Nickname (s) : The Hardcore Powerbomb Machine

Height : 6'2

Weight : 275 lbs

Hometown : The Nevada Desert

Manager (s) : James Ryder (June 2007 – Present) (Also the manager of Rad Hazard and their tag team "Truth Or Consequence")

Theme Song : "For Whom The Bell Tolls" - Metallica

Finisher : Overkill (Over arm Powerbomb)(Original)

Overkill (Over arm Powerbomb through a table)(Modified)

Rextinction (Tazmission)

Accomplishments :

Leader of Team EMF in the Exreme Measures Federation VS. Smartmarks Wrestling Federation battle (Which EMF won thanks to him)

Former 2-time #1 Contender to the EMF World Extreme Championship

Current #1 Contender to the EMF World Tag Team Championship

Current #1 Contender to the WCWA Gold Rush Championship

Bio- Very little is known about Rex other than what he has told us in his many promos. Rex was born in the Nevada desert into an unsuccessful wrestling family. After a horrid childhood surviving with his father, a rough and tuff pro wrestler himself, Rex had made a vow to leave an defining mark in the world in order to never be forgotten in the sands of time, and he soon chose professional wrestling to do this. His abusive father, whom was against the decision at first, ended up aiding in bringing out the animalistic rage that he had built up over the years. After nearly five years of severe training to focus his anger in the ring, Rex had become a force to be reckoned with, and began a path of destruction from Philadelphia to Tokyo to New York City and back again.

Eventually, his path would lead him to the EMF, The Extreme Measures Federation. On August 12, 2006 Rex debuted in a dark match against Kaine. He was victorious. Soon afterwards Rex locked horns with another newcomer in Muhammad H., whom claimed that his life of racism after 9/11 was much worse than anything that Rex had gone through. This quickly lead to a Dog Collar Match at EMF Last Stand 2007, (8/27/06)where Rex pinned Muhammad H. for the win.. Believing himself the victor, Rex went on to wrestle C.J. Lethal and gain another pinfall victory (Shockwave 9/9/06), but Muhammad H. attacked Rex, which lead to a first blood match (shockwave 9/16/06) that Rex was again victorious in thanks to the interference of C.J. Lethal. Soon afterwards, Rex would suffer his first pinfall loss at the hands of Muhammad H. because of Khosrow D.'s constant cheating and Rex's own overconfidence (Shockwave 10/7/06).

His first loss would send Rex onto a journey of self-discovery, hoping to regain the animalistic rage he once had in his youth. He did this by demanding the first ever monster's ball match, a match where all the opponents must be locked into a dark room for twenty four hours with no food or water. It was during this time that Rex would regain his "Inner monster" to destroy Lethal and Muhammad H. at Cold Day In Hell 06 (10/22/06).

Rex would soon find himself on the bad side of Caribbean C., which quickly esculated into a feud. Their first confrontation ended with Carlito spitting an apple in the face of EMF Referee B. Alfonzo, whome disqualified him for it (Shockwave 10/28/06). Their second bout also ended in DQ when Rex accidentally elbowed B. Alfonzo in the face. After being disqualified, an angry Rex powebombed B. Alfonzo through a table (Shockwave 11/4/06). Wanting revenge, B. Alfonzo forced Rex and Caribbean C. into a table match. Rex would be victorious and B. Alfonso would be driven through two tables for his troubles (Shockwave 11/11/06).

Rex battled against Ken K. and Dewy Pond at Latino Heat 2006 in his first EMF title match. The extreme title was retained by Ken K. when Rex threw Pond through thumb tacks, but was then tossed out of the ring by Ken K. who quickly made the cover (11/26/06).

Furious over Ken K.'s victory without the use of a single weapon, Rex proclaimed himself the representator of the Extreme division and battled the Television division's champion Mark Mead in a non title bout. The match saw a controversial finish when, while Rex was in a submission, B. Alfonso made his shocking return by ringing the bell and announcing Mark Mead the winner, despite Rex not tapping out (Shockwave 12/3/06).

B. Alfonso explained his actions, claiming that Rex had no authority to defend the Extreme division and that he would make sure that Rex lost every match he had until he learned to behave. Hearing this, Rex went straight to the boss, Vice president Amy Jericho, whom granted Rex a hardcore match against B. Alfonzo with the stipulation that, if Rex won, he would get an Extreme title match at First Blood against Ken K (Shockwave 12/9/06). The match started with B. Alfonso getting the surprise attack, using everything from steel chairs and tables to barbed wire baseball bats, but Rex, without using a single weapon, defeated B. Alfonso with a top rope overkill powerbomb through a barbwire covered table, granting himself an Extreme title shot and putting B. Alfonso back on the shelf (Shockwave 12/16/06).

