Red Hot Rob Taylor is an e-wrestler, handled by Rob Taylor. He is currently active in League Of American Wrestling (LAW)

Vital Statistics

  • Full Name: Sir Robert William Taylor KBE
  • Date Of Birth: 1/5/1976
  • Born: Kettering, England
  • Height: 6 ft 3 Inches
  • Current Weight: 238 lbs
  • Marital Status: Married to Keiko Taylor-Tanaka,Divorced from Pippa Taylor (née Pilkington)
  • Children: 2 sons, Joshua and Hiro. 2 Daughters, Sammi, Deceased & Tiger-Lily Samantha, 3 months
  • Qualifications: MBA in Business and Finance from Harvard, BA Hons in Marketing from Cambridge, Private Jet & Helicopter Pilot's Licences

Signature Moves

Billion Dollar Superkick

One of Rob's most spectacular moves, originally known as the Capioera Superkick has been in his arsenal since his debut. Rob plants one hand on the mat and nails a capioera stye windmill kick.

The Red Heat

Used as a finisher in much of Rob's early career, this is a Fisherman DDT.

The Heatseeker

Another Rob Taylor Original, this is a Shooting Star Press, with the variation that Rob starts facing out at the crowd, not seeing his opponent. The move is one of Rob's more risky, however he has rarely missed and has performed the move from various vantage points, including a latter between 2 cells!

The Paycut

Introduced towards the end of the ECWC era, this illegal finisher sees Rob cinch his opponents head in the ring ropes and lock in a Boston Crab. This not only injures the back but literally throttles the opponent with the pressure of the ring ropes for 5 seconds.

Total Devastation

Introduced in late 2007, this move is perhaps the most vicious in all of wrestling... With an opponent's head cinched in the ropes, facing out of the ring, Rob launches a missile dropkick to the head, landing on the outside. Some opponents tap rather than risk the move... Rob also created a variation, where he cinches the head facing the ceiling and nails a legdrop instead.

Entrance Themes

Rob has used many themes over the years, mainly from UK based acts.

Iron Man - Black Sabbath (JWF/UWF)

Setting Sun - The Chemical Brothers/Noel Gallagher (OWO/ECWC)

F***ing In The Bushes - Oasis (ECWC "Bossman" Period)

Hundred Mile High City - Ocean Colour Scene (AWE/LAW)

In The House In A Heartbeat, from 28 Days Later - John Murphy (TWN)

Championships Held

British & European Junior Freestyle Wrestling Championship - 1991

JWF Junior Championship - 1994

JWF Tag Team Championship (with Axman) - 1995

UWF TV Championship - 1995

UWF Tag Team Championship (with Axman) - 1996

UWF World Heavyweight Title (from Axman) - 1996

OWO World Heavyweight Champion (From American Eagle) - 2000

OWO North American Championship (From Deviant) - 2000

ECWC World Heavyweight Championship x 2 (from Noah Krown & Karnage) -2000

JWF World Champion (from Pegasus, on ECWC show) 2000

ECWC Hardcore Champion x 3 (2000)

AWE World Champion (fromKyle Travis) 2001

LAW World Champion x 4 (2003–2008)

LAW Marked Man Champion (2007)

TWN Tag Team Champion (with Jack Taylor) - 2009


The Commonwealth Wrecking Crew, OWO (RHRT, Deviant, Robbie Douglas)

The Franchise, ECWC, AWE, LAW (RHRT, Final Gladiator, Sean Wright, Jon Warner)

ECWC Extremeists, LAW

Revolution, LAW (Rob Taylor, Jon Warner, Sledgehammer)

Notable Achievements

  • Lasted over an hour in 2000's ECWC Real Rumble.
  • Sold ECWC in 2001 for over $100m.
  • Launched Taylor Entertainment Network, home of Tiger Wrestling Nation in 2009.
  • Successfully won through 90 minute Kaos Theory tag team match with Jack Taylor, 2009


Taylor has suffered notable injuries in his career, though his wealth has allowed him to use cutting edge methods that would normally be prohibative to repair damage to himself and prolong his career.

