Reno Chambers (born October 13, 1987) is an American professional wrestler who is a former wrestler of the IPWA Wrestling promotion and is a current active wrestler in the GWF Federation. Chambers has returned in the debut run of IPWA and since then remained within the wrestling industry. Reno Chambers victories in other famous rival federations include the IWA, GWF, EUA, FTW and WGA. He is currently a %40 percent stock holder in the GWF resulting in his co-ownership of the company in which he oversees the backstage booking and developmental decisions of the company alongside with Frisco Martinelli.

The beginning career of Reno Chambers (IWA 2005)

Reno walked into the world of professional wrestling in 2005 becoming the replacement for the death of his older brother. Known to the world world as "The White Horse" 17 year old Reno Chambers entered the IWA with one thing in mind: Dominate. Entering the four cornered ring with a rotten and disrespectful attitude that was only out shined by his wrestling skills.

Revolution (IWA 2005)

For weeks the young heel continued to cheat his way to victory until the aimlessly cocky superstar was hand picked picked to be in the rebirth of Mikko Laurinen's historic stable called "Revolution." Formally led by founding member Kid Crazy, it was during this time in his life Reno broke the glass ceiling early earning him a main event shot against Renegade a "Federation Wars" match at the 2005 Blackout PPV by winning a 15 man "Frisco Invitational" battle royal.

Reno Chambers and the IWA Blackout controversy

With a lot riding on this match, Reno's brash and cocky attitude got the best of him as he fell into his own hype during the climax of the match. With an "Inter-fed" Championship belt on the line against current WWG top draw, Renegade, Reno fell to the three count fall losing the title for Team IWA making what would be a historic win for Renegade and his federation during the event. After the match ended a huge backstage confrontation went down between Reno Chambers and management happened in which the 20 year old superstar felt putting a seasoned veteran over himself was doing nothing for the company and holding his potential ability to become a highcard superstar on a lockdown. Despite the show gaining a high buyrate, Reno felt betrayed and held down by company politics. This almost resulted in the young man quiting while leaving his real life employer walking out until the two were able to come with terms and moved on. Despite the overwhelming clash this caused on both the IWA and the WWG Reno Chambers was able to resolve the situation and continue his career with little to any negative effects on his standings with management.

The Downfall of Revolution

After the "Blackout PPV" and brief feuds with Todd Williams and IWA legend Z-Bro, Reno continued to learn more as the protege of The Finnish Phenom and who would be Reno's best friend and mentor, co-member Tristin "Stryker" Mathews. Reno and Stryker would go on to hold the IWA World Tag-Team titles for an unprecedented record over every single tag-team in the IWA until Stryker left the company later that year. Reno Chambers, alone without a partner continued to defend the titles in handicap stipulations that was highlighted by a memorable handicap "Boiler Room Brawl" against Mike "The Hammer" Hilton and Tank, a match Reno Chambers won by just a thread. After losing the titles in a mixed tag match against Reina and A.Warren a couple months later. With Stryker gone, the tag titles lost from his grasp and the world title beaten from the hands of the leader of the dying Revolution, controversy would come as Mikko Laurinen screwed The White Horse low blowing him months later at Mikko's own wedding and an event that had Reno being the best man...after this happened, Reno would soon fall off the Radar until months later when the White Horse returned with a valet this time around.

The Return of the White Horse (IWA 2006)

Back around the block in the summer of 2006, Reno showcased his new manager and business agent, "Adrienne Eros" as his source of great virtue Adrienne would help Reno in his first match back win the IWA Intercontinental Championship from "The Crow" Trent Levy and a special contract that was on the line that would grant Reno a title shot at any belt he so desired. Unfortunately, no less than 48 hours later after a controversial struggle with a fan during an autograph session, Reno would be suspended from the IWA after striking the fan during the live event. Reno would be put back on shelf losing his Intercontinental title but surprisingly still keeping his title match contract award. With three months passing Reno's suspension would come to an end as his real life delima would be turned into a storyline angle that had him challenging his boss Frisco to a match at IWA's biggest PPV of the year...Genesis. Yet as controversy would strike again Reno would find himself backing out at the last minute due to an unsuccessful contract agreement which had Reno walking away from the match entirely due to a better payoff from the match itself, it is here that Reno would sink into the independent circuit until late 2006 awakened with a new federation in its wake: The WWG/IWA merge.

