Members Chris Masters
Dan Godwin
Ken Kennedy
Debut August 14, 2004
Promotion Extreme Measures Federation
Title(s) EMF Tag Team Championships
EMF Intercontinental Championship
EMF Money in the Bank
Ken Kennedy

Revolution is a stable in the Extreme Measures Federation. It was originally set up by John Cena and Bringer of Chaos, and later refounded by Chris Masters, Carlito and Joy Giovanni.

Original Formation

When John Cena and The Bringer of Chaos joined EMF, they quickly set up a team known as Revolution. They quickly recruited EMF Chyna, and the 3 of them began what would become one of the biggest stables in recent times for the EMF. Chaos quickly became jealous of Cena stealing the limelight and so turned against him, laying out Cena with a steal chair. The two competed in a grudge match which saw Cena win and Chaos walk away from the stable he co-founded.

Cena wasted little time replacing Chaos with former TV Champion Freddy Krueger. He also bought in EMF Rhyno a while later. Things soon became a little stale in the stable. Cena began dating EMF Trish Stratus and she was bought into the set up. Following Cena's vacation to South Africa, he returned to EMf to announce he was officially firing Freddy and Chyna, and keeping the stable as just a 3 person team. This didn't last however, as soon after Dude Nick and EMF Torrie Wilson were recruited.

Revolution collected several titles, and at one point every member held gold. However it did not remain so rosey for long. During a World Tag Team Title match between Cena and Rhyno and the Champions Angelus Archer and Punisher, Cena picked up his own partner and hit the FU. Cena announced Revolution was now holding him back. He walked out on it, leaving Dude Nick in charge. Nick however soon disbanded the stable as without Cena, it just didn't work.

Brief Reformations

Cena and Dude Nick teamed up to compete in a 6 team Elimination Chamber match for the World Tag Titles. It was unclear whether they were wrestling as Revolution or The Elite (Cena's new stable at the time). They ended up winning the gold, only to lose it a few weeks later.

Rhyno and Trish Stratus continued to team up after the split until Trish suffered a broken leg and had to leave EMF. Trish has since returned and aligned herself with John Cena once more. Dude Nick and Torrie Wilson are still a team to this day.

Permanent Comeback

John Cena's close friend EMF Chris Masters later reformed Revolution with EMF Carlito and EMF Joy Giovanni. there was however no connection with the previous Revolution. Carlito was thrown out after a while, and Masters recruited the services of EMF AJ Styles and later EMF Ken Keneddy. Joy seemed to disappear from the group, although she never formally quit or was fired. They later hired Devin Malis, but Malis recently left the federation and therefore the stable. Malis would later return to EMF but not to Revolution,seemingly because Masters did not feel he had improved enough during his first stint there. AJ Styles also left EMF after failing to defeat John Cena for the EMF World Championship. This left Masters all alone, but not for long as he quickly hired "The X-Factor" Dan Godwin. Godwin would go on to win the EMF Extreme Championship in a 6 man time limit match for the stable.
Godwin would then go onto win a World Title tournament bringing the first EMF World Title back to Revolution. A week later him and Chris Masters would win the EMF Tag Team Championships against Evolution (The Gambler & Marquise). The two would remain in Revolution alone until they took the unprecedented step of advertising for a new member. An advert which would be answered by Kevin Bourne, Revolution would once again become a three person stable and they would hold onto the Tag Team Championships as Kevin Bourne won the EMF Intercontinental Championship and Dan Godwin the EMF Television Championship. The two would meet at Dark Horizon 2008 in a 2 out of 3 falls title swap match, where Godwin would defeat Bourne, after much interfearence from now EMF owner John Cena and Ricky Ramon, thus completing a Grandslam of Championships in under 1 year and 1 month. Shortly after this however Revolution would go on a bit of a dip in form, being defeated at Survival of the Fittest and a few tag events at Saturday Night Shockwaves. Kevin Bourne began to appear discontent with how things were going and then at EMF Last Stand after a distraction from, John Cena's personal assistant Kelly Kelly, Kevin Bourne hit his stable mate over the head with a chair costing him the match and joining the new formed Elite under the leadership of John Cena. After Kevin Bourne's betrayal it seemed as if Revolution was against the ropes and on the edge of destruction. However at the 13th September edition of Saturday Night Shockwave, frustrated at being overlooked by EMF President, John Cena, Ken Kennedy would rejoin his former stable by attacking John Cena after he awarded the World Title to The Badd Boy Tony Ikeda, once again bringing Revolution back to three members.

Full Members List

Original Revolution

EMF John Cena - Founder (Quit)
Bringer of Chaos- Founder (Quit)
EMF Chyna- Member (Fired)
Freddy Krugeur- Member (Fired)
EMF Rhyno- Member, temp 2nd in command (In when disbanded)
EMF Trish Stratus- Member (In when disbanded)
Dude Nick- Member, temp owner (Disbanded stable)
EMF Torrie Wilson- Member (In when disbanded)

Second Revolution

EMF Chris Masters- Re-found (Current)
ENF Carlito- Re-found (Fired)
EMF Joy Giovanni- Re-found (Quit EMF)
EMF AJ Styles- Member (Quit EMF)
EMF Ken Keneddy (Current)
Devin Malis- Member (Fired)
Dan Godwin (Current)
Kevin Bourne (Quit Revolution)

In Wrestling


FU (John Cena)
Gore (Rhyno)
Chick Kick (Trish)
Dudemeister (Dude Nick)
Masterlock (Chris Masters)
Styles Clash (AJ Styles)
Lumbeau Leap (Ken Kennedy)
Soul Catch (Devin Malis)
eXecutuion (Dan Godwin)
Checkmate (Kevin Bourne)
Mic Check (Ken Kennedy)


"Revolution is your solution" (Catchphrase)
"Revolution just passed you by!" (Catchphrase)
"Revolution is your solution" (Printed on jackets)

Theme Music

"Revolution" by Motorhead

Championships and Accomplishments

EMF World Championship x 1 (Dan Godwin)
EMF Intercontinental Championship x 6 (John Cena, AJ Styles x 2, Chris Masters, Dan Godwin, Kevin Bourne)
EMF Extreme Championship x 4 (Rhyno, Dude Nick, Ken Kennedy, Dan Godwin)
EMF Tag Team Championships x 2 (Chris Masters x 2, Dan Godwin)
EMF Television Championship x 4 (John Cena, Devin Malis, Dan Godwin, Kevin Bourne)
EMF Women's Championship x 1 (Trish Stratus)
EMF Money in the Bank x 1 (Ken Kennedy)

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