Richard Okeeffe
Real name Richard James Okeeffe
Ring Names Richy, Richard Okeeffe, Flameboy
Height 6ft3
Weight 233lbs
Date of birth October 10th, 1980
Place of birth Brentwood, Essex
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Resides Long Island, NY
Billed from London England
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Handled by Richy
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Debut December 17th, 2003
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Richard James Okeeffe (born October 10, 1980), better known as Richy, is an English professional wrestler of Irish and Scottish descent currently signed to World Wrestling Championship Federation (WWCF), he is the current WWCF World Heavyweight Champion. He is also known for his short time in National Championship Wrestling Association (NCWA), where he was the first Heavyweight Champion. Richard is a former five time X Division Champion, having won the championship for the first time in his third match.

Early life

Richard though born in Brentwood, Essex, was raised in the highlands of Scotland. At the age of 18, he moved to London and worked part-time at a local gym before being offered an opportunity to train in professional wrestling.


World Wrestling Championship Federation (2004 - Present)

The Beginning (2004)

February, 2nd 2004, Richy had become an official part of the WWCF roster. His debut match occurred two weeks later, where he wrestled Alex Chance in the opening match of Pulse. Though losing the match, he had received respect from other superstars, while also receiving critisims about his risks taken in the match. Richy had gained an eye injury during the match, after hitting his head off steel steps. He was treated with eye surgeory, returning to the federation the following week.

Richy had been gaining heat between Tommy Dreamer backstage, over the upcoming X Division tournament. Tommy Dreamer claimed he was an idiot, after not knowing what the X Division Championship had been. Both superstars had been threatened of suspension, after getting involved in a fight backstage during a house-show. Meanwhile Richy had been friends with Hells Angel, the two had been recruiting members to create a faction. At Road to Glory, February 28th 2004. Richy competed in a fatal four-way ladder match, which had involved the four finalists of the X Division tournament. The additional superstars competiting in the match had been, Tommy Dreamer, HardKore, Rob Van Dam & Kris Gilbert. After winning the match, he had gained major exposure as a babyface of the federation.


Richy holding the WWCF X Division Championship

Additonal weeks Richy had continued feuding with Tommy Dreamer, both superstars had been involved in hardcore matches, their most memorable feud had been in a parking lot brawl. After defeating Dreamer, Richy had began wrestling in the tag team division, teaming up with Hells Angel. The two had later grown a faction of six members, involving Stephanie McMahan who had been managing the group. Their group had held the majority of the championships belts (The X Division, United States & World Championship).

After their group had been established as top stars, Richy had been involved in assaults to superstars such as: Heat, Brent Delay & Alex Chance. The group would later occur arguments, after the leader Hells Angel had left the federation. Members of the faction began feuding with one another over the spot to become the new leader, after trying to restore order in the faction. Richy had been betrayed by his former allies, leaving him bloodyied in his own locker-room. Due to being injured, Richy had been forced to retire the X Division Championship. Though his championship release hadn't been official, due to Richy competing and winning in the X Division Championship match against HardKore.

He began feuding with HardKore, after all the additional members of his faction had been released from the federation. Meanwhile he had still been managed by Stephanie McMahon, who he had been involved in an off-screen relationship at the time. Eventually leading them into a storyline against Triple H, over the right to date Stephanie. The two superstars wrestled in a ladder match, for the contract to be managed by Stephanie, also giving them the ability to date. Richy lost the match, due to Stephanie low blowing him to allow Triple H to grab the contract.

Richy had later began feuding with Shawn Michaels, after the two superstars had wrestled in multiple matches. They had been booked in a steel cage match, the winner getting the championship belt, while the loser wasn't allowed to compete for the championship while the champion had been reigning. Richy had lost the match, breaking his leg through the match. He had undergone surgery leaving him out of action for a month, while in rehabiblition, Richy had made on-screen appearances on the Pulse show.