Broken Leg - In 2004, Taylor suffered a double compound fracture of the tibia and fibia during a match with Final Gladiator, he completed the scheduled finish, which involved a leg submission. Taylor underwent radical new surgery and was able to return in 6 months, with little long term damage.

Concussions - Taylor has suffered numerous concussions over the years, often due to taking extreme risks in the ring.

Fractured Skull - In 2009 during a brawl to decide a winner between LAW and TWN in their takeover battle, Taylor suffered a brutal attack at the hands of his brother, resulting in a fracture above the eye socket. Taylor will be out of the ring indefinitely.

Career Summary

Early career

1990-1991 UK National and European Junior Freestyle wrestling champion. 1992- Selected for Great Britain Olympic Squad for Barcelona Games, Taylor rejected the slot in favor of professional training. 1992-1995 - Trained in JWF Dojo, in Tokyo under Hiro "Pegasus" Tanaka. Taylor had his first match in early 1993 and lifted the JWF Junior Heavyweight championship. Wrestles as a face during this tenure and wrestles his mentor, Pegasus to a 60 minute draw aged just 17. Feuds mainly with fellow gaijin, Axman.

1995- Signs to the UWF based out of Seattle and creates the "Red Hot" persona, initially works as a face though quickly turns heel and forms a successful team with fellow JWF alumni, Axman. Wins UWF Tag team titles before team splits when Axman wins UWF World Championship from Timothy Hutton. Wins UWF TV title and challenges Axman and Hutton in a 3 way cage match. Taylor wins the title aged 18 and 360 days, when Axman falls from the top of the cage, breaking his neck. Distressed by his friends injury, Taylor retires as World Champion, on his 19th birthday.

1995-1999- Turns attentions to study and a TV/Music career in his native UK. Achieves a Marketing Degree while appearing regularly as a host on a popular weekend music show. Has top 10 suceess with his band and promotes concerts around the world. In late 1999, he enters negotiations to return to the ring with the Online Wrestling Organisation, heartened by Axman's recovery.

Mid career

2000-Taylor signs in early 2000 and debuts with impressive wins over several talents including Kyle Travis... Within months, Taylor is a member of the Commonwealth Wrecking Crew and after defeating World Champion American Eagle twice, he lifts the title at the Sin City PPV. Taylor holds the title for 2 months before losing in controversial circumstances to Johnny Rampage, when he is blinded by a powder substance thrown by Rampage's valet, Missy. The CWC implode and Taylor begins feuding with both Deciant and Robbie Douglas... Shortly before the OWO is bought out by Will Roberts, Taylor lifts the North American title.

2001-2002 - Is hired as the marquee name of ECWC, the renamed OWO, purchased by British media mogul Will Roberts. Taylor's marketing savvy and growing popularity enable ECWC to gain a large amount of mainstream coverage in its early days. Taylor lifts the ECWC World title at Civil War, in front of his countrymen at Wembley, he also won the JWF World title from Pegasus. He marries former OWO Interviewer Pippa Pilkington weeks prior to this and their son Josh is born days after the win. Taylor loses the title to Karnage when Will Robert's, who had designs on Pippa himself, screwed him. Taylor was able to successfully vacate the title pending a tournament, as per a contractual stipulation. Karnage eventually won the tournament and the title. Taylor challenged Roberts ro a match for full ownership of ECWC, which Taylor won. As CEO, Taylor was able to successfully position ECWC as a global merchandising power, with help from colourful characters such as Giant Pink Bunny, Kal, Final Gladiator and Designated Hitter... In the ring, Taylor took on a heelish "Bossman" persona, abusing power and advocating wrestling over the "cartoons". He had a second World title reign though lost the title to Designated Hitter. In early 2002, a rival promoter offered Taylor a $100m deal to close down his business, which Taylor accepted. ECWC closed its doors and Rob Taylor became an overnight sensation in the business world. A clause prevented him from forming a promotion for 7 years.

