Ricky Rourke
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Billing information
Ring name(s) Alex Craven
Ricky Rourke
@ L X
The Radical
Height 5'10" (1.78 m)
Weight 215lbs. (98 kg)
Born July 26th, 1985
Hometown Detroit, Michigan
Theme music 'Blow Me Away' - Breaking Benjamin
Affiliation(s) N/A
Federation(s) NIWA
Previous federation(s) Championship Wrestling Alliance
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Wrestling style Technical
Signature Move(s) Reverse Swing Neckbreaker
Frog Splash
Finishing Move(s) Spinning Reverse STO
Corkscrew Shooting Star Stomp
Trainer Scott D'amore, Joe E. Legend, Alex Shelley
Handler N/A
Professional career
Debut March 16th, 2003
Record N/A
Accomplishments NIWA World Championship
• NIWA Continental Champion
•Two-time NIWA Superstar of the Month
Retired N/A

Rick Julien Alexander II (born on July 26, 1985) is an American professional wrestler currently wrestling for New International Wrestling Alliance and is a one-time NIWA World Heavyweight Champion.

He previously gained fame on the independent circuit, working most notably for Ring of Honor, as well as in Japan, for New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he once held the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship with Izzy Insane, whom he currently teams with in NIWA as the Murder City SeX Pist0Ls.

He is better known as "The Radical" Ricky Rourke.


Early life

Rick Alexander II was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He is the son of Julia Alexander, a famous actress, and Joseph Alexander, a Rock Musician. His uncle, Rick Julien Alexander I, was born seven years before him, when Joseph was twenty-five-years-old. Having a younger brother and a child later on, it left Joseph with the responsibility of raising these two. However, with such a busy job of traveling, Joseph was never around. Julia would not only raise her son, but would also raise her brother-in-law, as well, due to the fact the Alexanders' parents were deceased. The two got along real well and would often rely on each other, almost as if brothers. When Ricky turned two, a tragedy would happen in the Alexander household. Julia was raped and beaten to death by a mugger. During this hard time, Joseph could not handle raising his younger brother and his son, so he handed guardian rights over to his younger brother Christopher Alexander. Joseph had taken Ricky and had moved into the suburbs of Detroit, where he would raise the child alone.

Throughout Ricky's childhood, he would watch Professional Wrestling, namely WCW and WWF even though his father forbid it, and wanted his child to study more. Ricky would go against his father's wishes by buying a trampoline in which he would use to wrestle with life-time friend, Josh Carter, better known by his ring name, Izzy Insane. They would often wrestle in Izzy's backyard to avoid getting caught by Joseph. When Ricky turned eighteen, he decided he knew what he wanted to do. Wanting to pursue a career in Professional Wrestling, he would first adapt to the small-time ranks in the late EPW (Empire Pro Wrestling). Ironically, Ricky's uncle also had an interest in Professional Wrestling at the same age. His Uncle had legally changed his name to CraVen Alexander, to fit the gimmick he pursued. Ricky did not last long at EPW and would move on with Josh to pursue a Tag Team career after both were influenced by The Midnight Rockers and later on, The Murder City Machine Guns. Ricky and Josh both joined the BCW Can-Am Wrestling School and began training under Scott D'Amore and Joe E. Legend.

Wrestling career

Championship Wrestling Alliance

Rick Alexander II started in the ranks of a small-time promotion called YPW Yahoo Pro Wrestling and trained amongst others such as his own cousin Alexis Morningstar. The two had an illustrious career in YPW as both would capture singles gold but never tag team gold. At the time the two cousins were bitter for each other's own jealousy and envy for one another. Never speaking, never caught dead near each other, the two would just part ways for what seemed like forever. As the promotion folded up and shut down right before the two, they would stare in sadness to what they thought the end of their careers.

Some common ground was met that very day which seemed to bring their bond together and thus, their fathers happy that the cousins have let their rivalry cease. Soon after, the two would hang out and catch up on lost time before long hearing the news of one Federation with one hell of an offer to each individual. Championship Wrestling Alliance, or CWA for short, had offer a one-year contract to Ricky, whom gradually accepted whilst resting up in his home in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.