Richy was given a rematch when he returned, though he lost the match. WWCF/Empire Merge, Oldschool/Newschool Feud (2004)

When the World Wrestling Empire had become bankrupt, talent from their roster had been given contracts to the World Wrestling Championship Federation. Their first appearances had involved run in's to main events, and additional matches for World Wrestling Championship Federation talent. Empire light heavyweight superstars, had been involved in a large feud with the X Division members of the WWCF. Richy had been involved in multiple matches with Empire superstars, such as: Ness, Scotty, Adam Stone & Luke Johnson. He eventually lead a group of X Division superstars into a tag team turmoil match, Richy's team lost the match.

Richy had established himself as a topstar for the federation, after winning a match he had been given the final spot in the official WWCF team. Their group had lead into the warzone pay per view, Richy helped his team win the match, being the second surviour of their team. He had continued feuding with Adam Stone for weeks after, eventually bringing them into a ladder match for the number one contendership to the United States Championship. A match which he won, his championship match was a failure after losing to B-Boy.

This had slowly began a rivalry between the two superstars, as they had been involved in multiple high risk matches for the United States Championship. There most famous match being a steel cage match, it wasn't until B-Boy's tag team partner Scotty had become involved in the feud that the three became a group. Weeks afterwards, the three superstars had been involved in tag team action with one another, meanwhile backstage Scotty and Richy had been involved in heated arguments between Older Generation superstars, there most common enemies being World Wrestling Championship Federations most famous superstars, Jace Pittman and Harlem Dragon. It had soon lead into a war within the federation, as both generations would be competiting weekly against one another. This had eventually lead into a pay per view dedicated to the rivalry, Richy had been involved in the main event helping Scotty to win the match, and gain victory for the Newschool Generation. Both superstars gained popularity for their efforts, Richy had gained fame for outlasting Harlem's Cross Face finisher, which he had been the second ever person to survive it.

Scotty and Richy had been involved in a backstage fight, though not being given a full storyline. Richy had been involved in Scottys final match, defeating him. Scotty was later released, to pursue his musical career.

Feuding with Roller Deuce (2004-2005)

After months of wrestling meaningless matches, Richy had been involved in a Television Championship tournament. He had wrestled against four superstars in one night, gaining the victories which enabled him to reach the final of the tournament. His final match had been against the Television Champion Roller Deuce, who had been involved in a famous backstage rivalry with Richy. The two superstar's first match had been a three stages of hell stipulation match, allowing both superstars to pick a match each and share ideas for the final round. The first match had been a ring of fire match, one which had been innovated in the beginning of 2004 by Richy and Tommy Dreamer. The second match had been a famous Electified Steel Cage match, while the final match had been a hangman havoc match. After both superstars had won their chosen matches, the final match had been considered intense. Richy had gained the loss in the match, after a run-in from Rob Van Dam.

Due to the success of their first match, both superstars had been involved in more high risk style matches. Though it had been established in the backstage, that both superstars were unwilling to wrestle one another at one point. In an attempt of making Richy drop heat with him, the two superstars had been booked in tag team action as partners. It seemed impossible for the two wrestlers to work with one another, as a tag team. It eventually lead into a ladder match, which had been innovated with a steel cage surrounding. Their match stipulation had been, braggers rights. Meaning that the winner of the match would be let off bragging about success, after having an outstandingly gory match. Richy had been crowned the winner of the match, also suffering an injury from going through a table. Simply meaning that Richy had been left off for three months, as he was unable to wrestle.


Richy at the contract signing for grudge match against Roller Deuce

Though still visiting the shows, making public appearances with promises of becoming X Division Champion for a second time, Richy had been told to take longer time off and recover his injury, as it had become critical. This had been something that Roller had believed was a lie, instead of feeling sympathy for Richy he chose to shoot promos in the ring about him not having the balls to wrestle another match. It wasn't until he had been assaulted by Rob Van Dam, Sabu and Roller Deuce that it had been seen publically that his injury had been critical. After an incident with fire, his leg had been operated on once again and he had been given stitches and was unable to visit shows due to a restraining order. It had been an entire month that he had stayed home, meanwhile Roller had been making public challenges to Richy for a comeback match. Allowing him to decide the stipulation, and style of match. Instead of doing a run in towards Roller, Richy assaulted his enemy in the parking lot. Splitting Rollers head open with his crutch, which had put him on the shelf for a month, due to a concussion. The following week Richy had been involved in a tag team match, though still suffering a major knee injury. His tag team partner had been Alex Chance, they defeated Rob Van Dam and Sabu.

