Ricky Crush
[[Image:|px|Image of Ricky Crush]]
Real name
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Height 6'1
Weight 275 lbs.
Date of birth September 5, 1978
Place of birth Phoenix, Arizona
Date of death
Place of death
Resides South Bend, Indiana
Billed from Phoenix, Arizona
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Debut Febuary 28, 2006- October 28, 2006
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Ricky Crush, born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1978, was an American professional wrestler who worked for the WrestleView Wrestling Federation and Yggdrasil Pro Wrestling.


Ricky Crush was an only child growing up in Phoenix Arizona. He wrestled four years in the heavyweight division in his high school. He placed fifth in state competition as a freshman. In his sophomore year near the end of the season he broke his right foot forcing him to spend the remaining three weeks of the season watching on the sidelines. In his junior year he placed third in the state competition and went the whole year without getting pinned. In his senior year he was disqualified in the state competition for punching out a referee in the semifinals. Crush was a lock for the finals that year. Crush then was unable to get a college scholorship due to his never to be able to wrestle in amateur wrestling again. When high school ended Crush was forced to forget about college so he worked as a carpenter building houses. When he was 22 he went to England to wrestle, but found himself out of shape and lost many of his skills. He began weight lifting again while living in a cheap rundown apartment in England. When he turned 25 he moved back to the United States and got a carpenter job in Indiana. While on a construction job a booker from ROH (Ring of Honor) noticed his muscular frame and offered him a contract. Although he never wrestled for ROH he did make appearances as a bodyguard for CM Punk. A year later he quit ROH to try to make it to WWE. Crush didn't make the cut in the tryouts. Crush continued to work as a carpenter until he was contacted by WVF by owner Brian Farmer in January. When he signed his contract the company shutdown five days later. A month later the WVWF was formed and Crush was one of the first wrestlers to get a contract.


Ricky Crush made his WVWF debut in February. He was a participant in the WVWF World Championship battle royal. Crush lost despite two eliminations. He picked up his first victory on the April 4th Fury show. It was a fatal four way number 1 contenders match for the North American Championship. Crush hit his signature move "The Rush" to pin Tiago Lopes. At Vendetta Crush was involved in the Mayhem Ladder Match. Crush had the fans favorite moment of the night when he hit The Rush off the ladder on Kendrick Bond who was hanging from the briefcase. He went on to loose his title match to Halloween Halpin. Crush missed the Rush and fell victim to the Pumpkin Smasher. After the match Crush attacked Halloween Halpin which lead to Shane Franklin firing Crush.

Crush made his return on July 25 in the Fifteen Man Elimination Match for the number one contendership for the WVWF World Title. Crush eliminated two men, but was eliminated when he was doubled teamed by Shawn Tyler and Klinton Imai. On the August 8th Fury Crush defeated Ty Johnson with "The Rush" in just minutes. On the August 16th Fury Crush defeated Bishop after hitting "The Rush" followed by the Cradle Shock. On the Fury leading up to Adrenaline Rush Ricky was in the main event teaming up with Jackhammer to face JW MCcammon and TCS. Crush pinned the WVWF World Champion after MCcammon was chokeslamed by Jackhammer. Crush fell short in the Fatal Four-way match at Adrenaline Rush after being thrown threw a table Crush was left knocked out as Klinton Imai pinned Halloween Halpin. At WVWF Saturday Night Prime Time Special Ricky Crush defeated Shawn Tyler after hitting the Rush for the pinfall. After a week of absence Crush faced Dark Prophet in a match where he was defeated with by his own finisher the Cradle Shock. The following week on Fury Crush was involved in a triple threat T.V. Championship Match. The match included Ricky Crush, Colton Barnett, and Smack D. The match ending when the champion Colton Barnett pinned Smack D.


On August 7, 2006 Ricky Crush signed a contract with YPW(Yggdrasil Pro Wrestling). On August 10, Crush made his YPW debut at Warzone where he defeated the Darkest Angel in under one minute after hitting the Cradle Shock. Crush made his next appearance in YPW at Clash. Crush lost to Houston Summers after receiving an F-5. Ricky Crush teamed up with Kid Hollywood at the next Warzone to face the Untouchables. Crush was victorious after hiting the Cradle Shock for the pinfall. Ricky defeated the Darkest Angel in their rematch on YPW's last night before becoming apart of WVWF.

On the first edition of WVWF:YPW Ricky competed in a number one contendership match for the pure title. He was defeated by Kid Hollywood after being counted out. On the first YPW Pay Per View Kingdom Come Crush was defeated in a Street Fight by David Alastair. WVWF announces the cancelation of YPW.

Crush's last appearance

He was Scheduled for a match with Skyler Striker, but was assaulted backstage by Titan.


  • Finishing and signature moves
  • The Rush (Spear or Gore)
  • Crush bomb (sets opponent on turnbuckle, then lifts them of his shoulder turns around and hit’s a power bomb)
  • RC Slam (Rock Bottom or Bookend)
  • Crush Factor (Samoan Drop)
  • Cradle Shock (Also used by Chris Sabin in TNA)

  • Regular moves
  • German Suplex
  • Spinebuster
  • Belly to Belly Suplex
  • Suplex
  • Swinging Neckbreaker
  • Powerslam
  • Shoulder thrusts (opponent is leaning against turn buckles)
  • Sleeper
  • Big back body drop
  • Abdominal Stretch
  • Clothesline
  • Punches
  • uppercuts
  • stomps
  • Back suplex
  • figure four leg lock (rare)
  • armdrag/armbar combo
  • Diving Spear(Spear off tope rope)(rare)

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