At the time, Ricky wasn't aware that his cousin, Alexis Morningstar had received the same offer. Whatever source that leaked their talent to the CWA must have been in the family. Excited, however, Ricky called up his cousin to give bare the good news of the singles talent that sought for success, until he heard his cousin, too, would be going for the same prize. Secretively angered by the news that this was a set-up from their fathers, Ricky decided he needed a job so he accepted. His anger didn't last long, as he showed up to a CWA LIVE Broadcasting and rocked the show by attacking the members of The Syndicate with a Steel Chair.

Showing Ricky's first appearance as a patented heel, he would don the ring name "The Radical" Ricky Rourke, for the very first time. Alexis Morningstar was alongside Rourke through his heel stage as the two reached the top of the TVX-Division as a Tag Team, up until Alexis was offered a chance to be in The Syndicate, a very illustrious heel faction, that is. Offering his services for power, Alexis would accept as Rourke would decline and confront his cousin in attempt to talk him out of it. Soon enough, this ended up being the biggest controversial feud in CWA to date as blood v.s. blood would boil over with Rourke walking out of CWA nearly six months into his one-year contract, whilst Alexis decided to continue his career without the "Radical One" by his side.

Ring of Honor

Without his cousin, Rourke would pursue his very own career of success entering not only Ring of Honor, but Dragon-Gate, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and some other highly named independent promotions of the east. While in ROH, Rourke would carry a large feud with Generation Next's very own Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Matt Sydal, and Jack Evans as a student of Alex Shelley and the Embassy. Though it wouldn't last long, his fame whilst rolling with The Embassy would make it known that this kid was "Talent on Loan from God" as Shelley had said in a brief interview. Soon after Rourke didn't see much in ROH, besides a couple side feuds with Bryan Danielson, Low Ki, for some time and the Briscoe Brothers whilst tagging with Izzy Insane, whom was currently on tour with Japan at the time, so couldn't make much air-time appearances with ROH and Rourke, and soon left for Zero-1 MAX. Following Izzy to the "Land of the Rising Sun", Rourke would take fame in the independent circuit of the Eastern Hemisphere. Ironically, the ring name he went by was "Rising Son". He wrestled many competitors whilst in Japan with Izzy, not to mention making history with Colt Cabana and Masato Tanaka, in Single's Feuds.

Dragon Gate

Though, Zero-1 MAX offered Rourke ability to compete with them for a couple months, he left early to the advice of the one Colt Cabana backstage. Colt told Rourke he had "spunk" and should give Dragon Gate a try. This advice was too much to pass up so Rourke decided to visit DG HQ and he made a deal to make some appearances and fight some of Japan's headliners at the time, such as CIMA, Dragon Kid, and Magnum TOKYO. Though, his style fluxiated at times with theirs, he felt as if he couldn't keep up with the Tour Dates. Rourke would talk to the head of Dragon Gate about his prior engagement, and devotion, to NJPW, which at the time was not Rourke's actual intention of going through with until Dragon Gate had agreed to let Rourke go, though saddened by his departure, they would help him find New Japan Pro Wrestling. It is possible to say that Rourke probably wouldn't have much style, nor would be who he was, if it weren't for his name drop as a lie to get out of Dragon Gate's busy schedule. At first, it was rough going through NJPW's training course, and just overall, hasseling trainers who were fluent only in Japan and knew little English. But Rourke had to go through with it now, and that he did
Radical Rourke Shaved Head

Rourke after he shaved his head.


His contract was open so he could go to other promotions if he wished, but Rourke mainly spent an entire year crusading with NJPW's very own Jushin Liger. Rourke was very honored to have fought Jushin and others like Black Tiger, Tiger Mask, Koji Kanemoto, and at the time World Champion, Tadao Yasuda. Rourke stuck with NJPW for awhile as he was "able to death defy, run past by, and overall Muai Thai his way through NJPW," as was his NJPW catch phrase translated to English. It is true, working with NJPW, and being in Japan for more than two years, Rourke had taken up the Japanese language and was able to speak fluent in it. Whilst in NJPW, Rourke would even face the monster Kenzo Suzuki, able to hold his own and prove worthy of the David vs. Goliath feud, as he defeated the man several times, back and forth, with luck from his Corkscrew Shooting Star Press which he came up with during a botched Corkscrew Moonsault at a taped show one time. However, Kenzo proved dominance when he attempted a Hagakure on Rourke which was legit. What had happened was as he used a flying knee attempt, he ended up going down forwards with Rourke falling backwards, thus having Kenzo land with his knee right into Rourke's eye socket. Rourke took time after that to get a surgery in which kept him out of wrestling for awhile.