The show before Holiday Hell, Richy had been involved in a famous contract signing with Roller Deuce for their grudge match to become official, with being given the chance to chose the stipulation for the match. Richy had made it a Glass Pod match, in hopes that it would help hype up the first ever Glass Cell match. With both contracts being signed, Richy began to assault Roller with his crutch, though not being injured anymore. Hyping up the match after covering Roller Deuce in his own blood, while being pulled away from security officials. The hype within the week between the show and the pay per view had been cut short, after both superstars had been involved in a law case in which their match had almost been banned from pay per view television, due to being to real. After winning the case, both superstars had announced officially on the press conference that the match had been able to be attempted. Giving one another their first hand shake with one another, in their entire careers. The match had been highly successful, both superstars had gained maxium exposure and very high fame for undergoing it. Though after losing the match, Richy had given Roller a respectful handshake announcing that he wasn't going to let a victory slide as easily next-time. The main finish of the match, had been declared a favourite moment in World Wrestling Championship Federation history. After Richy had thrown himself through the glass wall, not even noticing that he had pushed Roller onto the floor first, which had given him the victory.

Their matches had continued, though they had been the only superstars in World Wrestling Championship Federation history to never wrestle in a rule stipulated match within any of their matches.

Feuding with Brendan Michaels/Departure (2005)

Though wrestling several matches afterwards, Richy had still been seriously injured from his glass pod match. He had been advised to take four months off from the federation, giving him the opportunity to wrestle in an X Division tournament when he had returned. After agreeing, he had been unseen throughout the wrestling world. Meanwhile on Pulse, X Division Champion Brandon Michaels had declared himself the greatest X Division superstar of all the time. Demanding that the rules of the tournament had to be changed, after it had been agreed. He was given the chance to pick anytime in which the winner had been given a challenge, when returning to the wrestling ring. Richy had confronted Brandon, declaring to the entire federation that he would become the X Division Champion within the year, this had ignited the flame which began their feud. As both superstars had been involved in tag team action, allowing one another to pick their partners. Their first match had not been official, until two new superstars had declared their leave from the federation, announcing in the ring that they had not enjoyed the product. Richy had gained the victory in their match, later being assaulted when he had been celebrating with the fans. Brandon had hit a steel chair off his leg, attempting to reinjure him. This had began the official feud between both superstars, as not only would they make threats to one another in segments, but run into one anothers matches for assault.

There hatred backstage had not began at this point, it wasn't until the point in which that Brandon Michaels had been involved with other superstars who had been considered a cancer in the locker-room. That both superstars had began speaking their truthful minds about one another, and when Brandon Michaels had claimed Richy to be nothing more than a bleeding danger, while Richy had announced publically that Brandon Michaels had been a crying pussy, that the two superstars had began their full rage behind the scenes. Nither the less this helped with their feud, as both superstars had been involving themselves in more dangerous style matches with one another. One of which had been famous, as the biker chain match.

The X Division tournament had been officially underway, after wrestling against Jeremy Ward in the first round, and defeating him. Brandon Michaels had announced that Richy would need to defeat his opponents on time limited matches, his only way of winning had been pinfall while they hadn't been able to be counted out. Though he had managed to still pick up his victories, bringing him into the spotlight of number one contendership. Still going through the point of lack in decisions between their matches, Brandon Michaels had made it clear that he would not allow Richy to reach his championship match, his chances of becoming X Division Champion had been taken away at the point in which Brandon had reinjuried his leg. After trying to snap it against the turnbuckle, though keeping it a secret from the wrestling world, Richy had been in crictial condition and almost at the point of retirement. Constantly declining time off, as he declared he would defeat Brandon Michaels. The match had been determined, after Brandon had accepted a street fight between Richy. Though the speciality of this match had been it had undergone in the streets of New York, eventually leading around Madision Square Garden as to where they would arrive in the arena. Both superstars had began destroying equipment in their way, after throwing one another into television monitors and attempting to strangle one another with power cables. The match had eventually lead into the parking lot, where Richy had missed a frog splash onto a car which had knocked him out from the impact, he had busted himself open from cracking the front window of the car, unable to continue particulpating.


