Rich Patterson (born February 23, 1980 in La Cruces, New Mexico) is a professional wrestler.

Rich Patterson
Real name Rich Patterson
Ring Names "The Bad Seed" Rich Patterson
Height 6 feet, 3 inches
Weight 243 lbs.
Date of birth February 23rd, 1980
Place of birth Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Billed from El Dorado City, New Mexico
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Handled by OD Smith
Win/Loss Record *shrugs*
Debut January 2002 (MWA)
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When Patterson first appeared on the scene, there didn't seem to be anything about him to differentiate him from the number of people getting into wrestling at the time. He received a tryout for the MWA and obviously had the skills (and a devastating finisher in the Near Life Experience), but he seemed to be holding something back. Even his initial entrance theme (Superstar by Saliva) seemed generic and non-offensive, offering no clues to his personality - if he had one.

What that was soon manifested itself after Patterson made his first live appearance, and verbally tore Owen Out a new one with a violent, expletive-ridden promo that showed there was a dark heart behind the facade, which he hid from MWA talent scouts for his tryout. In the ring he wasn't the generic wrestler they saw, but a stiff, violent brawler who hit moves with excessive force in order to inflict injury on an opponent.

He only had one more match for the MWA before they folded, a Toy Shop Brawl that appealed to his darker instincts, as he referred to the sick irony of inflicting violence and pain on his opponent in the setting, even talking about blood-soaked Barbie dolls. Although his wish of traumatising Barbie purchasers for months did not quite come to pass (the opponent did try and cut him open using one as a cudgel), Patterson eventually won by powerbombing them off the counter to the tile floor - showing complete disregards for the opponent's wellbeing in his delivery of the move.


With MWA folding, Patterson found his reckless style - both in the ring and on the microphone - was making potential employers think twice, until he was brought into the UWF and paired up with Marcello Dias in the Barros Bravas tag team.

The team had early success, winning their first match and making their presence known the next week, but the team weren't booked after this early promise. Feeling the need to make a statement and break out on his own, he turned on his partner at Veneration with a series of brutal chairshot to cost him a match, and laid out the opponent and Dias' valet, Angelina, in the process.

Now free to act as he pleased, Patterson was making his name known with improving performances, even if he remained volatile in any situation, frequently breaking down into shouting threats and abuse at the smallest sign of provocation. But, when it appeared his violent streak was propelling him up the card, he faced off against Dias at 7 Deadly Sins, and came up against a vicious, sustained assault from his former partner. Patterson bled and was on the receiving end of the kind of punishment he was inflicting on opponents beforehand, and eventually succumbed to a brutal combination of a Furacão through a table, followed by a Friamente onto the remains of it.

Yet Patterson didn't fade away following this - he may have lost in a challenge for the Global Title against The Stump, but continued to rack up victories that mattered, earning himself a second shot. This time, The Stump was defeated with The Devil's Backbone, but Patterson had a second surprise in store: the debuting Scott Anderson, a powerhouse from Coney Island, who joined Patterson in annihilating Stump after the match. The due soon became known as the Violent Messiahs.

Yet, having won the battle, the UWF folded before the war could commence.


The Violent Messiahs both wound up in the ICWA and were in the hunt for the tag team championship, but before they could challenge for the titles the federation folded.


While some of the ICWA roster went to Creation Wrestling, Patterson and Anderson remained in the ICWA - now dubbed ICWA/TEW - in order to be receive the title shot that eluded them by administrative failures. That chance came against Da Konnection, and they put them away to lift the titles.

However, the most notable aspect of the Messiahs' run in TEW was Patterson's dissipating tolerance of his partner. While Patterson, who by now was thinking of what he was saying and cutting back on the "cursing and yelling", would focus on the matter at hand, Anderson would often interrupt with meatheaded comments. On more than one occasion, Patterson would turn his anger onto Anderson, and verbally tear into him for acting like a jock - he regularly referred to Anderson as the weak link in the team at these times.


In late 2008, Patterson resurfaced in the ICWF - revealing that the reason he'd been out of wrestling for so long was due to being imprisoned after throttling TEW president Chris Cairnes in his office after his paycheque bounced, and finding out the reason.

