Rick O'Shea (real name unknown) is an American professional wrestler working for the Universal Wrestling Federation as a face, where he is a former two-time Heritage Champion and former Tag Team Champion with Shaker Jones as "The House of Pain".  He is also known for is work with the Impact Wrestling Federation, the World Wrestling eFederation, and the United Federations Alliance.  He is usually known for his work as a face as part of the MRC faction in WWeF/UFA, where he won three tag team championships.  He is a former kickboxer and MMA fighter.  Aside from being trained by his good friend Doug Johnston, O'Shea also learned a few tricks from Matt Hardy and 'The Iceman' Dean James.

Rick O'Shea
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Rick O'Shea]]
Real name Rick O'Shea
Ring Names Rick O'Shea
Rick O. Shea
"Ruthless" Rick O'Shea
"The Spotlight Stealer" Rick O'Shea
Height 6'1"
Weight 250 lbs.
Date of birth August 8, 1977
Place of birth Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Date of death {{{death_date}}}
Place of death {{{death_place}}}
Resides Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Billed from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (IWF/UWF/EWC)
Secaucus, New Jersey (WWeF/UFA)
Trainer Doug Johnston
Matt Hardy
Dean James
Universal Wrestling Federation
Impact Wrestling Federation
World Wrestling eFederation
United Federations Alliance
Extreme Wrestling Corporation
Handled by DW
Win/Loss Record 13-15-1 (UWF, disputed)
1-2-0 (EWC)
Debut July 2007
Retired {{{retired}}}


Rick O'Shea was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvainia on August 8, 1977. Before his first birthday, O'Shea's family moved to Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  He played football at the high school level for Cherry Hill High School West and was a star quarterback and linebacker. O’Shea played college football for the University of Pittsburgh as an inside linebacker. His brothers are featured in the film Little Giants. He was a kickboxer before becoming a professional wrestler. He left pro wrestling abruptly in September 2008 for MMA, but he was injured in his first fight. He has fully recovered and is back in pro wrestling.

Impact Wrestling Federation (2007-2008)

Rick O'Shea joined his first major wrestling company, the Impact Wrestling Federation, in July 2007.  This was towards the end of season two, so O'Shea got very limited exposure as a heel.  Between seasons two and three, O'Shea experimented with turning face and adding "Ruthless" to his name, and the latter of the two was dropped as season three started.  O'Shea got his big break in the IWF  Undisputed Championship tournament, where he made it to the semifinals and solidified his roster spot.  After feuds with Colin White and Safaja, O'Shea got a spot in a feud for the IWF Intercontinental Championship with CMS.  O'Shea went through many challenges to which he had to trust CMS, but the feud ended up in a double turn when O'Shea revealed he had attacked CMS months earlier.  O'Shea ended up losing the title match.  It was around this time that O'Shea started going by "The Spotlight Stealer" and named his finishing move "The Stolen Spotlight."  He was soon entered into a feud with the returning Mike Miller, who made some insulting remarks regarding O'Shea's recent change of heart.  This feud featured O'Shea completely degrading IWF interviewer Carl Long and using his trainer Doug Johnston in interviews at "O'Shea Studios" (which was really Doug's gym).  Eventually, O'Shea left pro wrestling altogether to pursue a career in mixed martial arts.

World Wrestling eFederation (2007-2008)

First Tag Championship Reign

Rick O'Shea entered WWeF on interesting circumstances.  When WWeF started, one of its primary factions was "The Unlikely Trio" of Edge, Matt Hardy, and Christy Hemme.  Edge and Matt Hardy became the first WWeF World Tag Team Champions on the second edition of Evolution.  After a while, Edge had missed numerous shows and was deemed inactive.  Matt Hardy sought Rick O'Shea as his new tag team partner, as IWF was between seasons.  The day O'Shea was signed he was deemed a tag champion.  Soon after, Edge returned and instead of rejoining Hardy and Hemme, he joined with Chris Jericho to form "Rated Y2J".  A four-way match was scheduled for the next Evolution where Matt Hardy defended the tag titles against JD Nitro of the NU Wave, Chris Sabin of the Motor City Machine Guns, and Edge of Rated Y2J.  JD Nitro won the match and the NU Wave were Tag Champions.  Note that this all happened before Rick O'Shea could step foot into a WWeF ring.


