Rick Majors
Real name Rick MoIdovanyi
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Height 6 ft 1 in
Weight 206 lbs
Date of birth August 3rd, 1971 (Age 37)
Place of birth Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Retired May 25th, 2008

Rick "The Impact" Majors (born 1971) is a retired professional wrestler currently employed by the NLCW (No Limits Championship Wrestling). He is the co-longest reigning champion in the company's history (holding the NLCW Cruiserweight Championship for 42 weeks), the first NLCW Undisputed World Champion, and a member of the NLCW Hall of Fame (inducted 2004.)



Rick Majors was born to a single parent family in the suburbs of Toronto. Majors' mother was a very financially successfully woman and thus Majors enjoyed many of life's advantages as a child. He trained in Shotokan Karate at a young age and soon became a first degree black belt in the art. It was during his childhood that Majors discovered his love for professional wrestling. Even before he was old enough to wrestle Majors spent his summers traveling on the road with several wrestling companies including the SCW, BWA, and NECW. Majors spent his youth learning the ins and outs of the wrestling business, occasionally stepping into the ring after the shows to receive some training from some of the ring veterans.

The Mega Wrestling Federation

Majors experience travelling with various wrestling companies had made him hungry for more. In 1997 Majors used all the money he had to form a wrestling organization of his own - the Mega Wrestling Federation (MWF.) Majors used his wealth and knowledge of the wrestling business to attract the best talent to his Toronto-based company. Some of the men he hired were old friends from the companies he had spent his summers traveling with. Others were new stars that he signed from around the world. The MWF was quite successful for the first two years of existence, selling out arenas all around North America. However increased competition and rising salaries caused Majors to abruptly halt all actions of the company in early 2000, citing an inability to put on an entertaining show as his reason.

Rick Majors the Wrestler

Rick Majors was not done with the wrestling business however. He teamed up with a man that he had met almost four years earlier on the road and began a wrestling career of his own. That man was Derrick Lambert. The two men began using the gimmick of two obnoxious, self-professed stars: Rick "Electro" Ryans and "The Movie Star" Matt Bravo. They formed a tag team called "The Center of Attention" and began wrestling around the country for numerous federations. Unfortunately the wrestling landscape at the time lead to every one of those companies folding shortly after Majors and Lambert began competing there. In their gimmick "Ryans" and "Bravo" claimed that they were simply too talented and that wrestling companies were forced to go out of business when adequate competition was not found to face the Center of Attention. In reality Majors was annoyed with the wrestling world and decided that the only way to have a successful company was to do it himself. In late 2000 Rick Majors re-opened the MWF.

The Fall of the MWF

The Mega Wrestling Federation returned featuring many of the same stars that had competed there prior to its hiatus. Having spent close to a year on the road competing in very small independent wrestling companies Majors no longer had the huge funds necessary to provide the MWF with the production values necessary to compete in the television landscape. Without a viable TV show the company was not able to secure large venues for its weekly shows and monthly large events. The MWF quiety closed for good in 2002.

No Limits Championship Wrestling: Part I

With the MWF shut down for good Majors began his wrestling career once again. He joined the PWWF, SIW, and the EWA, but, as every federation before them, those places were out of business within a matter of weeks. Fed up with small-time wrestling, Majors made the leap from wrestling in small regional promotions to competing on the world-wide stage. In late 2002 Rick Majors signed a contract with the NLCW: No Limits Championship Wrestling.

It wasn't long before Majors made a lasting "Impact" in his new home. Majors quickly won the NLCW Cruiserweight Championship. He brought some friends from the MWF into the NLCW and formed the "Mega Wrestling Faction." This group consisted of Aaron Steele, Ty Jones, and his old friend Matt Bravo. These four men took the NLCW by storm. The group was so strong that Majors never lost a match in the first incarnation of the NLCW until the federation took a hiatus in early-2003.

At this point Rick Majors was sick of the wrestling business entirely. In the years he had worked in wrestling he had seen far too many companies shut down. Majors did not like this kind of instability. He return to university, finishing up his last year and earning a bachelor of journalism degree. He started up several small business ventures, earning himself a decent income. He was determined to put the wrestling industry behind him once and for all. Until he received a phone call.

