Ricky Neilson
Real name Ricky Jullian
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Height 6'2
Weight 198 pounds
Date of birth August 16th, 1988
Place of birth Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Resides Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Billed from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Trainer Pascale Jullian Jr. (Patrick Neilson)
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Debut November 9th, 2007(EWI)
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Ricky Kenneth Jullian, is a 19 year old Canadian wrestler. Jullian just started wrestling at the age of 18. Ricky decided to change his name to something different Although Neilson is only 19, he has been a great asset to his current federation, EWI (Extreme Wrestling Impact). At the moment, Neilson is working out a contract with ECCO (Extreme Combat Championship Wrestling).


Ricky Neilson, (Ricky Jullian) was born August 16, 1988 in the downtown area of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Ricky's parents (Liam & Dorothy Jullian)were currently enduring a great deal of wealth upon them, after Liam Jullian invested a good amount of money into a company named Enron. Ricky grew up with his parents giving him everything he desired. Not only did Ricky Jullian have wealth, but he also had a decent amount of intelligence. Ricky seemed to be doing well in life, until, Liam Jullian, decided to risk a lot by re-investing half of the family's money back into Enron in 1999. Unfortanatley, by December, 2001, Enron declared bankruptcy. The Jullians, now had about the average income of a regular 3 member family. Ricky had trouble coping being a 13 year old, with a great deal of change. He began to act out in school, and even went to the extent of breaking one boy's forearm, and bruising 2 ribs. Ricky's parents resorted to contact sports, to blow some steam. But everything went too far, until the Jullians put Ricky into wrestling. It seemed to help Ricky, and he was very good at it as well. Liam and Dorothy Jullian, finally decided to have a personal trainer work with Ricky. Liam Jullian, called up his brother, Pascale Jullian,(former small-time, indy wrestler) for some possible training classes. Pascale agreed. Ricky trained with his uncle for 5 years, until Ricky turned 18. Ricky had entered some competitions, during the years of his training, but didn't do great performing. But finally at the age of 18, Ricky Jullian, entered the Saskatchewan Regional Tournament of Wrestling (SRTW). Ricky did outstanding and was rewarded 3rd in the province of Saskatchewan in his age group. Even better for Ricky Jullian, Pro-Wrestling scout, Tyrone Hill, saw Ricky's performance and brought him into more extensive training in a development camp runned by Tyrone Hill himself. Just a few months into devolpement, Ricky was found by EWI scouting team. Soon enough, a contract was signed and Ricky had entered the Professional Wrestling business, under the name Ricky Neilson.

Extreme Wrestling Impact (EWI): 2007 - Now

After being signed by Extreme Wrestling Impact only at the age of 18, Ricky began to work in EWI's own developement camp, before he got into the ring with the big shots of EWI. Ricky Neilson, stayed in the developement territory for a few more months, before he was called up to participate at Ultimate Uprising, the November PPV for EWI. Ricky later found out that his debut match at the PPV, he would be in one-on-one action with long time EWI star, Seraphim. It was later brought to Ricky's attention that it would be for the vacant FTW Title. Ricky Neilson on November 9, debuted in front of millions of people watching at home, and the live crowd. Amazingly, Ricky Neilson pulled off a big win over Seraphim to win EWI's FTW Title, in his debut match. But soon, the fans found out about Ricky's personality. Ricky was an arrogant little punk to most people. People wanted to see Ricky Neilson, lose the title ASAP. When Winter Blitz came around (December PPV), Ricky Neilson was scheduled to face Lucifear (former FTW champion) for the title in a Ladder match. Ricky ended up losing and giving up his title that night, but was helped out by a mysterious masked man. The next week, Ricky Neilson revealed to the world, that the masked man was Robert Chapman (who had turned heel just before). The two united themselves as "Dirty Deeds". The two men got their first chance at Catalyst (January PPV) when they were scheduled to face-off against Jaken Daust & a mystery partner for the vacant tag team titles. When the night came, the mystery partner was former EWI World Champion, Lx-Tim! Lx-Tim & Daust beat Dirty Deeds for the titles in a very close match. In the next few weeks, Dirty Deeds continued their slump, even being beaten by Jaken Daust in a Handicap match. It is scheduled that Ricky Neilson will have his next match against Montel Jones, February 1st in a tables match.


  • Dropkick
  • Bulldog
  • DDT Into Springboard
  • Arm Wrench
  • Arm Drag into Armbar
  • Hurracarana Pin
  • Powerbomb to Facecrusher
  • European Uppercut
  • Over Castle
  • Enzigiri
  • Mongolian Chop
  • Full Nelson

Finishing Moves

  • Rick-O-Shai (Buzzsaw Kick)
  • N.S.S. (Neilson's Spectacular Splash/Superstar Splash Pin)

Signature Moves

  • Flyin' Wizard (Shining Wizard off turnbuckle, or top rope)
  • Saskatchewan Pride (Warrior's Way)

Nick Names

  • "The Brash Superstar" (EWI & ECCO)
  • "The Dirty Deed" (EWI)
  • "Saskatchewan Specialist" (EWI & ECCO)

Entrance Music (First to Now)

  • "Bleed It Out" by Linkin Park (EWI) Nov. 9th - Feb. 5th
  • "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" by AC~DC (EWI /w Robert Chapman) Dec. 21st - Now
  • "Stricken" by Disturbed (EWI & ECCO) Feb. 6th - Now

Titles Held

  • FTW Championship (x1) (EWI) November 9 - December 7


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