Patterson made his debut on the December 29th edition of Monday Night Dy-No-Mite, a show dubbed the New Talent Showcase, against the also-debuting Colt Daniels in a losing effort. This result has plagued Patterson's mindset, as he feels insulted to have lost to somebody in his first match back. Since then, he participated in the 2008 Intense Rumble, battering oppoennts with anything he could find - as well as attacking Colt Daniels as he made his way to the ring, and swiftly eliminating Beast Unleashed. Patterson has also been entered in the Vingvitational Tournament for the newly revived TV Title, with an upset victory against an injured Kenji Metwaro - but as Daniels lost to CK Walker in the other side of the bracket, he still focuses on gaining a measure of revenge on him by any means. Soon, Patterson faced off with Daniels in a No DQ match where he beat Daniels bloody, yet still Daniels managed to elude him for half a second to hit God Bless Texas and get the win over him, although Patterson claimed the moral victory by claiming Daniels had to wrestle like Patterson to get the job done, and still had to see the results of Patterson's handiwork every time he looked in the mirror.

Patterson, rebounded, however, by beating CK Walker to lift the TV Title, and embarked on a dominant title reign where he turned back every challenger - including a victory over Colt Daniels at long last. He was scheduled to face ICWF Champion Dexter Payne in a Title vs. Title matchup, but the ICWF closed its doors before the match could take place.


Soon after the ICWF closed its doors, Patterson made the move to Shootfire Pro Wrestling, making a winning debut on the November 2nd edition of Conquest in a match involving Barry Baldwin, Angel Martinez and Chad Allen

In wrestling

Finishing and signature moves


  • Near Life Experience - Scoop cradle tombstone piledriver
  • The Devil's Backbone - Face-down rear naked choke
  • HK08 / Hunter-Killer '08 - Fireman's carry thrown into brainbuster
  • Near Death Experience - Jumping NLW, with a run-up
    • Enigma - Full Nelson bulldog
    • Rapture - Chokeslam STO
    • Inferno - Folding powerbomb
    • Hypocenter - Repeated stomps to the head in a single leg crab
    • Paradise Lost - Argentine rack neckbreaker
    • Divine Comedy - Flapjack spinebuster
    • False Prophet - Running powerbomb into the ring apron or crowd barrier
    • False Witness - Sitout powerbomb onto a standing chair
    • Into the Void - Exploder suplex through a table in the corner
    • Splash mountain powerbomb
    • Backdrop driver
    • Back suplex into sitout facebuster
    • Flapjack into faceplant
    • Knee facebuster
    • Backpack stunner
    • Sitout piledriver
    • DDT off the ropes
    • Rope-assisted crossface
    • Spinning backfist
    • Snap military press flapjack
    • Snake Eyes, often with a weapon on the turnbuckle
    • TKO over the crowd barrier
    • Sidewalk slam across the corner of the ring apron


  • Near Life Experience - Scoop cradle tombstone piledriver
  • The Devil's Backbone - Buffalo sleeper
    • Ginger Snaps - Full Nelson bulldog
    • Condescension - Knee facebuster
    • Paradise Lost - Argentine rack neckbreaker
    • Rapture - Rolling German suplexes
    • Divine Comedy - Flapjack spinebuster
    • Eon Blue Apocalypse - Sitout crucifix powerbomb
    • Dream Within A Dream - Scoop brainbuster
    • El Dorado Hymn - Kneeling Liger Bomb
    • Enigma - Back suplex into sitout facebuster
    • Animositisomnia - Chokeslam STO

Championships & Accomplishments

  • UWF
    • Global Champion (x1)
    • Tag Team Champion (w/Scott Anderson, x1)
  • ICWF
    • TV Champion (final)
  • SPW
    • Tag Team Champion (w/Frostbite)


  • Marcello Dias
  • Scott Anderson
  • Sadako

Theme Music

  • Saliva - Superstar
  • Ministry - Lava
  • My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Days of Swine and Roses


  • "This is your first, your last, and your only warning: do not fuck with me."
  • "You're nothing but flesh and blood - flesh that can be torn, blood that will be spilt."
  • "When you look in the mirror and see your ruined face, you'll remember me and what I am ready, willing and capable of."
  • "I don't give a shit about 'titles' or 'championships' - pain, torment, agony, misery: inflicting those are my achievements."
  • "If you think you can threaten me, walk away. I don't threaten people - I let them know what will happen."
  • "You signed up for a match with me, and you're worried about your safety? If you paid attention, you'd know what I've done and will do again."
  • "...the fact remains that my contribution cannot and will not be ignored, and it WILL make an impression."

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