After that, it was shown that Rick O'Shea would stick with Matt Hardy and Christy Hemme and form a faction known as MRC (Matt, Rick, Christy).  MRC worked their way up the ranks, battling through teams like the NU Wave (JD Nitro and Dean James), the Evolved Horsemen (Ric Flair, Triple H, CW Anderson, and Dean Malenko), Christian and Chris Jericho, and Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman.  Eventually, MRC would win an 8-team turmoil match and win their second WWeF World Tag Team Championship (Hardy's third).  It was around this time where a relationship was hinted at between Rick and Christy, but nothing seemed to come of that. MRC was on the Evolution side of the WWeF brand war against Shotgun.  This war eventually led to the shows merging to create Underground and the company changing its name to "United Federations Alliance".

United Federations Alliance (2008,2010?)

MRC entered the UFA as the UFA Undisputed Tag Team Champions as they left WWeF as WWeF World Tag Team Champions.  They lost the titles to the Un-Americanz (Dean James and Xavier Reigns).  After this, little was heard from MRC as they quietly left the UFA.  After the UFA closed down in late October, most of the records of the promotions owned by JP Tagliaern were lost.

2010 UFA Reunion

Matt Hardy and Michael Tagliaern have joined forces to run a wrestling event titled "UFA Reunion", where some of UFA's top stars have agreed to compete. Rick O'Shea is rumored to be teaming with regular teammate Matt Hardy against Rated Y2J (Edge and Chris Jericho).

Universal Wrestling Federation (2009-Present)


When Rick O'Shea was looking for a reboot to his professional wrestling career, he found trust in his old friend from WWeF/UFA, 'The Iceman' Dean James.  Dean James signed him a month before O'Shea was medically cleared to compete and placed him directly on the premiere show, Underground, as a heel in James' Termination X faction, which also included Tommy Vice.  Soon after, the faction was broken up as James completed a face turn in his feud with Jason Creed, and Vice also turned face, and O'Shea was put in a feud with Shaker Jones.  The feud started with O'Shea's Underground debut, where he stated that he would be a future UWF World Champion, but lost a singles match to Shaker.  The next week it was Shaker Jones and Mike Lindemann defeating Rick O'Shea and Danny Stone in a tag team match where Stone got disqualified.  At Mid-Year Massacre, Rick O'Shea teamed with Adam Militia to defeat Shaker Jones and Def Sevenfold.  Then, in a rematch of sorts, Jones and Sevenfold teamed with Militia's rival Bailey Almindo to defeat O'Shea, Militia, and Militia's new tag team partner Nick Hunter.  With Jones and Sevenfold entering the tag team division, and Militia and Hunter feuding with Almindo, O'Shea was out of a storyline until he was the guest on an episode of Tommy Vice's talk show "The Vice Versa" featured on Underground.  O'Shea bashed the show and then challenged Vice to a match at SummerBash for his newly-won Heritage Championship to which Vice accepted, and then was slammed through his glass table.  However, O'Shea ended up losing a close match.  The next week, O'Shea was again the guest on "The Vice Versa".  This time Vice had the verbal assault where he trashed O'Shea's failed MMA career.  O'Shea then challenged Vice to an MMA match at No Remorse for the Heritage Championship to which Vice accepted.  O'Shea won, and this marked his first singles title victory (when not counting 24/7 championships).  On the next Underground, he teamed with Sean Mendez to defeat Tommy Vice and Johnny Sanchez.  The next week, he teamed with Adam Militia, Jay West, and The Met Mistro in a loss to Tommy Vice, Cozzy X, Def Sevenfold and Shaker Jones.  At Rock The Vote, Rick O'Shea lost his Heritage Championship to Jason Creed who beat out Tommy Vice and Matt McNerney in the voting.


