[[Image:|px|Image of Razor]]
Real name John Hann
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Height 6' 3"
Weight 225 lbs.
Date of birth March 7, 1980
Place of birth Munich, Germany Flag of Germany
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Resides Springfield, Illinois Flag of the United States
Billed from Munich, Germany Flag of Germany
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Handled by De1one/Two Angels And A Dream
Win/Loss Record 200+ Victories
Debut vs Tony Montana
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Career history

Due to the destruction of records the complete details of these early years are unclear and the facts may be presented out of order or not in full.


GameWinners Wrestling Federation

Razor burst onto the wrestling scene in 2005 by making his debut during one of the twice weekly GWF shows. Razor started off well defeating another new comer in the form of Tony Montana. The two had a short feud which ended at one of GWF's PPV's with a victory for Razor in a Table Match. Razor continued his winning ways by winning a triple threat match that involved the veteran Red X and another wrestle. Razor quickly started a feud with Red X which ended when Razor defeated Red for the GWF Lightheavyweight Title. This was the first of many titles for Razor while he was contracted to the GWF.

Notable feuds Razor had while at GWF was his infamous feud with Cyrus "The Virus" which ended in a Razor Wire cage match. Neither man was able to pick up the victory from this hellacious feud and they were never able to have a rematch due to the fact that Cyrus quit wrestling a few weeks later due to injuries received at the hands of Razor.

Razor also ended up in a bitter feud with his jealous brother, Chris Hann, which ended in a Hell in a Cell match victory for Razor, it nearly cost him his career though. During this feud Razor made appearances on GWF's rival show XGW, even though he was courted by XGW he decided to stay loyal to GWF.

Razor's loyalty to the GWF was put into question when the GWF was invaded by a Japanese business owner and his cohorts. This huge feud, which had had so many twists and turns, double crossings and back-stabbings, ended in a War Games match where the GWF Coalition were out numbered due to the fact that Razor did not want to put himself in harms way. But during the match Razor could not stand by and watch, he had to act, so he made his way down to the ring and took his place with his brethren. Alas it was to be to no avail as the invading Japanese Corporation ended up being victorious.

During this time Razor tagged with and feuded with Red X The two have fallen out numerous times over titles and woman.

Music Career

2006 - 2007

Hybrid Championship Wrestling

Movie Career


Pro Wrestling Warriors

High Voltage Wrestling

Volatile Wrestling Alliance


Razor Inc.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • The Flatline - Leaping spike reverse STO
    • Blitzkrieg - Phoenix Splash
  • Signature moves
    • Blast Effect - Diving Head Butt
    • Razor Lock- Ankle Lock
    • Razor's Edge - Crucifix Powerbomb
  • Other moves
    • Dragon Screw
    • German Suplex
    • Northern Lights Suplex
    • DDT
    • Side Russian Leg Sweep
    • Crossface Chickenwing
    • Spinning Heel Kick
    • Moonsault
    • Flying Crossbody
    • Back Suplex to Facebuster

Championships and accomplishments

  • Volatile Wrestling Alliance
  • High Voltage Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling Warriors
  • Hybrid Championship Wrestling
    • HCW Freestyle Championship (1 time)
    • HCW Battlegrounds winner 2006
  • GameWinners Wrestling Federation
    • GWF World Champion (1 time)
    • GWF Lightheavyweight Title (2 times)
    • GWF Triple Crown Championship (1 time)
    • GWF European Championship (1 time)
    • GWF Tag Team Championship (2 times) (w/ Red X)
    • GWF Soul Survivor 2004
PWW (defunct)
Final roster
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