Richy after winning the X Division Championship for the second time

He later openly admitted his injury, claiming that he would no longer be able to participate at the same level. Brandon Michaels had given him another opportunity, which at first he had tried to decline, saying that he would need time to rest before stepping into a championship match. It had been at that very point which Brandon shocked the fans, by claiming that if he hadn't accepted the challenge than Richy would no longer be given a shot at the belt. A rule which Shane McMahon himself had agreed with, announcing that Richy would be given a month to recover and train for his championship match. One which if he had lost, then he would no longer be given a shot in his career. Though agreeing under force, Richy had announced it was a match he had been excited to participate in, and instead of taking time off from the wrestling world he had chose to steady his wrestling. Until the point which he had been wrestling opening matches, against the companies jobbers. While still declaring to the public, that his intentions had been to defeat Brandon Michaels and bring respect to the championship belt. At the same point in time, Brandon had making public humiliations of Richy, declaring retirement events for the superstar while at the same time burying him completely.

When their match had officially gone underway, it had seemed like Richy would forfeit, though he chose to stick it out. Eventually he had lost the match, after Brandon had performed a dirty maneuver while the referree had been knocked out, by jumping on Richy's leg from the turnbuckle. After losing the match, Richy had left the arena with plans not to return, the crowd had given him an ovation for effort.

Though perhaps unexpected, as he had been officially put on the bench with a retiring injury. Richy had announced he would make an appearance into the World Wrestling Championship Federation which would shock all of his fans, it hadn't been announced by this point who the number one contender for the X Division Championship had been. As the current championship holder at that time Brian Harris had not issued any challenges, nore had he been issued any challenges from X Division superstars. This had seemed unusual towards the World Wrestling Championship Federation at this point, as all challenges for the championships had been declared in a months notice. On the night that he had promised Richy made his sudden return into the wrestling ring, standing off in an outstanding fast paced match with Brian which had lasted half an hour. The ending of the match had been Brian jumping from the turnbuckle to crush Richy, only to be rolled into a pin. Fellow wrestlers and other personalities had been standing at the rampway at the end of his match, applauding Richy on his hard earned victory. In a night, which he still considers one of his favourites.

Things had been going on behind the scenes around the same time, it had been official that the federation was going through some trouble between talent. As some top stars had come into the company with a very bad attitude, and after not being given their demands. Had publically buried the federation on other shows, it had began to create much heat within the federation. As many stars had been getting cut for no apparent reason, while others had been leaving due to polticial reasoning. It wasn't until he had received his first paycheck since his return, that Richy had noticed a great amount of money had been cut from his contract. When asking about this, he had been lied to in hopes that he would stay with the company. Eventually after growing tired of the politics, Richy had spoken to several superstars about leaving the federation. Those same people had told the very news to management, simply putting Richy in a traitorist spot. While on live television, midway through a Pulse show it had been declared by Shane McMahon himself that Richy would no longer work for the World Wrestling Championship Federation. Due to attitude problems, and lack of appearances. When confronting Shane about it backstage, the two tried to speak civily though resulted with Richy punching him in the face. Fines had not been declared for the actions, though Shane had later lost contact with Richy, as he had turned his back on the entire federation, ignoring all superstars contact for three years.

On September 20, 2005. Richy had officially been deleted from the World Wrestling Championship Federation roster.