At EMF First Blood 2007, Rex battled Ken K. in a no ropes barbwire match, which ended in Rex and Ken K. being completely wrapped in barbwire and unable to move. Despite having his shoulders up, Ken K. was able to get a "pin" of Rex as the ref counted 3 as a show of mercy just to end the bloodbath (1/14/07).

A month had passed with no sign of Rex. Suddenly, Rex made a surprise return on Shockwave in February, claiming that there was a "Contractual Dissagreement" between the EMF and his lawyers that stated that if Rex was ever seriously injured in any of his matches, the EMF would have to pay for it (And even be lible to be sued in court). Rex was shocked to discover that his lawyers had given in to a deal with the EMF to allow Rex to wrestle again, but only under standard wrestling rules, leaving Rex's hardcore reputation in the dust (Shockwave 2/10/07).

Rex began wrestling standard matches, defeating CJ Lethal by pinfall (Shockwave 2/10/07) and battling former EMF World champion Punisher. Rex would defeat Punisher while the original referee was knocked out and Vice President Amy J was in the ring. Rex used the powerbomb through the table right in front of her as an act of rebellion. A new referee emerged to count the 3 (Shockwave 2/24/07). It was around this time that the power hungy EMF President John C. put his plan to make Rex's (and many others) life a living hell into full effect. During one occasion, Rex and MxMxPunk wrestled in a 5 minute time limit match for the #1 Contendership to the EMF World Television Championship, a match which Rex won, but lost the contendership to MxMxPunk anyway due to not making the time limit (Shockwave 3/17/07).

It was also around this time when Rex formed Team EMF(Rad Hazard, Shigedy and Shwa)in the hopes of "Invading" The Smarks Wrestling Federation. They Debuted on the March 26, 2007 episode of STORM and as the tag team of Rex and Rad Hazard, defeated Arne Andersen and Olaf Andersen at their PPV "SWF INTO THE FIRE 2007" (3/29/07), but afterwards negotiations broke down Team EMF returned to their home eFed.

After introducing his new finisher, the "Rextinction" submission hold (By chocking out the still injured B. Alfonzo to the approval of the fans), Rex was screwed yet again in a "Half Hardcore Match" against CJ Lethal where Lethal was under hardcore rules but Rex was not. Rex eventually became fed up with it and was Disqualified for powerbombing Lethal through a table (Shockwave 4/7/07). This led to a tag team grudge match with Rex & "The Truth" Rad Hazard against CJ Lthal and MXMX Punk in which Rex would pin Lethal for the win (Shockwave 4/7/07).

A triple threat match was scheduled for the # 1 Contendership to the EMF World Television Championship. In the match, Dewey Pond pinned CJ Lethal. Rex was furious over the decision as he was again out of the title picture without ever being pinned (Shockwave 4/14/07).

This lead to Rad Hazard and Rex deciding to join forces to take on a similar enemy : EMF president and EMF World Tag Team champion John C., blaming him for purposely putting errors into their contracts in order to manipulate their matches. The two were dubbed “Anti-Cena” by the excited fans and won a #1 Contenders match for John C.’s EMF Tag Team Championship by defeating the teams of Duke Snyder and Frank snow and EMF Extreme Champion Ken K. and Tyson T. in a triple threat match at Hell On Earth 2007 (4/29/07).

While Rex and Rad Hazard were gaining a fan base from “Anti-Cena”, they were also attempting to branch out from the corrupted EMF, eventually joining a World (Fantasy) Wrestling Alliance territory called The West Coast Wrestling Association. After being introduced in a vignett (Riot 5/8/07), Rex slowly began to change his image of a merciless monster/animal by showing a more obsessed, meticulous side of himself, revealing unique advantages he utilizes including using his hoodie to overheat his body, which he just happens to hate enough to make him angry and give him an unexpected energy boost during his matches. In his WCWA debut, Rex battled former WWA National champion Nicolli Burbank and, after having his own momentum used against him, was pinned. Rex was still highly praised for going toe-to-toe with Burbank sp ferociously (Riot 5/22/07)

Being constantly ignored by EMF President John C. soon became too much and after the main event of EMF Whiplash 2007, Rex and Rad Hazard cleared the ring of Former EMF World Champion Agelus Archer and just newly crowned EMF World Champion Tyson(5/27/07) believing that this would draw John C. out to defend his and Angelous Archer's EMF World Tag Team Championship, but it only led to the "Truth Or Consequence" tag team's indefinant suspension.

