[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of rdarnz]]
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Height 6'5"
Weight 90kg
Date of birth December 25, 1988
Place of birth Portsmouth, England
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Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment
World Wrestling Alliance, Elite Wrestling Alliance, Syndicate Wrestling Alliance, WrestleCrazy Entertainment
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Debut March 2004
Retired {{{retired}}}

rdarnz, is an English-Australian eFed handler. He has been involved with e-wrestling for almost a full three years now, most of it full-time; with part of that time spent as an eFedder, booker and owner. He has held control of roughly five e-wrestlers, though only one remains active and has remained active as his primary character throughout his e-wrestling career. He has a tendency to be very relaxed and even lazy when it comes to RPing, often waiting for his opponent to strike the first blow before delivering the goods, with some amazing RPs produced in important matches or situations. His main character has been, and will always be, Antonio DeMarco, although during his career he has also worked under the guises of Kyo Hatoshi, Hexx, New Age Criminalz, Petey Havana, Black Knight and much more recently and successfully with Thompson Orion and Nathan Blade as members of the reVolution stable.

Championships And Accomplishments

Antonio DeMarco

Nathan Blade

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