The WWG/IWA merge

Indeed a historic moment, the two biggest names in professional wrestling joined it's hands that would become a memorable merger for the decades. After a successful PPV showing of Exodus, the champions were set and the federation was off to a boom but not without the return of a familiar if not hidden superstar: Reno Chambers. Reno would return with a bang making a hard and unforgotten impact. It was here that Reno decided that to get back to his peek in professional wrestling he would need to start at where he was at his best in the tag team division. Reno would find a partner in the hands of Demetrious Young finding themselves challenging the legendary Chris Khan and Johnny Blaze in a tag-team match that would determine the number one contenders for the WWG/IWA Tag-team titles. The match was raved as the most hard fought that tag-team match of the year but as destiny would have it, experience beat out hype as Khan and Blaze went on barely winning the match and the title shot opportunity. After a disappointing loss, Reno had an ace up his sleeve by pulling out the title match contract that gave him in opportunity at any title he wanted, finding retribution short lived he made the announcement he and Young would be getting there tag title shots after all...but not before a very unexpected moment.

The return of Mikko Laurinen

Out of nowhere, Mikko Laurinen would strike brutally attacking Reno and Demetrious to a bloody pulp in what would be the darkest beating of a life time. After leaving both men in a bloody and destroyed mess, Mikko would do the unthinkable and burn the title shot contract over a live broadcast leaving the amber of the ash to rest on the bloody backside of the White Horse. With the physical statement made, it would be here that the Mikko Laurinen/Reno Chambers face off would finally happen after nearly a year of waiting and truly would the rivalry deliver as it would be announced from Co-owner Frisco, that these men would be facing each other in a "Best of 3" series elimination match. With the first match happening a week later as WWG/IWA Massacre Reno Chambers would find himself besting his former leader with a roll up earning the first win into the match and his first win back since returning to the federation. It was during this time Mikko would kidnap Adrienne Eros and find his battle against Reno going as far as Toyko itself that saw both men fighting back all the way to the states with Adrienne back in Reno's hands. The next week on WWG/IWA Warzone it would be Mikko Laurinen who would win the next boute with a roll up and use of the ropes. At PPV, Reno and Mikko would have to settle it all in the final critically acclaimed match. As it would appear, victory finally came in the hands of the White Horse as he won his feud with the White Horse STO capping off the series in his favor.

Leaving Mikko Laurinen in the dust, Reno's win would soon find him falling into the ranks of a world title opportunity facing off Rob Salvatore in the beginning of what would be a hard and gritty rivalry. In mid 2006 the feud started as Reno was now in-between the grasp of Rob attempting to bring down Renegade and earn his shot at the WWG/IWA World Heavyweight Championship. Reno and Rob would battle in high intensity number one contender match that saw the main event ending being a DQ result. With Wrestlemania coming up soon and with no number one contender for the title, a decision was made to have a rematch but this time with the contract to the Wrestlemania main event shot in a ladder match. The two battled using the steel ladder as a weapon of pain and torture that eventually saw Rob winning it out in the end and getting his shot at the world title but most importantly, a rematch against his former friend, bigger enemy: Renegade. While the world title would not come to the hands of the now 20 year old Reno Chambers, he found himself back in familiar territory with Mikko Laurinen wanting revenge from his upsetting loss a couple months earlier from the best of 3 series.

Thinking he had put The Finnish Phenom in his place the final battle would actually come at Wrestlemania in what was called the "Show Stealer" of the PPV...a 60 minute Ironman match. Being the most physical draining and emotionally fought match of there lives Reno would come out on top earning the tied score win having Mikko tap out to the Texas Cloverleaf just one second before the match would have gone to sudden death. It would be this very match that solidified Reno Chambers as a true main eventer for the months that would follow.

The end of a merge, the beginning of the GWF (November 2006)

With Wrestlemania out of our way, it was now approaching the winter season and the federation now under a new name (The GWF) the IWA produced one final single brand show that would be called "Reindeer Games" A one hour IWA special. In this special broadcast, it featured Reno Chambers headlining the card alone with an old IWA rival, Mike "The Hammer" Hilton in an absolutely bloody Parking Lot Brawl. A match that threw wrestling out the window, Mike Hilton's hardcore skill proved to be too much as he sends Reno through the front of a car windshield while Reno's body lies dormant in a garbage can.

