nCw Reborn is a pay-per-view from New Championship Wrestling. It is usually considered the may pay per view of the promotion, which on May 11, 2008 debuted in Chicago, Illinois, making it the second of the nCw pay per views to be held in that location, the other one being Metamorphosis in December.


nCw Reborn
Promotion New Championship Wrestling
Date May, 11th, 2008
Venue United Center
City Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Attendance 13,564
Pay-per-view chronology
A Night To Remember nCw Reborn Picture Perfect
Reborn chronology
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The official theme song was "Adrenaline" 12 Stones

  • Lance Ryan(c) def. Reckless Jack to retain the NCW World Championshipin a 2 Out Of Three Falls Match.
    • Reckless Jack won the first fall after a Low Blow and Rolling Up Lance for the pinfall
    • Lance Ryan won the second fall via Submission after locking in an Elevated Boston Crab (Ryantamer) forcing Reckless Jack To Submit
    • Lance Ryan wins the third fall and the match after via Pinfall when he hit a Superkick (Canadian Calling)to retain the championship.
  • Trent Helms And Steve Awesome battled to a Double Countout
    • Awesome focused upon Trent back, and early in the match, pulled up the protective mats on the outside to exposed the concrete
      • The Match Ended when Awesome looked to Suplex Trent off the Apron onto the Exposed Concrete, however Trent reversed into a Reverse STO off the Apron, both men were unable to get back into the ring after the move, and had to be helped to the back.
  • Adam Knite def. Davey Ortega by DQ
    • Knite won after Ortega flew Knite who climbed to the Top Rope, thru a ringside Table
  • James Franklin Karn defeated Joe Everyman (c) & John Anthony in a Triple Threat Match to win the nCw National Championship
    • This was a rematch from nCw last pay per view, A Night To Remember
      • JFK won after John Anthony hit the Dead On Arrival (Inverted Death Valley Driver) on Joe Everyman, JFK shoved Anthony out of the ring to make the pin.
    • Prophet managed to hit the Bonecrusher (Powerbomb Facebuster) off the Entrance Way to pin Jackhammer
  • Xavier Williams defeated Angel by DQ to win the nCw X-Division Championship
    • Per Pre-Match Stipulation, the title could change hands by Countout or Disqualification
      • Spike Kane was the Ringside Enforcer, while Tyler Jacobs was the special guest referee.
    • Angel had Xavier Williams pinned by Referee Tyler Jacob refused to count the pinfall
      • Spike Kane threw a chair in the ring, meant for Xavier Williams, however Angel intercepted it and nailed Xavier with it out of Frustration, Tyler Jacobs DQ'ed Angel and awarded the championship to Xavier Williams.
  • Falcon defeated Dave Holland in a Ladder Match for a shot at the National Championship
    • Falcon can now cash in the briefcase at any point for a shot at the National Championship
  • Layla Garcia defeated Carly Robbins in a Cage Match
    • Carly suffered a Knee Injury during this match
      • Layla managed to hit the Glitter & Gold (Double Underhook Facebuster) before exiting the Cage
  • Jack Hammond defeated Ricky Johnson, Sexy Jason & Justin Marsham in a 4 Corners Match
    • Jack Hammond pinned Justin Marsham after The Mustang (Running Double Knee Strike)
  • Dark Matches:
    • Talon def. Rob Diamond In a Street Fight
      • Talon won after Rob Diamond Sister, Shelly Taylor hit Rob Diamond with a car in the Parking Lot
    • 'Reckoning defeated K.C Burke & Scotty Callaway In A Three Way Dance
    • Reckoning pinned Callaway after The Reckless Intent
    • Mr. Showtime def. Mark Evil by DQ
      • Knite forced Big L to submit to The Restless Knite