Richard Leoness (born September 10nth 1988) is an American profesional wrestler commonly known by his ring name Ricky Lightning.


Ricky was born to middle class parents in Tampa, Florida, at the age of 17 he discovered profesional wrestling on the Internet and instantly became hooked, his parenta diaaproved of his new found interest as they consider wrestling a waste of time and money, regardless Ricky watched wrestling videos on the internet and as soon as he was old enough to leave home his parents brought a spacious apartment for him, with his parents out of the way he got in contact with a local training school and signed up.


Ricky trained for two years before graduating, however in his first match at a local independent show against a fellow trainee the other trainee botched a Superplax due to awquad positioning, Rivky's leg was broken and the trainee quit wrestling soon afterwoulds. his parents found out and disowned him after Ricky told his dad to fuck off when he was told to leave the wrestling business.

He has since recovered and still travels the independent circit today.

Wrestling Info

  • Nickname: "The Brand New Storm".
  • Themtune: Ride The Lightning by Metallica
  • Height: 6ft1
  • Weight: 210ibs.
  • Finisher: "Lightning Strikes": Shooting Star Press.
  • Trademark move: "Lightling Strikes Twice": Anaconda Vice.


  • Is a self-taught computer expert, often fixing computers that belong to other wrestlers.
  • Is a loner.
  • Is an aggressive animal rights activist.

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