Creating an Asshole

  • After being cheated out of a Championship match The 13th set out for his revenge, he created a new character called Richard Hackman and taking up the name of Richard Marks he claimed to have left the company and in a rather controversial fashion he created a completely new persona.

The Problem

  • At that stage in time the federation he was in had become very one sided, only the owners closest friends had begun to get anywhere, or at least that was how many of the wrestlers felt at the time so as "Richard Hackman" The 13th set out to change things, the character of Richard Hackman was to be a rich business man trying to take over the company.

The Solution

  • Through his anti "ministry" campaign he took down the so-called big wigs and managed to convince the owner to judge the matches equally. As the 13th Jason became closer to the Owner and they became best of friends, through making the company more fair Jason was placed onto the staff roster and as the owner himself began to become distracted Jason actually started to write and judge the results himself as he became more dedicated to the company. When Jason finally revealed that he had been Richard Marks all along the owner did not believe him at first but after all the confusion the owner and Jason became much closer friends because of it, and although Jason regreatted his deception and agreed that it was wrong he was proud of what it accomplished. It had made the company a better place to be.

In Conclusion

  • Richard Hackman would later return many times for storylines through the companies history including a story where the companies owner lost control of his company entirely, the Richard Hackman character would 'save' the copmpany from death on at least 2 occasions.

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