2002-2003 - Remained active in the AWE as a wrestler, while also diversifying into other ventures. He purchased "Sunview" a private island in the Caribbean and purchased shares in various sports teams and media outlets. In the ring, Taylor defeated Kyle Travis to lift the AWE World Title, his 4th separate title to that date, with help of Final Gladiator. He lost the title a month later to Deviant. After a time he appeared briefly in FUW however left after he felt "screwed over" by the owners. In the tail end of 2003 he began negotiatons with LAW and made his debuts shortly afterwards. At this time Pippa fell pregnant with their 2nd child.

2004-6 - Taylor became a massive player in LAW, winning their version of the World title and quickly becoming their top star, however tragedy struck when, on the same night as winning the title, Taylor's new born daughter, Sammi died of complications... Taylor threw himself into his work and alienated his wife in the process, in the ring his career took a turn for the worse as he was "doublecrossed" by long time friend and ally Final Gladiator, and Taylor snapped his leg in losing the title to him. The horror injury was thought to spell the end of Taylor's career, however using his vast financial resources and cutting edge medical technology and rehab, he was able to return barely 6 months later. Rob and Pippa had divorced by this time and, on his return, he struck up a relationship with LAW legend Kyonna E'Pha'Tha, which caused major controversy as she was clearly still married to Chris "Emperor" Davenport. Taylor began an "ECWC Invasion" which polarised LAW fans for months, before on losing a match that saw him forced to disband the ECWC faction, he revealed that the whole thing had been a ruse and that he was "going home".

Recent Years

Taylor returned to Japan for the funeral of his mentor, Pegasus, who had recently succumbed to cancer. During this trip, Rob began a relationship with Pegasus' daughter Keiko, a well connected figure in the Japanese music business... The two married weeks later and in early 2006, the two saw their son Hiro, named after his grandfather born.

In late 2006, Taylor began to negotiate with LAW for a return, which finally took place in early 2007, initially in a non wrestling, business manager/trainer role.

2007-Current - Taylor's non-wrestling role was ended when rookie sensation Daniel Sturm, who just moments earlier had won the Marked Man championship was viciously stabbed and had to be recussitated. Taylor was distraught and had to be pulled away from long time nemesis Kyle Travis, whom it appeared had been the attacker. The following week, Travis revealed to the world that Sturm was in fact Rob's younger brother, Jack and that enraged Rob enough to begin a vicious war against Travis and later, Eric NeCross.

On Jack's return, the two began to team as "The Taylor Brothers" and in early 2008, Rob created the "Lord Of The Ring" match, a match designed to eliminated the chaos in LAW's title divisions. Taylor left LAW in 2008 and joined his brother in Tiger Wrestling Nation, as a consultant and authority figure at the request of Giorgio Sunrise. Taylor acted as a mentor to Sunny, the youthful owner of the fed and quickly became part of a popular double act with his brother.

Rob had always been a shrewd businessman, and had actually turned profits, despite the "credit crunch", as his next move he launched a new Cable company in mid 2009, with TWN as its flagship wrestling broadcast. He was also named President of TWN, in an effort to bolster initial ratings ahead of TWN's network debut, Rob returned to in ring competition, teaming with Jack in a main event tag team, holding the Tag Team titles for several months until an upset by the Outlaws in the UK.

Relations between Jack and Rob soured, with Jack believing Rob was more concerned with corporate matters than his own career, having been reluctant to team in the first place. This led to a brutal attack that saw Rob suffer a potentially career ending head injury at Jack's hands.

The future is unclear for Rob Taylor, still uber popular with the fans, yet some within the business seem to sympathise with his younger brother's feelings of being overshadowed... Time will tell if Rob Taylor returns to avenge the attack, forgives and forgets or simply focuses on his burgeoning media empire.

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