[[Image:|px|Image of Razer]]
Real name Peter Thompson
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Height 6ft 4"
Weight 260lbs
Date of birth 29th January (1979)
Place of birth Liverpool, United Kingdom
Date of death
Place of death
Billed from Liverpool, England
Trainer Awesome Anthony, Amazing Andrew, "Old School" Joel Cinder, Eric "Hunter" Taylor, Kyle "The Freak" Rieger
Pojo Wrestling Alliance (2002-Present)
Ultimate Wrestling Federation (1999-2001)
Handled by
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Debut November 2002 (PWA)
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Razer, more commonly known as "The Junkie" is a heel in the PWA. He has gained fame for two main reasons - his in ring ability and his notorious illicit substance abuse.


(highlights of pwa career)

Razer made his first in-ring debut in 1999 during the early days of the UWF. Little is known for the first 2 years of his career (and possibly due to the drug use, little is remembered either).

Over his turbulent 8 year career, Razer has become a force to be reckoned with. Having held titles of all ranks and caliber in the UWF and PWA, his in ring ability is hard to dispute even with the fondness for marijuana which his man possesses.

"The Junkie" first arrived on the scene in PWA in November 2002, facing off against an old acquaintance and long time friend, '''Kyle "The Freak" Rieger'''. Shortly after their debut, the two men formed the tag team '''The Hardcore Warriors''', and reached the finals of the tag team title tournament held in December 2002 for the vacant tag team titles (They were defeated by '''Team Elite Xtreme''' (Vegeta and Hott2Flamez).

At Pojocade I, Razer captured the Million Dollar title to give him his first taste of PWA gold and held the title for 70 days, falling short of breaking the (at the time) record reign set by '''Bman''' of 78 days. The Junkie lost this title to '''Moltar''' who would become one of his long term rivals, who had the uncanny ability to defeat him in any title match over the duration of his PWA career.

During summer 2003, Razer formed the tag team Damage Inc (with Darkside) and captured the tag team titles as well as joining "The Dynasty" under the leadership of Chaz Steele. It was during this period of time where the rivalry between Steele and Razer became prominent and the two men would begin to endure a series of clashes in and out of the ring which still continue to the present day. Razer also faced off against deception at "Extreme Destruction" 2003 in a bar room brawl which sparked a bloody rivalry between the two Englishmen. Razer also captured the European Title in September 2003 but lost it a month later at Wrestlefest 2003 in a steel cage match against Moltar who put his television title on the line.

In early 2004, Razer left the pwa temporarily citing personal problems but made a strong return in summer 2004, siding with Steele once again to take the tag titles but only to lose them and also break away from his partner. Razer left PWA again until summer 2005. This was cited as personal issues again.

In 2005, Razer came back to PWA and was assaulted by a masked assailant (turned out to be Chaz Steele) which resulted in a no-holds barred match up between the two men which saw razer score the decisive victory over his former mentor. However, in the aftermath of this match, Razer re-sustained an injury to his left shoulder and had to leave PWA once more for rehabilitation and recuperation.

In 2006. Razer returned once again and captured the world title from Deception in his return match, however his ill-fated title reign was plagued with personal issues once more and as a result of losing the world title due to differences between the PWA staff and himself, Razer walked out on PWA once again.

In 2007 Razer returned once more (see a pattern here >_>). This time allying with rival chaz steele to take on the owner vegeta who formed his own unit to combat this alliance and the threat of WAR. During the height of this three-way power struggle, Razer turned on his ally chaz steele and took up the fight against vegeta solo, claiming to be "The enforcer of PWA". Razer took Vegeta and Triple Six on in a handicapped match and despite his physical dominance of the tag team champions in some stages of the match, he was defeated but still remained defiant in the face of defeat and continues to fight against them in an effort to bring down the "Untouchables" and let others have their chance to shine.


Finishing moves

  • The Razerplex (hanging vertical suplex into evenflow DDT) - This is the main finisher of Razer and because of its basis - a suplex into a ddt, it is subject to variation - reverse razerplex and on some occasions, a top rope variant
  • Rising Thunder (shooting star press with hangtime) - Taken from Amazing Andrew, a former tag team partner in UWF
  • Hit That Shit! (rocker dropper) - more commonly referred to as the HTS. This move is done in conjunction with an illegal move such as a low-blow, or in hardcore match situations where weapons are readily usable
  • Whiplash (inverse twist of fate) - taken as a memento to long standing tag partner Darkside.

Trademark moves

  • Razer Kick - shuffle side superkick, bears similarity to the Rikishi-kick
  • Springboard Moonsault
  • Asphyxiation - Bandanna worn as part of ring attire is used to garrote opponent. Only done in matches with no rules/relaxed rules


  • "Never trust a Junkie"

Championships and accomplishments

  • 1-time PWA World Heavyweight Champion
  • 1-time PWA European Champion
  • 2-time PWA Million Dollar Champion
  • 2-time PWA Hardcore Champion
  • 3-time PWA Tag Team Champion
  • 2-time UWF Television Champion
  • 1-time UWF European Champion
  • 8-time UWF Hardcore Champion
  • 3-time UWF Tag Team Champion
  • 1-time UWF hardcore tag team champion
  • 3-time UWF Stable Champion

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