Rex Haraway
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Height 6ft 1in (185cm)
Weight 214lbs (97kg)
Date of birth February 3 1985
Place of birth Detroit, MI
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Resides Tampa, FL
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Debut 2006
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Rex​ Haraway (born February 3, 1985) is an American professional wrestler, currently performing for the Pojo Wrestling Alliance where he is the current PWA Intercontinental Champion

PWA & Independent Promotions (2006)

Pojo Wrestling Alliance (2006)

Rex Haraway started his wrestling career with Pojo Wrestling Alliance where he was trained to wrestle at the company's affiliated pro-wrestling camp. His debut came on February 6, 2006 on the flagship PWA Television show "Monday Night Insanity", winning a match that was quick to turn many heads. In his brief time in the company, Rex scored many shock victories as he continued to win over the fans, but the success only lasted so long as Rex was soon subject to injury, injuring his arm during a house show.

OPW/RWL (2006)

Having made independent commitments prior to his call-up to the man PWA roster, Rex made a couple of brief appearances for Odyssey Pro Wrestling and Renegade Wrestling Legion in the second half of 2006, after recovering from his arm injury. During this time, his contract with the Pojo Wrestling Alliance was terminated.

Professional RPG Wrestling (2007)

After a long time away from the wrestling ring, Haraway struck a deal with Professional RPG Wrestling in May 2007. He made his debut on the 2007 Bitchslap PPV, the last eliminated in an action packed 15-Man Battle Royal. However, as promising as he may have looked in his return match, Haraway's PRW contract was terminated following the company's next PPV, Summerfest.

Pojo Wrestling Alliance (2007 - 2008)


In late July, the PWA began to air promos involving a mysterious countdown, leading to what was described as "a new era". The countdown finally reached an end in August, revealing Rex Haraway as the man who claimed to be the company's "savior" and marked the start of his second run in the Pojo Wrestling Alliance. Following a run of cheap victories, Haraway, along with the rest of the PWA roster, was given the opportunity to become the new #1 Contender for the PWA World Title. Even after a number of defeats to former World champions, Rex was given just as good a chance as everybody else when the Wrestlefest Rumble officially became a title match – with PWA World Champion, Triple 6, being a surprise entrant. Surprisingly, Rex made it down to the final two with the reigning PWA World Champion, but was ultimately eliminated after a rather nasty gut wrench suplex to the outside gave Triple 6 the remarkable victory. The fall happened to aggravated Rex’s arm injury from the year before, an incident that required surgery and 3 months on the sidelines.

P.Y Alliance

Despite the injury, Rex remained an active superstar on the PWA roster. After claiming to have signed a contract for a World Title match against Triple 6, it was soon revealed that a man would be taking the self-proclaimed saviour’s place – returning PWA veteran, P.Y. Whilst taking the role of the mouthpiece, the World Title match at PWA Meltdown between Triple 6 and P.Y was ultimately decided by Rex himself. Taking advantage of an unconscious referee, a misguided chair shot was enough to take out P.Y and allow Triple 6 the victory.Thankfully, Rex was able to make a compromise.

Heading into the company’s biggest show of the year, PojoCade, Haraway had an idea to include P.Y in the show’s main event – however, events took a turn for the worst when a surprise attack on the World Champion turned into a classic “whodunit”. Although PWA Owner and Triple 6’s tag team partner, Vegeta, was also seen as a guilty party, P.Y and Rex too claimed innocence – even when the Triple Threat Main Event for PojoCade was set. When it seemed nobody could figure out who was responsible, the true culprit stepped forward – Chaz Steele. The PojoCade Main Event was immediately changed into a 4-Way match, pitting all four Hall of Famers in what turned out to be a spectacular World Title Match. In another surprise ending, it turned out that much like in 2003, both Steele and P.Y ended up making a simultaneous pin-fall, thus making them Co-World Champions for the second time in both of their careers. It only lasted 24 hours, however, as a stipulated match against long time nemesis Razer saw Steele lose his share of the World Title, leaving P.Y the sole PWA World Champion.

Rex may have been thankful for Razer, however, such feeling did not last long after the Junkie announced that P.Y was next on his list. But that was not enough to hinder Rex’s plans to organise an English celebration in honour of the new World Champion – and in typical style, Razer gate-crashed the occasion. The feud culminated at the next PPV, Pandemonium, where a battle of strength versus agility saw not only P.Y manage to retain his belt but too, put Razer on the shelf with an injury.

When the PWA Commissioner Piccie Smalls announced a new #1 contender had been announced, Rex made P.Y hunt down the prime candidates, resulting in the revelation that Tommy Dragon had been named as the next man to face the World Champion. The conflict ended at PWA PPV Massacre, where a shock victory saw Tommy finally claim the PWA World Title.

Following the end of P.Y’s World Title reign, Rex resumed his active wrestling career. After what happened at Pandemonium, Razer was quick to seek his revenge by attacking Rex each week, using a lead pipe to his advantage. Although attacked for three successive weeks, Haraway demanded a match against the Junkie at Three Hours of Power. Despite being seen as the underdog, following week after week of assaults, Rex managed to take home victory with a little help from a table.

PWA Intercontinental Champion

Rex was given his first opportunity at gold at the following PPV against the reigning Intercontinental Champion, Serial. A close contest at Summer of Sin resulted in a loss for Haraway, but after enough negotiation, Rex managed to seal a rematch. Between this time, it was well documented that Haraway was in contact with an unknown ally who promised to help him secure the title. During the rematch, P.Y made his surprising return and tried to assist Rex in his victory. Ultimately, he cost Rex the match. Short of a PPV opponent, a number of superstars offered to face Serial at International Incident, including Rex Haraway. This resulted in a Fatal Four Way at the PPV for the PWA Intercontinental Championship. During this time, it was reveal that P.Y was not the man that Rex was in contact with. This person turned out to be Julio Guerrera, whose assistance along with that of P.Y helped Rex to capture his first professional wrestling title at International Incident

Wrestling Facts

  • Finishing and Signature Moves
    • Reduced To Clear v1.0 (3/4 Facelock Legsweep)
    • Reduced To Clear v2.0 (Inverted Indian Deathlock)
    • Fall From Grace (Moonsault / Moonsault Leg Drop)
    • Package Piledriver
    • Frankensteiner
    • Flipping Neckbreaker
    • Stalling Suplex
  • Theme Songs
    • "The New Cult King" by Mushroomhead
    • "Take The Power" by The Cult
    • "Finger Paintings Of The Insane" by Acid Bath
    • "The Mortician's Flame" by Acid Bath
    • "Outshined" by Soundgarden
  • Other
    • IS MY HERO

Championships and accomplishments

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