Fued with Shaun Gold (2008)

February 5th, 2008. Brent Delay had publically admitted conversations with Richard about a possible return, he had stated that Richard would be able to earn a larger sum of money and even gain a spot in the main event, though it was only rumors for the time being. It was not until weeks later when Richard made a surprise visit on Pulse, in a short promo he spoke about past history with the federation and his final days in the company, he also stated that he had forgiven Shane McMahon for the fallout which they had been involved in, yet the audience seemed to react best when he declared himself the new number one contender for the X Division Championship, though that title had already been held by Ryan Thomas who was booked to wrestle against the X Division Champion Shaun Gold at the upcoming pay per view, Showtime. In a segment where Shaun Gold declined Richards involvement in the championship match, he stated that he was able to defeat Richard in any type of match, it would lead to Richard declaring the upcoming match a ladder match. Though receiving negective criticisms from the champion Shaun Gold, he constantly tried to make it as though the match had nothing to do with bad blood, Richard even claimed that Shaun Gold was the best athlete he had see in a long time. It wasn't until the final Pulse show before the pay per view in which the three men had been involved in a six man tag team match with one another, at the end of the match Shaun would not shake hands with Richard after their victory, this lead to Richard assaulting Shaun in the ring with a steel chair, which only added to the angle between the two superstars. The outlash of the assault lead to Shaun Gold making public threats towards Richard, and claiming that he was a washed up wrestler. Richard responded back with threats, claiming that he would eventually kill Shaun at the pay per view. These comments continued until March 23, 2008, WWCF Showtime. The match finished with Richard spearing Ryan Thomas through midair and driving him through a table before climbing up the ladder to obtain the WWCF X Division Championship, the match gained a large amount of positive feedback from the audience and wrestling critics, it had also been the beginning of Richards major run in the WWCF.

Two Reigns as X Division Champion (2008)

Shortly after winning the X Division Championship, Richard was involved in a match which resulted in a contreversial ending. His opponent Tristian Kaos had not been happy with the ending of the match, claiming that he was unfairly beaten and therefore was given a rematch at the upcoming pay per view. The build up towards the match was light, as Richard had made multiple claims that Tristian was nothing more than a lier and a scam, telling him publically that he didn't deserve another championship match. On April 20, 2009, Tristian Kaos defeated Richard for the X Division Championship in a short match, instead of being granted a rematch Richard was added into the main event spotlight, being entered in the Quest for Gold tournament which would give him the opportunity of a championship match at freedom.

Prior to losing the WWCF X Division Championship for the third time, Richard had suffered what he thought was only a minor knee injury, though it later became very serious and forced him to stop wrestling, at first he was told by doctors that it would stop him from continuing in professional wrestling and that he would need to retire. He was booked to wrestle in the annual Quest for Gold tournament, everybody had predicted before hand that he would win the tournament and become the WWCF Heavyweight Champion, but after reveiling the injury to the public he was removed from the tournament and given time off, he was written off the show after being assaulted backstage by an unknown figure with a baseball bat, the attacker would later reveal himself to be Daniel Cooper who was a former student to Richard. Upon making his long anticipated return to the federation only one month after his departure, Richard publically assaulted Daniel Cooper with a baseball bat. The following Pulse, he demanded an X Division Championship match against Randy Readman who had missed the past three appearances. When Randy came to the ring to confront Richard, he was publically fired by Shane McMahon over the lack of commitment towards the company, moments after the X Division Championship was vacanted Richard declared himself as the champion. Shane McMahon, though to the others criticisms towards the idea, allowed Richard to become the X Division Champion without actually wrestling for it, this was counted as his forth championship reign.

While out of action due to a knee injury, the WWCF released the Women's X Division Championship which would serve as the second women's belt which could be won. This belt was held by Julia Easter, though its unpopularity towards the fans ment that it stay very long as an active championship, as a way to get rid of the belt, Shane McMahon declared that it would be unified in a Unisex championship match which would involve the X Division Champion and the Women's X Division Champion. As a way of trying to hype up the match towards the auidence, Richard made multiple public appearances in which he claimed Julia Easter wouldn't beat him due to her gender, this brought about a large amount of negective criticisms from female viewers. Though Julia did not involve herself to much in the feud, keeping it as a simple championship match, she kept almost silent until the match at Out of Control. June 22, 2008, Julia defeated Richard in what would be called his most embarrassing moment. Though after the match was over the two shaked hands, it was later revealed that he had returned to early and reinjuried himself, he was immediately removed from the show.

