Redneck Intellectual Randall Arson is a wrestler currently competing for Empire State Wrestling, a regional promotion in the Shootclub Wrestling Alliance. He has also wrestled for SCI and VSW during his time with the SWA.

Early Life

Born on April 20, 1984, Arson was first of three children born to an alcoholic, abusive father in Lafayette, Indiana. As a child growing up in rural Indiana, Randall Arson never had many friends. He always held himself out as being better than the other people around him. His environment was merely a temporary situation, one which he knew would never be his permanent locale. Indeed, on the day he turned 18, he boarded a bus and heading to Los Angeles. His time in LA hardened him and many of his lesser qualities such as his quick temper and prejudiced views about those different than he came to the forefront. Unable to function in straight society, Randall has chosen to become a wrestler and use his rage to fulfill his dreams of being something more than just a typical redneck.

Shootcamp International

Arson debuted in SCI on August 28, 2006, defeating Ethan Tonawai in his first. He quickly became one of the most despised wrestlers in the English based promotion. He targeted fan favorite Imagawa Yoshihiro and on September 9, 2006, he defeated Yoshihiro for SCI Lancashire Flyweight Title. Arson would continue to feud with Yoshihiro and also feuded with the stable known as the New Era.

Arson participated in the joint SCI/VSW series of matches at VSW Halloween Hell, defeating future rival Dark Penguin Lord. Arson would go on to briefly hold the SWA Jr. Heavyweight title before departing SCI at the end of November.

Vegas Stakes Wrestling

Shootclub Wrestling Alliance

Shootclub Online Wrestling Game

Redneck Intellectual Randall Arson's Shootclub Profile

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