After pinning Reno in a bloody mess, Frisco would shockingly appear on the scene and force a blackened out Stallion into a handicap tag team match forcing referee officials to send him on a stretcher to face the new tag-team of Titan and Xavier Eros, "The Northern Lights" ... Adrienne Ero's older siblings. A screwjob would show its colors as Reno's long time friend and questionable girlfriend would betray him in giving Reno a beating with the help of her brothers in the ring. Leaving Chambers an embarrassing wreck, Reno would continue a rivalry program against The Northern Lights for the month to come. At the highlight of this two on one feud, Reno would finally overcome the odds and put the brothers (and Adrienne) away leaving his former manager and opponents with a bittersweet taste. Shortly after this battle, The White Horse was apart of a final brand supremacy battle that would see Team IWA and team WWG go at it one more time at "When World's Collide." With Reno being a golden weapon for the team, the ending of the muchly anticipated seen Reno putting away the final two members of team WWG, Rob Salvatore and Renegade (with the help of Rob Salvatore due to the brooding hate between both men) as Reno hooked the leg and made the win, Reno fell into glory and grace ending the brand wars once and for all despite winning in such a controversial fashion.

Reno first World title at Genesis (GWF 2007)

It was now after this PPV that Reno Chambers was shocked to hear that he had been named the contender to face the current GWF World Champion Renegade at the March 2007 PPV, GWF Genesis. It was here that the battle would come full circle with an age old almost forgotten rivalry rekindled by the history that was left behind from both men. With both men this time around having "respect" for each other now that the fed wars have died and now joined into one brand the entirely feud leading up to the world title match saw both men looking out for each other taking out enemies such as Rob Salvatore and the Northern Lights who were intent on bringing Reno Chambers and Renegade down before there big match, it was in Adrienne Ero's biggest interest that she see Reno fail to finally grab the brass ring after so much work. What was perhaps biggest about this match was that announced by GWF owner, Kyle Hatch that this boute would be stipulated in once more a 60 minute Iron man match. Speculation and questions arose if Reno had the experience to beat a multi year veteran of the sport and one that he lost to before in his rookie years.

As the anticipated match finally began both men saw each other gaining close falls one on another in a heated match. With the clock counting down further and further and with Reno winning by just one point, the ending saw a dusty finish when one half of the Northern Lights tried to attack Reno with a chair but saw him accidentally hitting the steel off of Renegade's skull which saw him stumble into a shining wizard. Reno, not aware of what happened would hook the leg and seal his destiny in becoming (at the time) the youngest GWF World Heavyweight Champion at the ripe age of 20. One week later after the dust had settled and the show continued to roll on, then champion Reno Chambers would team up with former champion Renegade in a tag-team match that saw them beating the Northern Lights in a revenge bout that saw Renegade getting redemption from the Eros Family for what they caused at Genesis. After all was said and done and after Reno wanting Renegade to take his rematch for the title considering the circumstances, Renegade would decide to walk a different path and lead a life away from the GWF World Title.

Reno's first opponent for the championship would find his chance at the gold being in the same fashion as Reno, being named the challenger from GWF Owner Kyle Hatch. With both men yet again playing the "respect" angle that attitude would soon end as Todd Williams found himself attacking Reno Chambers in a screw job style that would set up a continuing developing backstage story that saw both men one upping each other every chance they got until the night of the show. The night before the very match, under a contract signing segment the world would find out that the match would be held under a Cage match setting as Reno would spear his opponent over the contract table in the middle of the ring. As the fight would break out, the two would find themselves unable to separate there hate for each other unable to stop brawling. Taking minutes of work to pry both men off of each other, the drama that continued to develop would finally end at GWF Fallout of 2007. With critics and fans alike banking on Reno to be the "transitional" champion, the world was shocked to see Reno win the match VIA pinfall with the White Horse Fall to retain the championship belt for his very first defense. With a big payoff and a ton of momentum rolling in Reno's favor it would seem this already steaming train would be rolling for a very very long time.

Losing it all at Fallout (GWF 2007)