Fued with Ace Montana & Analica Morales (2008)

Instead of announcing a return after concluding the rehabiliation process of his knee injury, Richard had been privately speaking with Shane McMahon about possibly retiring from professional wrestling altogether, he stated that it would be best if he did not continue wrestling as it would only further lead to problems, Shane agreed with the idea of a retirement and publically announced it on the following Pulse, As his replacement Richard suggested that hiring Sean Harris, who had recently graduated his wrestling school. Though Sean was not given the same spot in the federation that Richard had, instead he was used as a lower card talent. It wouldn't be until November before Richard would announce his return into professional wrestling, he replaced Sean Harris in a match against Analica Morales which would lead towards the opportunity for an X Division Championship match. The match had become hugely hyped, after making jokes about Analica being an immigrant or as he claimed, Floating to America on a door, Richard was seen as somebody who needed to be taught a lesson. The match ended with Ace Montana's interference, he had been involved in the short tournament for the X Division Championship. His interference in the match only ment that Analica and Richard would both take part in the championship match, which furthered the popularity of the feud. The match was officially booked for Holiday Hell, but for the following month all three contenders publically slandered one another, it continued until the final pulse show in which Richard assaulted Ace Montana backstage. Throughout the week leading towards the Pay Per View, Richard and Analica found themselves in heated discussions between one another before Richard declared that Analica lacked respect, this statement somehow set adrift their rivalry and made them somehow find common ground. Though still considered heated rivals, Richard and Analica found themselves almost teaming up against Ace Montana, as he had proven himself to be the villain of the match. This continued until Holiday Hell, where Richard found himself wrestling to the best of his abilities, he would eventually win the match and become X Division Champion. It was a moment in which earned him a standing ovation from the audience, as he had been the second person in WWCF history to win the X Division Championship on five separate occasions.

Heel Turn/Fueding with Andrew Carter (2008-2009)

Before wrestling in the triple threat match against Ace Montana and Analica Morales which would make him X Division Champion, Andrew Carter, Alex Chance and Go-D spoke in the ring about forming a new faction which involved the WWCF's best superstars, it would be called the A-List, when introducing the third member of the faction it shocked the entire auidence to find that Richard had been the new member. He earned an instant heel status for his stunt, after spending the a year as one of the federations top babyfaces. When being offered support in his following X Division triple threat match, he told his new team mates,"Its nice to be offered...But us A-Listers don't need help, right?.", Though he was later in the pay per view seen rudely criticising both team mates efforts in their matches. It was not until the following weeks on Pulse that the A-List began to make an impact on the WWCF, though their fame grew larger from the constant bickering from within its own structure, yet the biggest moment within the group was when Richard gave a promo in the ring about how Andrew Carter and Alex Chance had been holding him back, he then declared himself the new leader of the group. This would soon lead to his removal from the group, though announcing to the WWCF audience that he had left by own choice, it was later revealed in the show that Andrew Carter and Go-D had removed him. The following week he would defeat Alex Chance in what would be Alex's final match, after tearing a muscle he left the federation. His victory over Alex was the beginning of his rivalry with Andrew Carter and Go-D. The next week on Pulse, Richard was interviewed by Chris Carter about the rivalry with his former team mates, when asked about the possibility of destroying the A-List for the fans and the WWCF, the interview resulted in Richard assaulting Chris Carter with a steel chair and sending him to hospital after busting him open. This stunt would retain his heel persona, he was later involved in backstage arguments with Harlem Dragon over the situation. With the sudden departure of Go-D, the rivalry was cut short to a main event match with Andrew Carter on the next Pulse show, though Richard would be victorious in this match it would end with Ace Montana assaulting him.

Ace Montana's reason for attacking Richard was over the result of their match at Holiday Hell. As a result of this stunt, Richard was booked at the upcoming New Years special pay per view New Revolution which would also be the platform for the yearly award ceremony. The match was a No-DQ which Richard was victorious in, though the return of Brandon Michaels seemed to gain a larger reaction from the crowd, especially when he had come to the ring and publically shaken hands with Richard. After Andrew Carter won the WWCF Heavyweight Championship in the main event of the show, Richard assaulted him and demanded a championship match.

