"The Engulfed Spirit" Rick Dushae
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Real name Richard Kenner Dushae
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Height 6'4
Weight 250 lbs.
Date of birth February 27th, 1977
Place of birth Daytona, Florida
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Resides Currently Unknown
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Win/Loss Record 41-29-3
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"The Engulfed Spirit" Rick Dushae is an American professional wrestler currently working for Full Throttle Wrestling Online.

Early Life

Born to Henry and Elizabeth Dushae, Dushae lead his childhood as a devout Christian. As he got older, he became interested in the sport of professional wrestling, and began preparing for his future career.

On October 12th, 1995, the Henry and Elizabeth were killed in a car accident. This incident lead to Dushae leaving his Christian roots. A year afterward, Dushae began his rigorous training for the sport of pro-wrestling. He trained for nearly two years, having a brief "hired-fired" stint in the WWE before moving to the newly opened Southern Cross Wrestling, a training fed for Total Khaos Online Wrestling.


In SCW, starting in June of 2004, Dushae quickly began to rise through the ranks. After beating Nightmare, a trainer in the fed, Dushae briefly feuded with a man named Slare, the two culminating this feud in the only ever SCW scaffold match, which Dushae won.

Dushae would only have two more matches in SCW afterwards, a battle royal which he lost and a double-count out draw with Karnij, before he, Karnij, and Deems became the first graduating class from SCW to move to Total Khaos Online Wrestling.


After a rough start, losing another battle royal and a rematch against Karnij, Dushae looked to prove his ability, all while in the middle of a murder trial (See below). The time never came, however, as after a couple small victories, Dushae fell into a long losing streak, ending up on the bottom end of every one of his matches for ten months straight. These ten months, along with the death of his uncle Rhett Dushae (his only living relative), finally got to Dushae, to when he came to the ramp for a match in TKOW and stated "So long, suckers!", before leaving for therapy and never returning.

During this time, an impostor of Dushae going around as "The Engulfed Spirit", a wrist cutting, lack-of-emotion man, entered TKOW and feuded with "Wildcat" Lynn Brewster, until TKOW Megabowl IV, where said impostor shocked viewers by shooting and killing himself on-air. The man has yet to be identified.

Return to Wrestling/FTW

On August 18, 2005, Rick Dushae returned to the ring, this time under the nickname of his impostor, "The Engulfed Spirit", in a handicapped match with Troy Poole against Ace Montana. Dushae preceded to dominate and destroy Montana without Poole's aid, thus re-entering himself into the professional wrestling seen. This win would begin a streak of wins that would last for several months and earn him Full Throttle Wrestling's Internet title, his first gold in his career. In this nine match winning streak, he also managed to retire three different men. His winning streak was ended at FTW Insurgence, when he was defeated by Ghalleon for his belt.

The next week after the loss, Dushae introduced a stable to FTW known as The Formation, consisting of himself, Sergei Fretznov, Joshua Gytrike, and Ian Vodoa. The group proceeded to beat down Ghalleon, before Dushae and the rest of the group had multiple singles matches against the members of Ghalleon's stable, The Order, culminating in a match that resulted in The Formation as the winners due to Ghalleon and his Order refusing to enter the ring.


After the merger of Wrestling Online Forums and Full Throttle Wrestling, resulting in Full Throttle Wrestling Online, Dushae was placed in numerous low-card matches against lesser talents of the two companies, all of which he won. He was then entered into the SuperCup tournament, the prize of which being a shot at the to-be-crowned FTWO title at Patriot Games, a Pay-Per-View of the company. Over the next weeks, he proceeded to get victories over James Myver, Icarus Evangeline, and Rotten Treats to win the tournament and be placed in the main event against Ghalleon, Troy Poole, and Eric Mitchell. Dushae was eliminated third, after Ghalleon, in the match.

After Patriot Games, Dushae remained a low-profile competitor, snatching three wins in a row over low-talent competitors, until after the companies next Pay-Per-View, Going the Distance, when he was put in a non-title match against then-FTWO champion, Mathias. Dushae got the victory, but soon after demanded a shot at the title, which changed hands over to Bryant McCoy the following show. This resulted in a three-way FTWO title match at the company's biggest Pay-Per-View, Apocalypse, between McCoy, Dushae, and Mathias. The match ended with Bryant scoring the pinfall over Dushae.

A few days after the show, it was announced that Rick Dushae would be taking some leave from the company. He would return a couple months later after disbanding from The Formation, to claim a win over said former team mates. He would also claim a win over a rookie named Xklusive, before being entered in the "Seven Stages of Hell" match for the number one contenders ship for the FTWO title. He was eliminated on the fifth level of the cage.

A little while later, on the July 23rd edition of Unchained, Dushae was put in a match against "The Rising Sun" Marty Donovan. The match never really finished, as Dushae was attacked by former Formation team mate Joshua Gytrike. Later that night, Dushae retaliated by attacking Gytrike after his match. The two were to settle their differences at the Patriot Games pay-per-view in a Pit of Decimation match. Dushae would lose this match after being head-butted on the spikes below and hit with Gytrike's finisher, before being pinned. Dushae has yet to return since.

Murder Trial

During Dushae's beginning days in TKOW, Hal Keneson, a friend of Dushae's, was found dead in his backyard. Dushae was placed under house arrest and scheduled for trial over Keneson's death. The incident threatened to end Dushae's career, and moreover, his freedom.

On November 17th, 2004, Dushae was proven innocent over the terms of no substantial evidence given. The officer who arrested him, Sgt. Ben Falto, was later arrested for grand larceny, and found guilty for the murder soon after, and was sent to prison for life. Falto escaped prison a year later, but was found dead in a home in Detroit, Michigan, along with three other men. The investigation over those murders is still underway.

Wrestler Stats

Soul Pick 1

The Soul Pick


  • The Soul Pick (Inverted Burning Hammer)
  • The Depression/The Wreck of the Century (Body Splash)
  • The Railroad Kick (Scissors Kick)
  • The Fear (Top-Rope Jumping Piledriver)

Title History:

  • 1x FTW Internet Champion
  • 2006 FTWO SuperCup Champion

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