No Limits Championship Wrestling: Part II

In December 2003, almost a year after the NLCW had announced its hiatus, Mark Steele, president of the NLCW, called Rick Majors. He told him that the NLCW was coming back, and this time for good. The company had secured strong financial backing, several stars had already signed on and the company was set to start producing television shows in a matter of weeks. Confident that Steele's promise of stability was true, Majors agreed to return to the NLCW.

The new NLCW debuted on January 9, 2004. On the very first episode of the promotions flagship weekly television sho, NLCW Avulsion, Rick Majors defeated Jack Frost, once again earning the NLCW Crusierweight Championship that he had never lost.

Majors once again quickly racked up victories. He entered a feud with Jack Frost, who was shortly named commissioner of the NLCW. This would be the first of many times Rick Majors had problems with NLCW management. After defeating Frost and running him from the NLCW, Majors moved into a series of matches with a man named The Lokian. Their matches were brutal and very personal, but once again Majors was victorious. His undefeated record had the whole world watching. One group that was watching was the Fallen Angelz - at the time the greatest faction in NLCW.

Jason Stylez and The Fallen Angelz

Jason Stylez was the leader of the Fallen Angelz and one of the top stars in the NLCW. He approached Majors about joining the group shortly after Majors arrived in the NLCW. The Fallen Angelz had consisted of men like Ethan Andrews, Dazz, and Scotty Ace - all NLCW greats. Majors took some time to think about it, but he eventually joined the group, helping them strengthen their grip on the NLCW.

Ethan Andrews had temporarily left the NLCW before Majors officially joined the Fallen Angelz, and Dazz was injured shortly after he joined. This meant that on March 3, 2004 Rick Majors would need to fill in for his Fallen Angelz team mates and defend the NLCW Tag Team Championships alongside Jason Stylez. When Stylez was pinned and the titles were lost, this marked the end of Majors time in the Fallen Anglez.

Each man blamed the other for the loss. Majors was especially upset that the tag team loss had erased his perfect record in the NLCW. Stylez took pleasure in causing Majors first official loss. Majors went on to brag about his undefeated singles streak, which upset Stylez to no end. Eventually the two men faced off in an epic battle for the NLCW Cruiserweight Championship. Majors won, and Stylez couldn't stand it. He would spend the next few months trying to defeat Majors.

Stylez eventually managed to gain control of the NLCW after Mark Steele left the organization and Stylez immediately set out to crush all of his former rivals. This included Rick Majors and Majors' one time enemy The Lokian. With their backs against the wall, Majors and the Lokian teamed up to defiantly stand up against Jason Stylez. Stylez responded by firing the Lokian just days before a scheduled tag team match leaving Majors at a handicap. This is where Majors placed a phone call to and old friend.

On March 16, 2004 Majors stepped into the ring alone against two tag teams, with the NLCW Tag Team Championships on the line. Just when it looked like the odds were too great for Majors to overcome Derrick Lambert ran down to the ring. Majors and Lambert quickly disposed of the other two teams and won the NLCW Tag Team Championships. The Center of Attention had returned.

This was too much for Stylez. He teamed up with Enigma (Bucky Skyler) and vowed to take the tag team titles back. At Extreme Consequencez 2004 Enigma and Stylez faced Lambert and Majors for the tag team titles. During the match Lambert would pass out in a submission hold, but he would not submit to the referee. The referee stopped the match awarded the titles to Stylez and Enigma. Earlier that night however, Majors and Lambert called in some more friends - friends that would change the NLCW for good.

Higher Authority

Former MWF wrestlers Chris Champion, Ty Jones, and Ryan Coleman entered the NLCW in April 2004. They initially insulted Majors and Lambert, calling them disgraces to the MWF name. They stated that Lambert and Majors had sold out to the guaranteed contracts of the NLCW and were spitting in the face of everything the MWF had stood for. The three men challenged the Center of Attention to find a partner and face-off against them at Extreme Consequencez. NLCW superstar Mark Awesome stepped up to the challenge - a move he would soon regret. Mid-way through the match Majors and Lambert attacked Awesome. They then joined forces with Champion, Jones, and Coleman to form Higher Authority. It was later revealed that Majors was sick of dealing with authority figures like Jack Frost and Jason Stylez, so he decided to take matters into his own hands along with Higher Authority.

Once again Lambert and Majors faced off against Stylez and Enigma for the tag team titles. This time the result was different. Another former MWF star, Havoc, interjected himself in the match, allowing the Center of Attention to regain the titles.