It was a week later when Richard was involved in a championship match with Andrew Carter, after being defeated by the champion their feud ended.

Involvement with Brandon Michaels/Departure (2009)

The return of former rival Brandon Michaels did not start an instant feud, in fact it was rumoured that both superstars had planned on forming a tag team and going towards winning the tag team championship. This was brought about by multiple promos and on-screen segments where both wrestlers had been together and in discussions.Yet their tag team would not form, as Acid Burn would kidnap Brandon Michaels and convert him into a follower, Brandons character name was changed to Chaotic Diablo. This was the beginning of a storyline in which Richard wrestled against multiple followers of Acid Burn in order to help save Brandon Michaels, it would later lead the Ryan DarkSyde being given a X Division Championship match at the February Pay Per View Adrenaline. On February 15th, 2009, Richard defeated Ryan DarkSyde in a match which would later allow him to revive Brandon Michaels from his dark persona, though this attempt resulted in him being assaulted by Chaotic Diablo. The following Pulse, Richard demanded a match against Chaotic Diablo on the upcoming Oblivion show, which he claimed would be the match in which he would beat the demons out of his friend. The oblivion match was aired on February 23rd, 2009, Richard was victorious in the street fight. Brandon Michaels would later thank him for winning the match, and both wrestlers planned to team up the following weeks.

Though the friendship would later end after Brandon Michaels personally requested that Richard give the X Division Championship, in order to retain the divisions dignity, this was the start of a very personal off-screen rivalry between Brandon Michaels. The final two weeks of his time with the WWCF would involve him wrestling in the main event, while arguing backstage with Brandon Michaels. It wasn't until March 15, 2009, that Richard walked out of the company while still X Division Champion, after returning the belt, it was vacanted and his profile was removed from the website.

WWCF Heavyweight Champion (Present)

On April 3, 2010, after spending almost a year retired from professional wrestling, Richard resigned with WWCF under the terms that he would retire officially. Within days of agreeing to rejoin with the company, he was added into the annual Quest for Gold tournament which would lead to a championship match at Freedom. Though not in his intention to be apart of anything large within the federation, he reluctantly agreed to take part in the tournament. His first match in the tournament and in the federation was against Randy Readman, after winning the match he was booked to wrestle against Kris Kristian in the second round. Beating Kris Kristian would mean that he would wrestle in the other matches at Crisis, though the WWCF Champion Drake Connors had accepted a stretcher match at Crisis with him before Richard had even wrestled Kris Kristian, the second round ended in a draw but as Richard was named number one contender it only ment that he was removed from the tournament and Kris Kristian was the qualifier. This match wasn't hyped through a long term storyline, but within two weeks it managed to become somewhat of a personal fight between the two wrestlers, and was named the Emperors Crown rematch. On May 5, 2010, the final Pulse show before Crisis, Richard sent a message to Drake Connors by assaulting two wrestlers in the middle of their match. His alignment was changed to a babyface when talking about the WWCF, "This little fued is nothing like what happened in the Empire...That was your home...The WWCF, is MY home!". On May 9, 2010, Crisis, both Richard and Drake Connors were not involved in any backstage segments of the show which is unusual for most main eventers, instead they kept themselves hidden until the main event. The wrestling ended with Richard throwing the WWCF Heavyweight Champion into electrical equipment and injuring him from an explosion before wheeling him out on a stretcher to win the match, though shortly after being named WWCF Heavyweight Champion, Triple H chased him out of the area with a sledgehammer.

World Wrestling Empire (2003-2009)===

First Run (2003)

December 15, 2003. Richard signed a contract with WWE under the name Flameboy, he wrestled his first match one week later and lost. He was later released from his contract that night.

Second Run (2009)

February 3rd, 2009. The wrestling community would find themselves at in a moment of surprise among hearing rumors about Richard signing a contract with World Wrestling Empire. Though they would later be confirmed by Mark himself who announced in an official press conference, this signing would be controversial in the fact that Empire fans hadn't taken kindly towards Richard's previous comments about the federation being poorly run and clique infested.