Pro Wrestling NOAH

No longer in the huge Japan wrestling industry, Rourke pursued small-time Japan Promotions before making his way back up to the top with the new name "Ricky Rourke-San" deciding to roll with it at the time. He ended up doing a show for Mitsuharu Misawa's NOAH promotion as a new comer who would face Kenta Kobayashi, who later changed his name to KENTA [as not to be confused with Kenta Kobashi] following this path for months on end. Rourke made himself known as a seller and put on a great show even though he lost to KENTA for months. KENTA was pleased with Rourke's understanding to put on a great show even if it meant losing so he decided that Rourke and KENTA would put on a final show before leaving to Ring of Honor, as no one had suspected.

Rourke pulled out all his tricks he had learned whilst rolling with Japan. KENTA, at one point, had picked Rourke up for a Go 2 Sleep but as he threw Rourke Down and sent up a knee, Rourke used it to his advantage and sprung off it's elevation to hit a backward knee lariat variation of the Pele Kick. The crowd was immediately impressed with Rourke who won the match after using an inversed version of the Go 2 Sleep, nailing KENTA in the back of the head with a massive knee, that he overselled into a moonsault to the mat. With Rourke's variation of that one move, KENTA was pleased to have taken the fall and told Rourke how impressive it was to modify his own move to pull out against him. However, Rourke just smiled and told KENTA "he could not have done it without the amazing "GO 2 SLEEP." As KENTA left, and decided he would also try out the Inversed version whilst in ROH, NOAH seemed to lose prestige even with Rourke, whom had just beaten a soon-to-be legend.

Total Non-Stop Action

Rourke had, too, left as after his amazing bout with KENTA, NOAH just didn't seem to offer him anything more than just that. Rourke had went back to ROH a couple months after KENTA arrived and fought Samoa Joe and CM Punk, before his departure. Soon, Rourke would fade off of camera again. The problem with Rourke would be his inability to "blade", due to how unnatural it was, and what it could do to his body over time, had he done it. He also refused countless times to take steroids, as he was often judged "not-worthy" of big-time fame because of his small stature. Because of this, CM Punk would befriend Rourke out of respect for their common passion to wrestle without any enhancement to their bodies. Before Punk's departure Rourke gave Punk the greatest farewell and wished him the best of luck to him and watched him move up in the ranks. Punk had passed down his "X" marked wrist tape as a gift, to remind Rourke to wrestle with the same passion and to never give in to that kind of pressure from bigger companies wanting "bigger" stars. Rourke, like Paul London and CM Punk, moved up after Ring of Honor and experimented with several small independent federations, along with the newly famed Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling whilst it was still under the "wrestling radar", and would go on to succeed as a Tag Team Champion and an X-Division Champion. After a severe botched 450 Splash, which would have shattered his knee; if he hadn't made a sudden pull in the landing. Rourke took it easy for a while resting at his home in Detroit, and caught up on WWE and TNA, which were the only two Wrestling Promotions provided in the USA for him.

Wrestling Hiatus

While on a wrestling hiatus, Ricky Rourke managed to keep up with his old Japan Promotions by searching the net and, from time to time, watched ROH, Dragon Gate, and of course NJPW and NOAH whenever he could. Though, after looking back on his travels from Japan to the States, he just couldn't bare to watch anymore. He felt sick to be away from Wrestling, and didn't think he would find anything that followed his style until he stumbled upon what seemed to be his calling card. New International Wrestling Alliance would be in Michigan hosting a show at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. Rourke would check out the talent, being in the crowd in the middle section, and was hooked by the opportunity that had fallen in his hometown. After countless times, and trial-and-error, he found NIWA's website and looked for a contact number. Finding just that, he called up NIWA Headquarters and spoke with Edmund Kaiser, who had agreed to let Rourke try out in a show, being impressed by his stories of the indies. Of course, whilst going under NIWA's agreement, he would drop the "-San" in "Ricky Rourke" and wrestled under his American name yet again.