Stylez was irrate. So irrate that at 1NE 2004 Stylez put the presidency of the NLCW on the line in a ten-man tag team elimination match against Higher Authority. Majors would eliminate Stylez last to win the match and gain control of the company. On the following Avulsion Higher Authority bragged about their victory. Majors named himself NLCW President and appointed his fellow Higher Authority colleagues to various positions within the company. That night Higher Authority set out to destroy their enemies, pitting them in unfair matches throughout the night. Majors even rehired The Lokian in order to "teach him a lesson." The two faced off in one last match in the main event of the show. Majors defeated the Lokian thanks to interference from Derrick Lambert. Majors' reign as NLCW President was short-lived however as it was revealed that Stylez had actually sold the company the day before 1NE, ending Majors' one-day stint as NLCW President.

Majors would continue to defend his NLCW championships however, before his carer hit a downward spiral.

At All Hallows Eve 2004 Rick Majors was pinned for the first time, losing the NLCW Crusierweight Championship to Violent A. Shortly afterwards Chris Champion (disguised as the mysterious "Black Veil") attacked Majors and cost the Center of Attention the tag team championships. The attack ended a long friendship and caused friction in Higher Authority. Majors and Lambert separately left the group in the coming weeks. The frustration boiled over however and Derrick Lambert attacked Rick Majors a few weeks later, claming that Majors had always tried to steal his spotlight. The attack ended the eight-year friendship between the two men. Majors went into a deep depression and he was not seen the NLCW for several weeks.

Majors returned at Road to Slamfest, carrying a steel chair, seemingly to attack Champion and the remains of Higher Authority while the group was insulting Ethan Andrews. Majors shocked the world however when he attacked Andrews instead and re-joined Higher Authority stating that he "had no where else to go." Champion took advantage of Majors' temporary lack of self-esteem to exploit and humiliate him. Andrews and Majors eventually met at NLCW Slamfest 2004. In a classic encounter Rick Majors defeated Andrews, regaining some confidence. That same night Majors was awarded two Plexies as Wrestler of the Year and one half of the Tag Team of the Year. Majors looked deep inside himself that night and on the Avulsion following Slamfest Majors officially quit Higher Authority. Derrick Lambert took exception to Majors comments and he interrupted Majors' speech, claiming that he was the one that was responsible for Majors success. The two would embark on a bitter feud.

In the meantime Majors ended Champion's reign as leader of Higher Authority when he helped ban the group from the NLCW for good in an Unconditional Surrender Match at Rising Sun 2005. Champion walked out of the NLCW following that match, but not before shaking Majors' hand - a move that confused everyone.

Majors Versus Lambert

Rick Majors and Derrick Lambert spent the next few months trying to tear each other apart. They faced off in a singles match, but Lambert attacked Majors with a video camera, knocking him out and stealing the win. The only way to settle this brutal, personal feud would be to resurrect an old idea from the MWF: The Suicide in Steel Match.

The match took place inside a massive 30-foot cage. The cage had three levels and every ten minutes the floor to a level would open, dropping the men 10 feet to the floor below. The first man to score a pinfall or submission would be named the winner.

Majors won the match, but suffered serious injuries to his back and neck. Majors spent the next few months in surgery and rehab. Doctors thought he would be lucky to ever walk again. It appeared that his wrestling career was over.

Retirement and Rehab

It was announced on Avulsion that Rick Majors had broken his neck during the Suicide in Steel match. Majors underwent spinal fusion surgery in April 2005 and he then began the long road to recovery. Majors spent several months in the hospital, learning to walk again. He was forbidden from entering a wrestling ring by doctors. Majors and his then-girlfriend Kelly Chalmers began to prepare for life after wrestling.

However Majors wasn't ready to retire quite yet.

A Return to Wrestling

In October 2005, after months of painful surgeries and rehab, Rick Majors returned to NLCW Avulsion. He interrupted Chris Champion and announced that he was returning to the NLCW for one more match, to settle one more score, against the man that had kicked him out of Higher Authority almost a year ago. Majors challenged Champion to a match at Slamfest, a match that Champion would accept. At All Hallows Eve 2005 Chris Champion would put a wrench into those plans by winning the NLCW Heavyweight Championship. NLCW rules state that the Heavyweight Champion must face the Road to Slamfest tournament winner at Slamfest. Seeing his return match in jeopardy, Majors begged NLCW COO James L. Rockingwell for a spot in the tournament. When Rockingwell refused, Majors demanded a match with Rockingwell at Slamfest. When Rockingwell refused again, Majors promised to make Rockingwell's life hell. Again an authority figure had gotten in Majors' way.