After beating Brock and John Cena. Richard and Tony Tran won a triple threat tornado tag match which enabled them the main event at Heir to the Thrown.

March 1, 2009. Tony Tran defeated Richard for the Emperors Crown Championship with help from Pezzer.

For the next month Richard was set to feud with Pezzer, it wasn't until winning a three on one handicap match that he was granted a grudge match.

April 5, 2009. Richard defeated Pezzer in a Hell in the Cell match at Flashback.

His next feud was against Go-D who had served as a special guest referree for the Hell in the Cell match at Flashback. The two were booked to wrestle at the following pay per view Reign of Terror.

May 3, 2009. Richard defeated Go-D in a stretcher match at Reign of Terror.

After beating Jamie Conwell the following night, Richard was granted a number one contendership for the Emperors Crown. He would be booked to wrestle Drake Connors at the upcoming pay per view Lost at Sea.

May 23, 2009. Richard suffered a knee injury when wrestling Slade Craven.

June 7, 2009. Drake Connors defeated Richard to retain the Emperors Crown. Later on that night Richard was released from his contract due to request, he had planned to enter retirement. == Personal Life==

Personal life

Richard Okeeffe is known for his personal relationship with Shane McMahon. Since his beginning in WWCF, Richard has been close with Shane which has often led to controversy revolving around championship opportunities. Though both have admitted that it hasn't been the easiest friendship, Richard has walked out on WWCF multiple times in the past, due to unhappiness on the federations direction. After his first departure from the company, he avoided contact with Shane McMahon for almost two years, though both sorted out their differences over the telephone. He is also close friends with former WWCF wrestlers Brent Delay, Alex Chance, Andrew Carter and Acid Burn.

He is known for his off-screen rivalry with WWCF legend Brandon Michaels, their rivarly began in 2005 over the ending towards a match. In 2009, both Brandon and Richard were involved in multiple arguments, and both were fined by the WWCF for fighting in the backstage of a house show. This off-screen rivalry had always been present but it was restarted when Brandon demanded that Richard drop the X Division Championship to him in order to keep its dignity.

Richard has been married since 2005 to his wife Jacklyn Hunter, the couple have two children; Alexander (born June 14, 2005) and Katie (born April 18, 2008) though he has refused to take part in storylines which involve his family.

Due to the number of injuries which he has suffered, Richard has stated that he suffers from chronic kneepains and back problems. In 2004, he suffered his first broken bone when wrestling against Roller Deuce in a cage match. Since then he has had multiple operations for different injuries which he has obtained.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Hells Bells / Rebound Lariat (Pendulum short-range lariat)
    • Grapevine Wrist Lock / Gridlock Via 2 (Grounded top wrist-lock, sometimes with a leg grapevine)
    • Scotland Yard (Rope hung cutter)
  • Signature moves
    • Arm drag
    • Arm wringer
    • Dodge'Em (Roll-up, as a counter to an oncoming opponent)
    • Bridging scissored armbar
    • Cobra clutch, sometimes twisted into a short-range lariat
    • Cross chop to the opponent's throat
    • Diving lariat to an opponent seated on the top rope
    • Flowing snap DDT
    • Front powerslam, sometimes while applying a hammerlock
    • Multiple hammerlock variations
      • Eclipse (into a single arm DDT)
      • Carpet Muncher (into a kneeling facebuster)
      • into a DDT
      • into a Northern Lights suplex
      • into an STO
    • Headbutt
    • Shoot kick to the back of a cornered opponent followed up with a downward lariat to the neck
    • Standing or a running European uppercut, sometimes to a cornered opponent
    • Standing or a running lariat
    • Top rope handstand evasion followed into a double foot mule kick
  • Managers
    • Stephanie McMahon
    • Angel
  • Entrance themes
    • "Fuckin in the Bushes" by Oasis
    • "X Gonna Give it to Ya" by DMX
    • "Smells like Teen Spirit instrumental" by WWCFtheme

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