Rick O'Shea turned face for 2010. On the first Underground of 2010, Rick O'Shea defeated Jason Creed in a Heritage Championship rematch via disqualification (after interference from Age of the Fall), which meant that Creed retained the belt. It was then announced that O'Shea would again fight Creed for the Heritage Championship on the next Underground in a steel cage match, to prevent outside interference. The next week, Age of the Fall did get involved in the cage match, attacking Creed. This plan almost backfired when one of the sides of the cage snapped off with Creed on top of it. However, Creed stayed on the cage and did not technically touch the floor, allowing O'Shea to hit a moonsault and reclaim the Heritage Championship. O'Shea was attacked by Sinn Savage during his celebration. O'Shea successfully defended his Heritage Championship against Sinn Savage at New Year's Retribution, forcing him to submit to the O'Shea Can You See. On the next Underground, Rick O'Shea and Shaker Jones defeated The New Age Saints (Tommy Vice and Matt McNerney) to become UWF Tag Team Champions. After the match, they formed an official tag team called The House of Pain. The next week, O'Shea defeated Johny "The Chosen One" to qualify for the Brawl For It All at Cross Roads. He lost the Heritage Championship at Revenge III to his new tag team partner Shaker Jones in a match that also included Sinn Savage. O'Shea did not win the Brawl For It All match, as he was eliminated by a fellow WWeF/UFA alumnus Johnny O Bom, who was not a participant in the match, nor an active member of the roster at the time. The two fought all around the arena for the duration of the match. Due to his rivalry with O Bom, O'Shea has brought back his "Spotlight Stealer" gimmick from IWF to compete with O Bom's "best friend" gimmick. On the May 24 edition of Underground, O'Shea had to team with both Shaker Jones and Johnny O Bom in a bizarre victory against Jonny Venom, The Bearded Avenger, and Sinn Savage. At The Ultimate Showdown, The House of Pain defeated The Greatest Tag Team Alive (Johnny O Bom and Jonny Venom) to retain their UWF Tag Team Championships. On the next Underground, The House of Pain teamed with Velvet Love in a win against O Bom, Venom, and Princess Jasmine. On the July 12 edition of Underground, Rick O'Shea was defeated by UWF No Limits Champion Kashed Up. The next week, The House of Pain was on commentary for a match tag team match between TGTTA and Kaze Urusai and Mr. Gates where they interfered and the match was thrown out. During the fight between the three teams, Shaker Jones showed signs of a heel turn as he hit Rick O'Shea with a Shakermaker. At Seven Deadly Sins, Jonny Venom won a Hangman's Asylum Match for the Heritage Championship over Jones, O Bom, and O'Shea.

At Rock The Vote, O'Shea was voted into a tournament to determine a new number one contender for the UWF World Championship. His first round opponent will be his regular tag team partner, Shaker Jones.

On the September 13 edition of Underground, The House of Pain faced their new number one contenders, The Rock And Cock Revolution (Johnny Vodka and Stan Stardust). The match went to a no-contest when The Swarm (four masked men) attacked all four participants. At Clash Of The Titans, O'Shea, Jones, Vodka, and Stardust defeated The Swarm in an elimination tag match when O'Shea had the O'Shea Can You See locked in on one of the masked men and the rest attacked him, disqualifying the whole team. Also at Clash Of The Titans, O'Shea lost a quarter-final match for the Heritage Championship in the annual Kings of Wrestling Tournament to Jonny Venom. On the October 4 Underground, Vodka and Stardust defeated O'Shea and Jones in a rematch to win the UWF Tag Team Championships. On the next edition of Underground, O'Shea was defeated by UWF Chairman Dean James. There was a rematch set for SummerBash, but it was cancelled due to "contractual obligations". Instead, O'Shea has issued an open challenge, which was accepted by Johnny O Bom. In a match 6 months in the making, O'Shea won by submission. Next week on Underground, O'Shea is in a number one contender's match for the UWF World Championship against Desmond Helms, Johnny O Bom, and a mystery opponent.