At Road to Slamfest Majors attacked Rockingwell backstage. To avoid further attacks Rockingwell ran out to ringside during the Chris Champion/Dillon Durst match-up. Majors took this opportunity to attack Rockingwell with a steel chair. He then turned towards Chris Champion and attacked him as well, costing Champion the title and setting up a match for Slamfest. Champion was outraged. He accused Majors of being in cahoots with Durst - a claim that Majors denied despite frequent closed door meetings with Durst. Majors even present Durst with the Plexie for Wrestler of the Year at that year's awards. Bitterness and jealously from both sides would lead Champion and Majors to engage in a very personal rivalry leading up to their match at Slamfest.

The match between the two was another classic and once again Majors stepped it up a notch and defeated Champion. All of his demon's behind him, Majors quietly stepped away from active competition in the NLCW once again. He signed on as a road agent and began primarily working with the LCW, the NLCW's development league. During this time Majors only occasionally appeared on NLCW television when he felt his presence was necessary, such as motivating Dillon Durst before his match with Dominic Pericolo, and later verbally lambasting Durst for his decision to leave the NLCW.

Feud With Dillon Durst and the Return of Higher Authority

On the 100th Episode of NLCW Avulsion (May 11, 2006), Rick Majors came to the ring to share his thoughts on the milestone show. Suddenly a man jumped over the guardrail and ran into the ring. The man, wearing a hooded sweatshirt to conceal his identity, attacked Majors with a steel chair. He then proceeded to attack Majors' surgically repaired neck. The man then revealed himself as Dillon Durst. Durst had heard enough of Majors' taunts and he had returned to the NLCW with revenge in mind.

The brutal attack left Rick Majors with another, more serious neck injury. Shortly afterwards Majors underwent a second neck surgery procedure. This time the surgeons opted for a newer surgical technique called total disk replacement. The surgery uses titanium and plastic to replace worn out intervertebral disks. Typically, when a patient with a degenerated disk or disks needs surgery, a spinal fusion is performed. The spinal fusion decreases pain, but also decreases mobility. Since Majors' mobility has already been compromised by previous surgeries, the doctors decided that total disk replacement was the most logical choice this time. The doctors hoped that total disk replacement would restore normal motion of the spine in the diseased area, without causing pain. However, it would be several months before the success of the surgery could be gauged. Majors needed to undergo months of treatment and rehab in order to restore the range of motion he once had prior to Durst's attack.

The NLCW listed a PO Box and an email address that fans could use to send Majors get well messages.

The surgery was quite successful and Majors later reported that there was much less pain in his neck following the surgery than there was prior to it.

On August 3, 2006 - Majors' 35th birthday - Majors was wheeled into the arena in a wheelchair. Dillon Durst had warned Majors not to return to the company the week before. Durst confronted Majors backstage. In a shocking scene Majors stood up from his wheelchair and threatened Durst, telling him that he Durst had started a war, and that Rick Majors had put together an army - an army that would face Durst in one week.

Dillon Durst came to the ring on the following Avulsion and he called out Rick Majors' army. Durst was surrounded by Chris Logan and Miss Perfect, the first two members of his "resistance" (the group would eventually become known as Anarchy Inc.) Majors appeared alone and he was immediately attacked by Durst, Logan and Perfect. Suddenly Ethan Andrews and Shane Perry, two of Rick Majors' closest friends backstage, ran to the ring to try and even the sides. Perfect and Logan used weapons and handcuffs to subdue Andrews and Perry, leaving a beaten, injured Majors in the ring with Dillon Durst. Durst used a lead pipe on Majors, attempting to end his career. The attack was interrupted by a pulsing drum beat. Suddenly Chris Champion and Derrick Lambert - the two members of Higher Authority that Majors had previously feuded with - ran down to the ring and attacked Durst. Durst fled from the scene as the three members of Higher Authority embraced in the ring.

Majors and Durst continued their feud for several months. Durst made the feud very, very personal when he video taped himself entering Majors' home in the middle of the night. He walked into Majors' bedroom while Rick and his fiancée Kelly slept. The video, which culminated with Durst holding a knife to Rick's throat as he slept, was aired live on NLCW Avulsion. The following week Durst would reveal that he stole a pair of Kelly's underwear and use it to taunt Majors.