New International Wrestling Alliance

Training for months in NIWA's Rookie set-up, Rourke had caught on quickly as well as facing some Veterans. Being a face, he was admired for his skill and was easy to work with. Backstage, he was liked amongst the rookie division and some of the veterans from Breakdown. Soon after, he was offered a chance to compete for a Breakdown Contract against fellow rookie 360 K!dd. Revealing a new
Radical Rourke 07

"Radical Rourke" in 2007

attire at No Remorse, Rourke would walk in with one thing on his mind; to win. And that is what he did when he pulled one over on 360 K!d and rolled him up for a three count. The fans were surprised to see this. The man would just shrug it off as he would begin a winning streak for a couple weeks straight with his new attitude and the disappointment from the fans at his cheap tactics. Soon enough, the man found himself struggling again even though he seemed to be doing a great job. He would take a drastic change and become "dark" as his apparel had shown. Not only that, his attitude changed yet again and he showed more brutality and no remorse to anyone who came his way.

He had recently stepped into the ring again with 360 K!dd at Instant Access only to end the match in a Double Disqualification for causing havoc with 360. He turned the rules of the match upside down when he started to brawl in a Mixed Martial Arts frenzy; known to do such a thing when tempered. Now, he looks to seek revenge on one other who caused him discomfort in the last several weeks. His road has been pre-determined by his uncle, and mentor, Craven Lucifer, also known as Rick Julien Alexander I, and his fate leads him down the bad path of destruction. However, with a sudden twist of fate Rourke somewhat sees the light through Primus' eyes as his mentor helps straighten him out and help him see that attacking those who do not deserve it is not the way to go. Now, Rourke strives with his new and improved style of Radical, to become Cruiserweight Champion with many obstacles set ahead of him. With news of his cousin, Alexis Morningstar, joining NIWA, some will wonder what Rourke's thoughts are on the subject. So far, none have received the answer... After his roll with the S.e.X. Attire in hopes for Alexis to soon join him Ricky Rourke left NIWA to pursue his career in Online Championship Wrestling.

The Return

With OCW being apart of kayfabe and just a storyline, it would hype up a huge return for Ricky Rourke. Nearly a month after his hiatus, Rourke would make a surprise entrance to aid "The One Man
Continental Champion

The Continental Champion, Ricky Rourke in 2007

Revolution" Primus in his handicapped match after Patriot Games. With Rourke back on the roster, he would even up the odds for The CoAlition, as a true friend would.

In his second week since his return, Rourke was able to not only get a win over former Continental Champion and fellow Canadian wrestler, Steve Lindburgh to be crowned Continental Champion for the very first time, in his almost one-year career. However, Vincent Kennedy and Absolution made sure Rourke only saw the belt for so long before Kennedy snatched it after a quick beat-down on both superstars. Rourke had shown no sign of anger in him when reached for an interview right before Breakdown ended. Following Breakdown, Rite of Passage would be Rourke's upset when he not only managed to work around Kennedy taking his belt, but he also embarrassed him with a montage summing up his career as a joke, and covering him in feces. With Rourke and his new title belt he knows this isn't the end of him and Kennedy.
With months raging war against Kennedy, Rourke finally lost his Continental Title Belt at Instant Access. After having to win against Kennedy prior, and getting his belt and Vincent Kennedy's, unifying them, and being the only Continental Champion. The thing was, Rourke never actually lost. It was Manny Gordo whom was pinned for Rourke to lose his belt. With a rematch clause in hand, Rourke held his future long enough to cash it in to eventually win the Continental Title back for a second reign. At the time, he ended up fighting Absolution's very own, Logan Spades. Little did he know, it would start up arguably one of the longest, still ongoing feuds in NIWA History today.