GWF Fallout 2007, the Fallout Tournament. A winner was crowned in the hands of the legendary wrestler, J-Rock. It was this man that would earn his shot at the title after beating Mr. Showtime with the use of the brass knuckles. Shortly after Reno's win over the Dreamer, and 30 minutes after J-Rock's tournament win before the cage match main event, J-Rock would attack the champion out of nowhere leaving him with the message of a lifetime as he held Reno's title belt in the air as the cameras faded out. The world would know it now was J-Rock being Reno's next opponent and they would know it as a battle that contested both men in the most extreme of hatred. With J-Rock consistently and brutally getting the upper hand of the White Horse day after day beating the hell out of him it seemed Reno's number was up with J-Rock on the verge of an inevitable title win. During this time, just days before the main event we would see Adrienne Eros attacked out of nowhere by a mysterious being, with Adrienne being sent to the hospital in a pool of her own blood, fingers would soon be pointed at J-Rock who was assumed to be the man to pull off the sickening move. With J-Rock's name finally being cleared while Adrienne continued to laid in a coma, Reno would finally get the upper hand of his opponent the night before the Blackout PPV hitting a shining wizard into a steel chair J-Rock holds sending him to the mat. With Reno getting the last laugh, it was all anyone could do to figure out who would actually win this thing.

With the tournament in his grasp, the storybook ending would find a dark side finish as J-Rock ends the short lived legacy of the White Horse once and for all. With J-Rock capturing the world gold for a record numbering time, Reno would be left champless and ultimately injured.

After the match, Reno would find a real life injury plaguing him in the form of a torn leg muscle that he decided to work through, with management worried that his injury could grow worse they continued to let him work on with it and in what would be the most dangerous match in Reno's career. With many men now wanting to step up to the plate hoping to be the first man to gain his shot at the title now that Reno had lost his gold, the chaos that surrounded Kyle Hatch and the men asking for opportunities would settle it all in the confinement of an elimination chamber. Featuring men such as Rob Salvatore, Renegade, Todd Williams, Reno Chambers, Ransting and the World Champion himself J-Rock Reno would find his rematch for the title short of his grasp as he taps out to a submission placed by Rob Salvatore.

The war with Rob Salvatore continues

While a new champion would be crowned in Ransting Reno was once again empty handed and by the hands of a man who since returning to wrestle as yet to beat, none other than Rob Salvatore. While Rob would find himself just coming off a never ending and epic sized feud of the year with the Undying Ransting, he would find himself returning another rivalry with the White Horse. Stemming from a battle that saw Reno Chambers owning half of "Salvatore Slots" The two continued to battle accusing Rob of being the only possible man to attack Adrienne Eros. While eventually even Rob's name would be cleared from this, in the ring when it really mattered Reno continued to come up short every time over Salvatore. Whether from the result of a DQ or count out, Rob always seemed to find a way to torture Reno in having a monkey on his opponents back knowing Reno has yet to defeat him in a one on one match. Though this rivalry would once again be touched upon in the near soon future, the GWF was now finding itself on the verge of another historical PPV event: Exodus.

Getting back to the top at Exodus (GWF 2007)

In an event where a world title can be lost and won as many times as humanly possible, this "battle royal" type of event saw nearly 20 active competitors not only vying to win the title of "Exodus champion" but "World Champion" as well. This event saw the entirely PPV highlighted by Rob Salvatore and his quest to finally win the battle royal on his fifth time. With many men hoping to shut Rob's mouth up and throw him out early it was Rob Salvatore who continued to hark what would he proclaimed would be the inevitable and win the battle royal. It would Reno Chambers that would step up and denounce Rob from winning the event but rather the white haired competitor. While Rob would toss a rivalry from Reno to Ransting to Rockster Lobster and others over who would be the last man standing the ending would soon happen on the night of the match. In the battle many men were seen thrown over the top rope in there attempt to toss the living legend over the ropes and into defeat. Rob would be on a consistent defense in trying to get this only title not held under his belt and it wouldn't be the world championship. During this contest, a record previously held by Reno would be broken as the 18 year old Rockster Lobster would be seen shockingly winning the world title on a body piled mess. Though only having a title streak record of mere seconds thanks to then GWF IC champion, Kyle Hatch the title would soon shift back into Ransting's hands moments later with another pinfall.

With only Reno, Rob, Holocaust and Ransting left standing The White Horse would finally take actions into his own hands and plant his friend Ransting to the ground with a White Horse Fall sacrificing his chance to throw Rob Salvatore over the ropes to earn his second GWF World Championship title reign. Though with his greed obtained, his moment to celebrate would be short lived as hes tossed over the top rope by the always conniving and one upping Rob Salvatore. Though Reno would lose Exodus, his name as champion would be locked in leaving Exodus with the gold. With now the title finally back into his hands the number one contender would be an old enemy recently faced in the end of the match and that man being the infamous Rob Salvatore. Reno would find his pestering demon haunting him yet again but this time for the GWF World title, it would be a similar situation in which a man would win a PPV event that would lead him to a world title shot. Unlike J-Rock's storybook ending, Reno was not going to let the same thing happen to him again despite it being a man he has yet to defeat in the ring.