On December 1, 2006 Majors' car was run off the road while driving. The licence plate of the offending car was "DUB D." Majors assumed that Dillon Durst was responsible for the incident. Doctors examined Majors' neck following the incident, but there was no additional damage sustained. On Avulsion Rick Majors was telling Chris Champion this story when a cell phone rang. Majors searched and found that the phone had been mysteriously placed into his jacket pocket. When he cautiously answered the phone he was greeted by the voice of Dillon Durst. Durst challenged Majors to a match at Slamfest. The match was eventually made into a No Holds Barred match.

The match at Slamfest pitted the 2004 Wrestler of the Year (Majors) against the 2005 Wrestler of the Year (Durst) and it lived up to all expectations. After a thrilling, brutally violent confrontation Dillon Durst countered the Major Impact into The Solution, ending the match in a pinfall. Dillon Durst had handed Majors his first Slamfest defeat.

Higher Authority's Expansion and Decline

Slamfest was not a good night for Higher Authority. Rick Majors lost to Dillon Durst and Chris Champion failed to become NLCW Heavyweight Champion as he wrestled Dominic Pericolo to a draw. On the following Avulsion Champion was forced into a match with six NLCW security guards by NLCW COO James. L. Rockingwell. During the match Scarlett Williams and her associate Splinter ran into the ring with steel chairs. They helped Champion dispatch of the guards. Rick Majors then came to the ring and welcomed Higher Authority's new members. The four stars vowed to once again do what Higher Authority had come to the NLCW for originally, rid the company they loved of inadequate leadership. Returning superstars Alex Jay and Phil Castle would join the group in weeks to come. It was the strongest team Higher Authority had ever assembled. Confident that the faction was in safe hands Rick Majors took a leave of absence from the NLCW. The feud with Durst had delayed Rick Majors' wedding plans. He now felt that it was safe to be wed. On June 23, 2007 Rick Majors and Kelly Chalmers were married.

During his time off Chris Champion made a controversial move. He allowed Rick Majors' former enemy Bucky Skyler into Higher Authority. While Majors would publicly state that he supported Champion's decision (despite that it was not one he would have done himself) there were rumours that Majors did not feel this was a good move.

His thoughts turned out to be right. Shortly after he was inducted Skyler turned on Higher Authority and the NLCW, joining Dillon Durst's renegade group - Anarchy Inc. This defection would not be the biggest problem for Higher Authority however. For numerous reasons Castle, Champion, Splinter and Jay all left the NLCW - leaving Majors and Williams as the only active members of Higher Authority. Derrick Lambert returned to the NLCW after a brief injury, but he too turned on the company and joined Anarchy Inc. Williams and Majors maintained a working relationship for a short while, but it was Williams' personal relationship with one of Majors' enemies, Sean Galen, that split up Higher Authority for good.

Team NLCW and a Return to Cruiserweight Gold

Rick Majors had long called himself The Cornerstone of the NLCW, but his actions in the later half of 2007 solidified that title. Majors returned to an NLCW ring in time for a huge NLCW VS. Anarchy Inc. War Games match. He was instrumental in Team NLCW's victory. He once again suited by for Team NLCW in an interpromotional battle against Limited Championship Wrestling - LCW. This match was the first time that Chris Champion and Rick Majors had teamed up following the break up of Higher Authority. It also featured Bucky Skyler reluctantly teaming with Majors. Former Higher Authority members Phil Castle and Splinter were members of the opposition Team LCW. Champion would score the winning pinfall on Castle, putting an end to LCW for good.

Majors' would then return to singles wrestling full-time. On Avulsion he competed in a triple threat match against Bucky Skyler and Tyler Scott. Majors would end up pinning Scott and winning the NLCW Cruiserweight Championship for the third time. Majors would come to the ring prior to the When Worlds Collide pay-per-view beaming with confidence. He held up the Cruiserweight Championship and challenged any NLCW superstar to a match for the title. Former LCW star Jon Sloan emerged and berated Majors. He stated that he was now in the NLCW to make a name for himself and that he was going to start by defeating Majors for his title. Majors defeated Sloan for the championship at When Worlds Collide, but Sloan attacked him following the match. He then grabbed Majors' championship and left the ring holding the NLCW Cruiserweight Championship. Majors suffered a knee injury in the post-match attack and was temporarily out of action. He returned to the ring in time to face Jon Sloan once again, this time in a ladder match for the Cruiserweight Championship that Sloan had begun calling his own. Majors was victorious in the match, retaining his title.

