Rich Orlando
Real name Richard Daniel Orlando III
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Height 5' 11"
Weight 215 lbs
Date of birth 5th August, 1984
Place of birth Miami, FL
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Miami, FL
Billed from
Genocide Wrestling (July, 2006-Present)
Geek Virtual Wrestling (2006)
Genocide Wrestling (2006)
Phenomenal Championship Wrestling (2006)
Handled by
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Debut October, 2004
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"Unpredicitble" Rich Orlando (born August 5, 1984 in Miami, FL) is a wrestler. Orlando is best known from his current run in Genocide Wrestling.


Richard Daniel Orlando III was born to Elizabeth and Richard Orlando in Mercy Hospital in Miami, Florida on August 5, 1986. Rich is the oldest of four children. Rich became addicted to Professional Wrestling in the heyday of the Attitude Era of the then WWF.


When he turned 19, he went to the Texas Wrestling School and was very successful in impressing his instructors as well as his fellow students. It was here that he met his future tag team partner, Brian Moss. The two created Damn Smooth that went on to become a very successful team.

After two years on the indy scene that didn't do much for Orlando, He debuted in Geek Virtual Wrestling in July 2006. While the organization only lasted less than one month, Orlando was awarded, along with Moss, the GVW Tag Team Championship. He also went on to defeat Triple X to win the GVW Hardcore Championship, which he lost the same night.

Genocide Wrestling

After the GVW closed, Orlando and Moss went to Genocide Wrestling in the middle of July. However, Damn Smooth didn't follow. Moss broke away from Orlando. On July 16, 2006, At GW Presents: Misanthropy (The first GW PPV) Orlando won his debut match against Dr. Morgus. His second match was on July 22 at Monday Night Massacre against The Body Breaker and Spc. Archie. This was his first loss in GW. On August 12, on Pandemonium, Orlando beat Lance Perfection and Xtreme Demon in a steel cage match. Then on August 19, Orlando faced his former partner in the first of a feud that will last for over two months. Orlando lost this match but was able to come back and win the Wild Card Royale to become number one contender for the GW World Championship that Moss won that same night.

Over the next month, Orlando faced the best Genocide had. Orlando was able to take on Moss at Genocore I in Charleston, West Virginia. However, that night Orlando was arrested for prostitution and was taken out of commission for two weeks. After multiple beatings at the hands of the correction officers, Orlando was able to escape and make his way to Genocide's Pandemonium: Genocide In Your Backyard! in Columbus, Ohio where he defeated Eddie "Venom" Brock. That night, He went on to interfere in Moss' match, causing him to lose to Tiffani Lopez.


Finishing and signature moves

  • Orlando Drop (Roll The Dice)
  • The WTF (180 degree jump from turnbuckle to top rope then Moonsault)
  • Orlando Palmleaf (Texas Cloverleaf)
  • Air Fonzie (450 Moonsault to Pin)
  • The Flying Squirrel (Pheonix Splash)


  • "Oh, Damn!"

Championships and accomplishments

  • 1x GVW Tag Team Champion with Brian Moss
  • 1x GVW Hardcore Champion

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