Extreme Wrestling Corporation (2009)

Rick O'Shea entered the EWC King of the Cage tournament as a representative of the UWF.  He won his first round match against the EWC's John Green.  He then lost to Jordan Post of XPW and PWO in the Sweet Sixteen (round 2).  He then took place in a five-man fifth place battle royal at the final King of the Cage event, where he was eliminated second.

MMA career

To be added later ...


  • Rick O'Shea was the only man in WWeF history to win and lose a title without ever competing in that period of time.
  • While O'Shea was notified over a month in advance of his push for the IWF Intercontinental Championship, he was only notified the day of his heel turn in the storyline.
  • The gimmick of "The Spotlight Stealer" was based on Mike Miller's interview with Carl Long where he trashed O'Shea's change of heart.  He claimed that O'Shea was attempting to "steal the spotlight" and O'Shea decided to turn the comment into a gimmick.
  • Rick O'Shea was a part of MRC throughout his WWeF/UFA career.  While Matt Hardy had a run with the WWeF Intercontinental Championship, O'Shea was seemingly thrust aside and never given a major push.
  • Despite their past on-screen rivalries, Rick O'Shea maintains off-screen friendships with 'The Iceman' Dean James and JD Nitro, former members of the NU Wave.  Both men pointed O'Shea in the direction of the UWF when he sought their advice after making the decision to return to pro wrestling, as both have management positions in the company.
  • Although they are currently bitter UWF rivals, Rick O'Shea and Johnny O Bom never feuded in WWeF or UFA.
  • While now being a long standing and well-respected member of the UWF, Rick O'Shea's matches tend to be unwritten.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
  • Olympic Slam / The Stolen Spotlight (IWF)
  • O'Shea Can You See (Crossface)
  • Signature Moves
  • Running Big Boot
  • Pittsburgh Crab (Boston Crab)
  • Belly-to-Belly Suplex
  • Full Nelson Slam
  • DDT
  • Roundhouse Kick
  • Double Powerbomb
  • Ten Punch (in corner)
  • Air O'Shea (Centon Bomb)
  • Diving Cross Body (while opponent is standing)
  • Running STO
  • Bow-and-Arrow Submission
  • Russian Leg Sweep
  • Managers
  • Wrestlers Managed
    • Matt Hardy
    • Christy Hemme
    • Tommy Vice
  • With Matt Hardy and Christy Hemme
    • Finishing moves
      • Twist of Fate by Hardy or Hemme followed by an Air O'Shea by O'Shea
      • Olympic Slam by O'Shea followed by a leg drop by Hardy
  • With Shaker Jones
    • Finishing moves
      • Pain City - (Jones picks the opponent up for a Powerbomb, and O'Shea hits the opponent with a Missile Dropkick)
      • Shakermaker by Jones followed by an Air O'Shea by O'Shea
  • Catchphrases
  • I was born ready!
  • Your spotlight is about to get stolen! (as "The Spotlight Stealer" Rick O'Shea)
  • BOOM SHA LOCK LOCK BOOM! (as part of The House of Pain)
  • Nicknames
  • "Ruthless" Rick O'Shea (IWF)
  • "The Spotlight Stealer" Rick O'Shea (IWF/UWF)
  • Entrance Music
  • "I'm Comin'" - Silkk The Shocker (IWF/WWeF/UFA/UWF)
  • "Live for the Moment" - Monster Magnet (as part of MRC in WWeF/UFA)
  • "Fuel" - Metallica (current)
  • "Shamrocks and Shenanigans" - House of Pain (Butch Vig Mix) (as part of The House of Pain)

Championships and Accomplishments

  • Universal Wrestling Federation
  • UWF Heritage Championship x2
  • UWF Tag Team Champion (with Shaker Jones)
  • UWF 24/7 X-Treme Championship x2
  • World Wrestling eFederation/United Federations Alliance
  • WWeF World Tag Team Champion x2 (with Matt Hardy)
  • UFA Undisputed Tag Team Champion (with Matt Hardy)

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