After successfully defending the title in several future matches Majors set his sights on an even larger goal: The Main Event at NLCW Slamfest.

The Road to Slamfest and the Undisputed Championship

Rick Majors entered the 2007 Road to Slamfest tournament. He defeated Tanya Black on Avulsion to head into the semi-finals. Then, on the Road 2 Slamfest pay-per-view event he faced off against former Higher Authority member Alex Jay. Majors defended the Cruiserweight championship in this match as well. Majors won the match, retaining the title and earning himself a spot in the tournament finals.

There he faced former Anarchy Inc. member Isaac Reynolds. The two battled in an absolutely brutal match. They were originally both counted out and the match was announced as a draw after Majors put Reynolds through a ringside table with the Major Impact. The match was restarted however and Majors was eventually victorious. Rick Majors had earned himself his first ever Slamfest main event spot.

Majors eagerly anticipated a Slamfest rematch against Dillon Durst, the reigning NLCW Heavyweight Champion. However Durst lost a controversial match against Sean Galen at Road 2 Slamfest, setting up a Majors/Galen main event. This match was not to be. Due to the controversy surrounding the Galen/Durst match and the fact that Chris Logan had never received a rematch following his Heavyweight Championship reign the Slamfest match became a four man contest, pitting Rick Majors against Chris Logan, Dillon Durst and NLCW Heavyweight Champion Sean Galen.

The match itself took place in Rick Majors' hometown of Toronto at the Rogers Centre. Many of the MWF's greatest battles had taken place there over ten years earlier. With his wife sitting in the front row Rick Majors pinned Sean Galen in the center of the ring, becoming NLCW Heavyweight Champion for the first time. Since Majors already held the NLCW Cruiserweight Championship the two titles were merged and Rick Majors became the first ever NLCW Undisputed World Champion. The celebration was short-lived however.

Battle with The Saints and Retirement

At the conclusion of the match Galen and Logan attacked Majors. They were joined in the ring by Isaac Reynolds and the three men announced the reformation of The Saints. Majors and Durst tried to fight the three men off and eventually succeeded, with the help of a mysterious character by the name of Remnant (Remnant had also previous helped the NLCW in its battle against Anarchy Inc.) The pay-per-view ended with Durst looking at Majors and nodding at him as a show of respect before leaving the ring. Durst would then announce his retirement and leave the NLCW for good.

The next week on Avulsion Majors was presented with a new championship belt, reflecting the new Undisputed Championship. He was again attacked by the Saints. Left in a three-against-one situation Majors was destroyed by the Saints. He was put through a table and he needed medical attention following the match. Majors was ordered by NLCW doctors to stay away from the ring for a period of 20 days, in order to protect his health.

The Saints took advantage of this opportunity to taunt and insult Majors and his wife as often as possible. Majors returned to the ring to face Chris Logan in a match on Avulsion. The match was marred by interference from the Saints. Majors then faced off against Sean Galen on Avulsion the following week. Majors was victorious. He then met Chris Logan in a steel cage match for the championship at NLCW Sultan of the Squared Circle. Sean Galen got his revenge on Rick Majors as he prevented Majors from leaving the cage, allowing Chris Logan to win the match and the championship.

The next week on Avulsion Rick Majors made a shocking announcement. He told the world that he had lived all of his dreams in the NLCW and that he was announcing his retirement, effective immediately. The wrestling world was shocked. Majors stated publicly that his decision was based on wanting to spend more time with his wife and to possibly have children in the near future. It is speculated that Majors' injuries over the past few years simply become too much for him to cope with and that retiring from wrestling was the safest option for him.

However Majors' retirement did not come immediately as he originally stated. Later that same night Rick Majors was announced as Fuel's mystery partner in a tag team championship match against Chris Logan and Isaac Reynolds. Fuel and Majors were victorious and Majors became a three-time NLCW Tag Team champion. Following the match Sean Galen and Enigma (who was now a member of the Saints) entered the ring and attacked the new champions. Suddenly Punk and Derrick Lambert ran into the ring and evened up the sides, sending the Saints out of the ring. Majors then announced that the three men in the ring had convinced him to stay on for one last match - an eight man elimination tag match at Extreme Consequencez!

