History: Red Wing was found at a hockey game in detroit one night after a fan broke out onto the ice and began to fight the visiting team after a hometown player got injured. This game was a Detroit Red Wings game. After holding his own on the ice for some time, he was eventually dragged out by security and thrown out onto the curb. It all would have been for nothing if it was not for Scott Archman being there. He was an ex-talent scout for hockey and was just getting into the wrestling bracket. After seeing what he could do, he got him signed up for Glory Wrestling Championship (GWC). Eventually he built up his own stable called The Hooligans and started his own gym to train at and work as a headquarters for his stable. He won the TV Championship title and then took it to Icon Wrestling Championship (IWC), GWC's rival federation. This was due to the fact that GWC was growing too large and ended up splitting down the middle. The Hooligans followed Red Wing to the same side as well. His TV title continued as he defended it every week. Eventually IWC & GWC died down and he resorted to sparing just to keep in shape.

After a few months out of the ring, he signed up with Project:Violence (P:V) and was immediately recruited into a newly forming stable called the Heroes of Violence (HoV). With a strong introduction to the federation and a tough start, Red Wing began to make his biggest struggle through a bigger federation. He brought the TV title along with him and defended it once against the future Heavyweight Champion but then lost it to a rising rookie.

Later he picked up a love interest with P:V's head interviewer Cara Slapalot. But he wasn't the only wrestler that she caught the eye of. Over time, Sean Kage and Jerome W. soon took interest in her as well as if it were a plague. During Red Wing's shot for the Prime Championship title, his shot was ruined with an interference act by Sean Kage who smacked him in the head with a hockey stick, using Red Wing's gimmick against him. This resulted in a large feud.

About this time, a new fighter was also introduced into HoV, and was also a member of The Hooligans. This guy became, The Hooligan. Consumed with rage and nearly uncontrolable at many moments, this guy became the one talent that was a threat to opponents and allies. After Red Wing's disappearance was blamed on his actions, The Hooligan stole Red Wing's fight against Sean Kage and defeated him in revenge for ruining his friend's title shot.

Red Wing later resurfaced and finally made a comeback after winning a 3 man TV Championship title shot with a draw against Freedom Fighter. The next week they were to duke it out to either break the tie or win the title, but only for neither of them to have anything to do with any of the up-and-coming TV Championship fights. Consumed with rage, Red Wing confronted Jimmy Moretti, head of Project:Violence and made a threatening request to fix things up and give him his rightful shot for the title, but Jimmy Moretti not being one for threats decided to give him nothing. A week later with Dynasty Wrestling invasion, Project:Violence finally caved in on itself and closed up. Was it the work of Red Wing fulfilling his promises to Jimmy Moretti for not giving back his title shot or was it just coincidence.

Not too far into the future, Red Wing finally joined up with a new federation at Great Lakes Championship Wrestling (GLCW). There him, The Hooligan and Brock reformed the HoV. In the transfer, the only member to not rejoin was Jay Rayez, who went on to focus on his tag partner Pat Fullam as The Xtremists.

(stats coming soon)

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