Ray Damien
Ray Damien
Real name Liam Canlas
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Height 5'11
Weight 187
Date of birth
Place of birth Dallas, Texas
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Resides Dallas, Texas
Billed from Dallas, Texas
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Gods And Heretics Wrestling
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Debut May 12, 2007
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Ray Damien is a professional wrestler best known for his appearances in Gods And Heretics Wrestling, and Empire Wrestling. He was a 2-time former SPWA Stiff-Neck Champion. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas. He has recently signed with Honor,Arrogance and Justice Wrestling

Wrestling career


Ray Damien had his first matches on un-televised events for LAW. he was well known for his hardcore style and extreme thirst for blood. in an effort to restrain him for causing many injuries, LAW booked him mainly in singles matches. He also formed a tag-team with his good friend OZ. They only had one match, but the team didn't last as OZ was seriously injured when he was hit by a stray bullet that hit him directly in the leg. OZ was never able to return to professional wrestling after the injury. late in his LAW, Damien signed up for the LAW World Championship Tournament where he reached the Top 5 but was eliminated by Von Mokum. Other notable accomplishments are wins over legend SWEET REVENGE,and defeating 2-time World LAW Champion Pat Morita


As he was promoted into SPWA, he signed with GHW where he feels he got his first taste of real competition, starting out with Ladder Matches against legend Eric The Torture. much later in his SPWA career, he won the SPWA Stiff-Neck Championship in a match against Eric The Torture. after that, he added a few legends to his list of fallen opponents, Hairy Biker,The Heartbreak Kid, and most notably Mad Max. He lost the SPWA Stiff-Neck Championship to La Chalet, He lost to Monsoon in the SPWA RIAC Championship Tournament Final, but defeated Doctor Nick to become a 2-time SPWA Stiff-Neck Champion. He defeated Matthew Oliveira in his final SPWA match, and was stripped of the Stiff-Neck title because of his promotion.


With his last matches in the Lieutenant Division being against Human Wreckingball and Ben Blade. He also teamed with Matthew Oliveira to form Anger Management. In the middle of his PWO career, he signed with Empire Wrestling where he became the Empire Wrestling European Champion in the first card, defeating Eric The Torture, becoming Empire Wrestling's First Champion in the process. But his time as champion did not last long as he lost the title to Yokdosan in his first title defense.While in GHW, Anger Management hit it's high point with a 3 Week Winning Streak, only to have it ended in a Tag Team Rumble for #1 Contendership for the Silver Division Tag Team Championship. He also won the PWO Rage In a Cage Tournament Round 202, but was defeated by Julios Charming in the Title Match. Shortly after the Tag Team Rumble loss, Ray Damien left GHW, and EW for reasons unknown to many.


After disappearing from professional wrestling for months, Ray Damien reappeared. He fought and defeated his former partner, Matthew Oliveira in an independent promotion in what critics regarded as a 5-Star Brawl. He then signed with Honor, Arrogance and Justice Wrestling where he had a few good showings, but was never really given the opportunity to shine. However, his time in HAJW didn't last long as it merged with GIW. Damien was one of the few to leave the company. He had a few solid matches with one of the proven fighters in SSWO, Bob The Bad Guy, but has yet to make a real impact. He is rumored to be in contract negotiations to return to GHW.

In wrestling

  • Signature Moves
    • Damien Driver-Chokeslam
    • Damien Plex-Northern Lights Suplex
    • Damien Buster-Brain Buster
    • Pile Driver
    • Stall Suplex
    • Scorpion Deathlock/Sharpshooter
  • Championships
    • SPWA Stiff-Neck Championship-2x
    • EW European Champion-1x
    • PWO Rage In A Cage Tournament Winner-1x
  • Other Accomplishments
  • Tag Teams

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