The fall of the GWF, the rise of the WGA

This battle (That would lead into a buyout from company WGA from GWF) for the gold would see Rob not wanting to actually win the gold for a long streak, but just to win it to retire with. Yet it was true, after a lifelong legacy in professional wrestling Rob Salvatore would announce at the November 2007 PPV, WGA Decimation he would cash in his title match opportunity against Reno in a retirement match. Not wanting to be out numbered or outmatched, Reno's frustration in unable to beating Rob would see him putting his contract on the line after weeks of teasing his opponent of a secret stipulation to the match being added on his own part. Reno announced that being unable to defeat his opponent has strained his mentality and desire to be a wrestler and if he could not get the job done under the biggest circumstances of his life in this match, then the passion to be the best would just not be there anymore. Reno would then find himself in a do or die match in the final awakening hours of Decimation.

The title vs. The Career (WGA late 2007)

With a live reel rolling, moments before the match Reno would surprisingly revoke his stipulation due to the pressure of truly losing it all, not doing it for himself but for the fans Reno realized that placing his own job on the line and possibly losing the match was something of too much greed for his own desires while not thinking of the people who wanted him to stay win or lose. Moments before his name would be called to the ring to fight, Reno would not hand over his contract to Kyle Hatch as the biggest battle in his entire career would go underway against the extremely focused, extremely confident Rob Salvatore. In a match that would push the limits of both men the very tenacity of both men was seen in most vibrant pain and desire that saw close calls and huge spots throughout the match. With Jamookinators off top ropes and STO's through the tables, the ending would show an underdog victory in the hands of the White Horse sending a shining wizard to the face of Rob (and a steel chair to boot) to a final three count victory. With the first WGA World Champion being crowned under a new roof Reno would become a three time world champion and finally beating Rob in his last chance opportunity. Despite the drama and feuding throughout there battle, an unforgettable moment would showcase moments after the match where Rob and Reno finally shook hands like the true competitors they were. Giving Rob the spotlight and rightfully so, respect would finally be seen between both men as Rob Salvatore would walk up the ramp for the last time under his theme music as the White Horse would continue to celebrate under the lights as the cameras would soon fade out.

Reno's career afterwards

After the closing of WGA Reno was hired for work by EUA wrestling and the famous FTW promotion briefly afterwords. While not working long under a verbal agreement with EUA, Reno moved on from the promotion to join FTW where he ironically partnered up with his old tag-team partner Demetrious Young. Reno carried with him a multi numbered winning streak with the company before signing full-time to IPWA, the WGA/GWF's successor.

GWF's return (August 2009 -)

In August 2009 after taking a break from the mainstream professional wrestling scene, Reno Chambers (along with his girlfriend) Adrienne Eros contacted former IWA Owner Frisco Martinelli about bringing the company back for one more run. After receiving funding for the project and signing %60 percent of the company over Reno and Frisco were successful in pulling the GWF out of a long term debt that was set in motion towards the end of the companies last initial run. Since then Reno has been competing as an active member of the roster while helping shift the company back to the top of the mountain with the help of his business partner, former rival and boss Frisco Martinelli. In the companies first show since the return "GWF: Point of No Return" Reno competed in a fatal 4 way match for the GWF World Championship with Todd Williams, Patchwork (Nick Moore) and Adam Charisma. After a double count pinfall between Reno and Todd Williams, it was Williams who was successful in capturing his first GWF World Championship. Since then Reno has stepped out of the world title picture and been entangled in a rivalry with his business partner Frisco in a conflict struggle to control the entire GWF under one entity. With Frisco holding the majority share of the company, Frisco is now determined to drive Reno out of the shares of the company by putting him through a series of mountains to climb to find his breaking point. Reno is scheduled to face GWF's resident maniac "Carnage" inside a steel cage at GWF: Rampage Sunday October 5 with Frisco in the monster's corner.

Championships and Accomplishments

International Wrestling Association (IWA)

-Golden Ticket winner (Money in the bank style equivalent)

-IWA Tag-Team Championship (1 Time with Tristin "Stryker" Matthews)

-IWA Intercontinental Championship (1 time)

Global Wrestling Federation (GWF)

-2 Time GWF World Heavyweight Championship

Wrestling Gamers Association of Wrestling (WGA)

-1 Time WGA World Heavyweight Championship

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