on their Cold Fury pay per view but ceased to make any strong appearances after that and was later released.

Xtreme Tier Contenders (2009)

In May, Damian hit a deal to begin working with Xtreme Tier Contenders (XTC). After his first match with Hannibal Howell, owner Stephen Andrews controversially opted to draw closure to the promotion due to a claim of "insufficient dedication" by the roster.

The Experts Tournament

Damian partook in the Experts Tournament 2008, an annually traditional event hosted by interpromotional organization, The Experts, to garner various promotions under one roof for the sake of pure competition. He came up short up in the beginning round against WAW's Kito Magnusson.

In wrestling

  • Current finishing moves
    • Dropzone - Vicious reverse running jumping cutter
    • X-Ray - Moonsault executed wearing special X-Ray Vision sunshades
  • Former finishing moves
    • The Analysis - V1 (Doubled over quick 360 degree twirling face drop)
    • The Analysis - V2 (Reverse vertical suplex into twirling face drop)
    • Application - Reverse modified side-way crossface
    • Dismantler Lock (Stepover toehold facelock submission)
    • Nature's Calling - LBN finisher (Ray Damian executes a standing clothesline off the top rope on opponent up in a vertical suplex position by Alex Liddel)
  • Signature moves
    • Showmanship (Top rope twirling cartwheel shoulder driver)
    • Twilight Zone (Corkscrew moonsault)
    • Diving mid-air twirl splash
    • Headscissors into Russian leg sweep
    • Northern lights suplex
    • Snap German suplex
    • Tiger driver
    • Enzuigiri
    • Inverted atomic drop (before dropkick)
    • Hurricanrana
    • Exploder suplex
    • Athletic Knee (presses up of mat for stylish drop of the right leg into opponent’s chest.)
  • Signature foreign object
    • Steel chair (2006-present)
    • Ladder (2008)
  • Valets & Managers
  • Nicknames
    • The Athletic Diamond
    • The Best Damn Gladiator
    • The Gladiator
  • Theme music
    • Live Your Life by T.I Ft. Rihanna
    • Good Life by Kanye West
    • What You Know by T.I
    • Window Shopper by 50 Cent
    • Image of the Invisible by Thrice (Theme for original Legends by Nature)

Championships and accomplishments


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