Reiko Hikawa
Reiko Hikawa
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Ring Names "Cool Fighter" Reiko Hikawa
Height ft. in.
Weight lbs
Date of birth May 9, 1969
Place of birth Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
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Trainer Various
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Debut December 18th 1984
Retired February 1997

Reiko Hikawa (real name: 日川礼子) is a Japanese born professional wrestler. She is a veteran wrestler with a highly favorable track record. She now works for and is the co-founder of Olive Japan: FWA. She had previously taken over ownership of the Female Wrestling Association of Japan.

Signature & finishing moves

  • Finishing moves
    Ankle Twist
  • Signature moves
    Drop Kick
    Octopus Hold
    German Suplex
    Tiger Suplex Hold


Hikawa started her training as one many girls who idolized the Beauty Pair.

Ankle Obsession

Hikawa's obsession as using the ankle as a way to defeat her opponents started young. As a young child, she broke her ankle when she fell off her bicycle (it got caught and was thus twisted), causing an intense amount of pain. Later, she became interested as to why it hurt so much, even going so far as to study human anatomy for some time.

Later, in training, one of her various trainers re-broke her ankle to prove a point to the others.

As a Trainer

She is a notoriously strict trainer. Out of every 10 trainees, 8 usually end up quitting. Once a girl has proven her worth, however, she has shown to be intensely protective.

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