A few weeks later Rick Majors and Fuel offered Punk and his tag team partner Robbie Venom a shot the tag team titles as a show of respect. The Electric Chair Brothers (Punk & Venom) took advantage of the opportunity and they claimed the titles.

Majors' battle against the Saints continued when he challened Isaac Reynolds to a match for the NLCW American Championship. Reynolds was close to breaking Rick Majors' streak as longest championship in NLCW history, having been champion for 41 weeks at the time of the challenge. When the two met in the ring Reynolds had tied the record, having held the American title for 42 weeks, equaling Majors' Cruiserweight Championship reign. Reynolds wanted to wipe Majors from the history books, and Majors did not want Reynolds to be the sole owner of such a prestigious record. The two faced off on May 3, 2008 and Rick Majors was victorious, winning the NLCW American Championship and stopping Reynolds championship streak at 42 weeks. The title reign would be short-lived however as Sean Galen once again emerged as a thorn in Rick Majors' side, defeating him for the championship on Avulsion.

Rick Majors NLCW career came to an end on May 25, 2008 at NLCW Extreme Consequencez. Majors, Punk, Fuel and Lambert battled the Saints (Logan, Galen, Reynolds and Enigma) in an elimination match. The last two men in the match were Rick Majors and Isaac Reynolds. Reynolds finally earned a win over Rick Majors that night, pinning him in the center of the ring and ending Rick Majors' storied career. At the conclusion of the match Rick Majors received a standing ovation from the Melbourne fans, thanking him for his contributions to the NLCW. Isaac Reynolds returned to the ring and shook Majors' hand in a show of respect.

Majors has not been seen on NLCW television since. He remains under contract with the company but is committed to staying retired and growing his family.

In wrestling

  • Finisher
    • The Major Impact (Double underhook, high angle DDT)
  • Set-up Move
    • The Center of Attention (Spinning Heel Kick to the back of the head)
  • Trademark Moves
    • "The Flash of Greatness" (Standing moonsault to fallen opponent)
    • "The Flurry" (Rapid roundhouse kicks in the corner)
    • "Pure Excellence" (Unprettier)
    • "Cornerstone Drop" (Drop toehold where opponent's face hits bottom turn buckle)
  • Nicknames
    • "The Impact"
    • "The Cornerstone of the NLCW"
    • "Unbreakable"
    • "Unbreakable, Unmistakable"
  • Theme Music
    • "Burn" by Three Days Grace (NLCW)
    • "Machinehead" by Bush (MWF)
    • "Judith" by A Perfect Circle (MWF)
    • "Boom!" by P.O.D. (Original NLCW)
    • "Stunt 101" by G-Unit (Center of Attention only)
    • "This Means War (Iron Man Remix)" by Busta Rhymes feat. Ozzy Osbourne (Higher Authority only)
  • Media

Rick Majors' theme music ("Burn" by Three Days Grace) was included on "NLCW: The Music" released in 2004. A two-disc DVD set of his career entitled "Rick Majors: Impact" was released in May 2005. It was re-released as a three-disc set in January 2006 to include his return to the ring and his Slamfest match against Chris Champion, along with several special features and bonus matches. A full-career retrospective collection is scheduled for release in late 2008. The tentative title is "Rick Majors: The Cornerstone of the NLCW."

Championships and Accomplishments

  • NLCW
    • One-time NLCW Undisputed World Champion (First Ever Undisputed Champion)
    • Three-time NLCW Cruiserweight Champion (First Ever and Last Ever Cruiserweight Champion)
    • Co-Longest Reinging Champion in NLCW history (42 Weeks as Cruiserweight Champion)
    • NLCW American Championship (1 Time)
    • Three-Time NLCW Tag Team Champion (2x w/ Derrick Lambert, 1x w/ Fuel)
    • 2007 Road 2 Slamfest Tournament Winner
    • 2007 Plexie Award Winner - Biggest Return/Debut
    • 2004 Plexie Award Winner - Wrestler of the Year
    • 2004 Plexie Award Winner - Tag Team of the Year (The Center of Attention)
    • NLCW Hall of Fame Inductee (Inducted 2004)
    • Founding member of Higher Authority
    • Former NLCW President (for one day, following a Higher Authority victory over a team lead by then-president Jason Stylez)

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