Rebel World Order (rWo)
Members JS2, Psyno, Marco Magic, Jay 'The Lightning Kid' Stevens, Jesse James, Bay-B-Dogg, Lisa Skyler, Anarchy Kid, "Godly" Ken Davison (briefly)
Active 2006-2009

The Rebel World Order (Commonly abbreviated to rWo) was a professional wrestling stable, competing in HaVoc, Hybrid Championship Wrestling, Wrestling's Attitude Reborn and the independent circuit.

The group originally served as a vehicle for leader JS2's singles run, but evolved during its tenure in Hybrid Championship Wrestling, where Lmo Red and Psyno became far more popular than the rest of the group, winning the Tag Team Championships and splitting to form The Hit Squad. From then on, the rWo mainly existed as the tag team of JS2 and brother Jay 'The Lightning Kid' Stevens, plus their respective managers.


  • JS2 (Leader, all incarnations)
  • Psyno (HCW, HaVoc, independent circuit)
  • Lmo Red (HCW, Wrestling's Attitude Reborn)
  • Jesse James (HaVoc)
  • Marco Magic (HaVoc, HCW [as manager], independent circuit)
  • "The Lightning Kid" Jay Stevens (HaVoc, HCW, Wrestling's Attitude Reborn)
  • Anarchy Kid (HaVoc)
  • Lisa Skyler (HCW, manager)


Entrance Themes

  • "96 Quite Bitter Beings" by CKY (2006-2009)

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