During the suspension Rex and his tag team partner Rad Hazard, representing the WCWA, entered a three round Tag Team Championship tournament for the World (Fantasy) Wrestling Alliance's Pennslvania territory known as Asylum Championship Wrestling. During the "ACW Anarchy" broadcast of the first round of tournament matches, two tag teams from other W(f)WA territories failed to show up, leading to the Rex and Rad Hazard Vs. Rob Dipietro and "A Mystery Partner" match to have a bie all the way to the finals for the winning team. Before the match started though, Rob Dipietro shocked the ACW fans by introducing the newest member of his "Dynasty" stable : ACW U.S. Freedom Champion Badass Brian. As an unexpected addition to the match and "Dynasty" stable, Badass Brian and Rob Dipietro were able to quickly alienate Rad Hazard outside, forcing Rex to wrestle the two in a handycap fashion. Rex battled Valiantly against the duo, but it was only a matter of time before Rex was overwhelmed and defeated, having to be pinned by both men simultaneously in order to be kept down for the pinfall loss and be eliminated from the tournament (6/10/07).

It would only be two days later, back in the WCWA where both Rex and Rad Hazard would compete against each other, Rizzo, Asylum, Dean Hobkirk and Devon Zander in a Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Match for the #1 contendership to the WCWA Gold Rush Championship. The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Match essentially had a double ring with a walkway between the two. On each side of the walkway was stacks of tables and in the middle of the walkway was suspended a briefcase on steel cables crossing in an "X". Being Rex's first hardcore-style match since the EMF had banned them from his contract, Rex relished the match, utalizing a dog collar to tie himself to the WCWA Gold Rush Champion Rizzo, whom was hoping to win the match so he would not have to defend his title. The dog collar eventually worked in Rex's favor as Rex was able to choke Rizzo on top of the ladder long enough to grab the briefcase and win the #1 Contendership (6/12/07).

Soon after, a newcomer in management by the name of James Ryder decided to buy Rex and Rad Hazard's contracts from under EMF President John C.'s nose and retool them under James Ryder Enterprises, Incorporated, giving Rex his hardcore matches back and negotiating a #1 Contendership match fot he EMF World Television Championship for Rad Hazard. Reinstating them under his name and management, James Ryder breathed new life into the EMF careers of the tag team and their quest to receive their EMF World Tag Team Title Shot.

Allies- "The Truth" Rad Hazard, James Ryder (Manager)

Enemies/Rivals- Muhammad H, CJ Lethal, Caribbean C, B. Alfonso, Ken K., John C.

Biggest Wins- Dog collar match over Muhammad H. (Last Stand 2006 - 8/17/06)

Monster's Ball match over Muhammad H. and CJ Lethal (Legacy Of Blood 2006 - 10/22/06)

Table Match over Caribbean C. (EMF Saturday Shockwave - 11/11/06)

Hardcore match against B. Alfonzo for the #1 contendership for the EMF World Extreme Championship (EMF Saturday Shockwave - 12/16/06)

Single Match against Punisher (EMF Saturday Shockwave - 2/24/07)

Rex & Rad Hazard (Reprezenting EMF) defeat The Andersens (Representing the SWF) in an interpromotional tag team match (SWF From The Fire 2007 - 3/29/07)

Rex & Rad Hazard defeat defeat C.J. Lethal & MxMxPunk (EMF Saturday Shockwave - 4/7/07)

Rex & Rad Hazard defeat Duke Snyder & Frank Snow and Ken K. & Tyson T. in a triple threat tag team match for the #1 contendership to the EMF World Tag Team Championship (EMF Hell On Earth 2007 - 4/29/07)

Defeat Rizzo, Asylum, Rad Hazard, Dean Hobkirk and Devon Zander in a Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Match for the #1 contendership to the WCWA Gold Rush Championship (WCWA RIOT - 6/12/07)

Memorable Quotes- "Fear the pain. Fear Rex." (Original Promo ender)

"Head my warning : Beware of Rex" (Current Promo ender)

"I . . . am . . . Rex" (WCWA ender)

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