Retribution is the Pay Per View following Night of Champions. It usually has some fallout from Night of Champions involved making it a must see event!


Promotion Xtreme Hardcore Federation
Date April 29, 2007
Venue Tokyo Dome
City Tokyo, Japan
Attendance 55,000
Pay-per-view chronology
Night of Champions Retribution End of Days
Retribution chronology
{{{lastevent2}}} Retribution {{{nextevent2}}}

The theme for Retribution was "Redemption" by Shadows Fall.

  • "The Spiked One" Spike Kane def. Reckless Jack in a No Disqualifications Match to win the XHF World Heavyweight Championship
  • "The Ace" Jake Conway def. Scorpion in a Ladder Match to not only retain the XHF X*Crown Championship but also put the WWO World Championship into the belt.
  • "The Messiah of Hardcore" Price def. "The Rockstar" Kevin Hardaway in a New Japan Death Match to win the XHF United States Championship
  • "The Boyhood Dream" Doc def. "The Undisputed Icon" MGK in a Shoot Match that is regarded as an early candidate for Match of the Year
  • Dirty Deal def. Joe Everyman and Scotty Callaway to retain the XHF Tag Team Championship
  • "The Higher Power" Charlie Velez def. Hardcore Harry in a Buried Alive Match
    • After the match, Mr. X did not join The Revival as people thought he would have.
  • Red Fusion def. "DDK" Curtis Kanyon in an All Out War Match to win the XHF European Championship
  • Kuroi def. "The Flaming Dragon" AJ Phoenix in a Hell in a Cell
  • Mr. X def. Congo the Destroyer by DQ
  • "The Main Event" Venom def. Shiyen to retain the XHF Junior Heavyweight Championship
  • Joanie Lee def. Dru Diamond in an Ignite You Ladder Match to retain the XHF Hardcore Championship
  • The New Deal def. Uncultured Youth in a match that was made by an argument over a sandwich

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