Rianna Kristin
Real name Rianna Michelle Kristin
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Height 5'7"
Weight 127 lbs.
Date of birth {{{birth_date}}}
Place of birth London, England
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Resides Hollywood, California & Albany, New York
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Trainer Amatuer Wrestling, Ricky Arana
Smackdown Wrestling & The Asylum
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Debut 2007.
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Rianna Kristin (born July 21, 1979) is an American Professional Wrestler. Sge is currently employed in Smackdown Wrestling & The Asylum. Known for being nice and then suddenly ready to rip your head off, is also known for delibrately lulling her opponent into a false sense of security.

Before She Was A Wrestler

On July 21, 1979 in London England, there was a girl born and she goes by the name, Rianna Michelle Kristin. Born into a family of four. (Payton Kristin-brother 33) (Leslie Kristin-sister 21) (Bradley Kristin-brother 18) Being the second oldest wasn't as bad to deal with as it was for the oldest. Rianna pretty much had a very busy but somewhat sheltered life. She was always a nice sweet and innocent girl who pretty much got everything handed to her since they were like the richest family in England. Rianna was very active with of course usual gril things but she also could hang with the boys. She was on the softball team, the swim team and even played a bit of football with her family and other guy friends. Her brother was into wrestling and she would always be turned off by it but with him always messing with her what better way than to join the boys' wrestling team. Rianna joined it even though her parents thought it was a terrible idea. Rianna won their team it's first championship. It came to a quick end when the family moved to the United States (Denver, Colorado) when she was 18 after she graduated. It was time for a change. She was a woman now and it was time to do things on her own. She moved out and headed off looking for a job as a fashion designer, instead had a few friends who were here in the United States, one was Ricky Arana who got her to join him in the federation Smackdown Wrestling. (more info here when more active in sd wrestling) Later she moved onto The Asylum (more info here as well)

Smackdown Wrestling

Recently debuted in Smackdown wrestling thanks to Ricky Arana.

The Asylum

Debuted recently and has been seen backstage getting accustomed to the Asylum.

Other Facts

In Her Senior High School Years in London, she wrestled for her School's wrestling team alongside Alex Luciano.



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