Name: Reno Alexander Drake

Nickname: The Don Diablo; The Godfather of Wrestling

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 325 lbs

Classification: Heavyweight

Alignment: Heel

Entrance Music: "Keep Away" by Godsmack

Entrance: The crowd is going crazy with mixed reactions as the lights start glowing red, white, and green while "Keep Away" by Godsmack starts bursting through the speakers. Reno Drake comes out with his business consultant and valet, Athena, following close behind him and looks around at the crowd with a smirk on his face as he makes Italian taunts towards random members of the crowd. He then goes to the center of the stage and does a Tony Montana Tommy Gun-type gesture to the air with pyro going off behind him. He then goes to shake a fan's hand before pulling it back, slicking back his hair as he chuckles. He then struts down to the ring, flexing his muscles somewhat before heading down to the ring. Athena then steps in front of him and stops him while propping one leg up on the apron. She then hops onto the apron with the other leg, causing her to do a split on the apron and slide under the bottom rope. Reno then starts mockingly stumbling back as he watches her from behind and chuckles as he climbs up on the apron and over the top rope. Reno looks around at the crowd with a smirk locked onto his face as he climbs onto the ropes, holding his fist up in the air as pyro in the colors of the Italy flag go off, forming a shape of the flag behind him with Athena splitting under him and taunting some of the fans while in a split legged position. He then points at a couple of fans taunting at them before climbing down and prepping up for his match.

Normal/Ring Attire: Normal Attire - Very expensive two and three piece business suits. Every once in a while, he'll wear his biker gear because he love riding his bikes.

Ring Attire - His attire is kind of like Batista's as with the basic style of it and all, but he wears the Italian Flag with his family symbol in the center of the flag.

Fighting Style: Brawler/Power/Technical

Persona: Before growing into his Don Diablo persona, Drake has always been known to his legions of OWF and NEE fans as the “Silent Assassin” because of his quiet laid back persona, which surprisingly, has quite the ruthless brutality to match in the ring. He’s known to not overreact about anything and allow himself to finish unfinished business when his opponent least expects it. He’s respected all across the nation for his professionalism inside and outside of the ring, but if you cross him at least once, he will make sure you pay. Being quite the Devil inside of the ring and in the locker rooms and backstage areas, when it comes to family and his home, he’s the patriarch and the family man, always making sure to protect what matters the most.


  • The Diablo Bomb (Sit-down Last Ride)
  • End of Days (Chokeslam from Hell)

Signature Moves

Famous Quotes

  • "The Don is coming to take charge...with absolutely no limits..."
  • "In my just...don't fit the bill."
  • "Step into my domain and try to make it out alive..."

Superstar History

It was almost a year ago when the Don Diablo reemerged in the wrestling scene with a huge impact on all the stars of px:w by basically doing what he does best…”kicking ass and taking names…cause the world is his for the taking”.

The Don made his return in wrestling television in May of 2006 at px:w’s first ever pay per view, The Crowning, by beating nine men to become the second ever Extreme Champion of the company on his debut match. His debut match in the company opened a lot of eyes, which is something he doesn’t hesitate to do as he shocks everyone at any moment with his unadulterated aggression and ruthlessness towards his opponents. Reno has grown into the px:w since then as one of the company’s biggest rising stars of the future. He held the Extreme Championship for a few weeks before losing it at Hell and Back against Hayden Roberts in the Fatal Four Way match for the title. However, Reno’s popularity didn’t stop there. Even though he lost, the star has been shining brighter and brighter ever since, a pinnacle of that brightness being the forming of one of the premier and most highly controversial groups in px:w history, The Dynasty, which was led by retired veteran of the business, former 8-time World Champion, Lawrence Jarvis, and also included founding member Chris Roman. Reno would bring home not only the recently resurrected Primetime Championship home to the Dynasty family by becoming the company’s first-ever Primetime Champion, but he also brought home the AJ Epic Memorial Cup in August of 2006 at High Impact against his stablemate, Tek Robbins, (who ended up being the new acquisition to the Dynasty family after Roman decided to leave the team and go solo) after screwing his good friend over with the help of the mystery woman that helped Robbins into the finals the week before.

Reno Drake is known to pull a few tricks out of his sleeve, which includes pulling off moves that no one would think that someone of his size and stature could do, but overall, everyone has a good amount of respect for the powerhouse superstar. Known by many in the southern region of the United States, especially with his accomplishments in companies like OWF, IEO, and NEE. A former NEE and two-time OWF United States Champion, this man has made his presence recognized greatly across the nation with his ruthless aggression towards his opponents, which is completely opposite to his laid back stature. Known by all as the Godfather of Wrestling and the Don Diablo, the leading Drake started his way up the ranks on a very rocky and rough path. Growing up in his hometown of Miami with his family, who was well known for the patriarch of the family, Arthur Drake, a former state senator and mob boss, he lived the life of luxury. However, controversy struck when his father was exposed in his corrupt way, which caused bad heat to go towards Reno and the rest of the family. Reno got so fed up with it that he left Miami without a trace and ended up relocating in Canada, where he started heavily training in mixed martial arts and ultimate fighting. Gaining much exposure in many parts of Canada, he started to come back across the border to the US to gain exposure there, trying to put the past behind him and turn a negative into a positive. That soon led to him joining many federations such as the UFC, Pro Wrestling Unlimited, Insane Entertainment Online, Next Era Entertainment, and the now defunct companies, Outsiders Wrestling Federation and Project X: Wrestling. Now back in his hometown with a rebuilt reputation and somewhat going back to his Italian roots, the Don Diablo is set on making an impact wherever his presence is become the World Champion.

Title History

  • px:w Extreme Champion (1X)
  • px:w Primetime Champion (1X)
  • AJ Epic Memorial Cup 2006 Winner
  • W.A.R. Mercenary Champion (1X)
  • OWF United States Champion (2X)
  • NEE United States Champion (1X)

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