"The Radical" vs. "The Ace of Spades"

Logan Spades and Ricky Rourke have brought a new age Japan-like style to Breakdown that helps pursue the Japanese Wrestling Tradition that fellow NIWA independent workers Nori Kyuusai, Jushin Sazuki, and Tiger Mask V all have. With a stunning match, the two nearly made it to Match of the Year Candidate. And he did just that at Grand Slam Celebration III, one of the biggest Pay-Per-Views of the year. Following the New Year, Rourke walked out as Continental Champion again, only to lose it minutes later to Hollywood. Now on a conquest, he was given another chance to
The Return

Rourke walking down the Entrance Ramp.

bout with Logan Spades, but this time for a #1 Contendership for the belt. With Rourke vs. Spades II, the crowd looks for another show from the two, expecting the legacy of Japanese Wrestling to shine in a Joe vs. KENTA trilogy only with NIWA's "The Radical" Ricky Rourke and the "Ace of Spades" Logan Spades.

After Rourke vs. Spades II, Ricky Rourke found himself pursuing Hollywood in an act to take back the very title he lossed to Hollywood. However, in this twist of fate, Rourke had taken a serious fall in a Steel Cage Match. Not only was his neck injured throughout the match, but Hollywood even dropped from the top of the cage and landed on his neck to add insult to injury. This supposedly put Rourke out of action for at least four months. Believed to be kayfabe for a Heel turn, the following Pay-Per-Views without him would have ominous videos reoccur as "Hype" for something big. The messages were unclear and had a dark theme, as if to hype up a dark gimmick. People were confused up until the July 1st, 2008 edition of Flashbang when Logan Spades versed Manny Gordo in a Continental Title Match.

As this match continued, another ominous video played, after the assault from C4 on Manny Gordo and Logan Spades. Leaving people to suspect Steve Lindburgh would be the one to capture the gold after Chairman Cameron Reno had enforced a new stipulation; that being a Triple Threat Match. That video had played and "The Radical" Ricky Rourke appeared, instead. He ran down the ring in what seemed like a last second effort to save his friend, Logan Spades from Lindburgh. As Lindburgh left the ring, Rourke would taunt him and cuss at him. His neck seeming fine and in almost full recovery. It was assured Rourke looked as if he could wrestle again, as a matter of fact being in his wrestling attire that night. When Spades got up, Rourke just turned around and lifted his own friend up onto his shoulders before delivering the GTS. That surprise heel turn shocked the world, just as Rourke pinned Logan Spades to become the first ever three-time Continental Champion.

Blood vs. Blood

With Rourke's Heel turn came the turn of his career. With the cocky boastful antics, "The Radical One" had set his own trap, after disgracing the very name of his uncle, CraVen Alexander. Never expecting CraVen to wrestle again, Rourke continued his antics until the mind games were set once more, and this time not by Ricky Rourke. He would be taken by surprise by CraVen at Rite of Passage, after walking out on Bryan Kith and taking a Ten Count DQ to retain his title belt. He thought he would get off easy by walking out, only to find himself getting attacked from behind. With CraVen assaulting Rourke, he would kidnap his own nephew and hold him hostage until the following Breakdown, when a rather "bloody" Ricky Rourke would be introduced to a Rematch with Bryan Kith, after being kidnapped and tortured in the confines of CraVen's chambers, which was where CraVen had taken his own nephew and pummeled him with hard fists and aluminum baseball bats. CraVen would torture Rourke into bleeding from his forehead in massive amounts; so that by the time he got to a match, a lot of blood would drain and leave him dizzy and slightly disorientated before each match he had. But when he did this, he pitted Rourke in a match that Rourke had once again had no chance of winning due to the amount of blood loss. Still putting up a fight against Kith to retain the Continental Title, after hitting Kith with a vicious PSYCHO DRIVER!!!! Rourke had only been kidnapped before he seized the opportunity to win the belt. With Logan Spades surprising everyone and capturing the belt over a fallen Kith, Rourke was left to being tormented once again and facing Karma's wrath for his betrayal on Logan Spades.
Radical Rourke 07 Buried alive

Rourke in late 2008

His own blood had done this several times, with each time pitting Ricky Rourke against bigger opponents that he could not take on his own, and only to lose by CraVen coming out and taking out Ricky Rourke after every failed attempt. This being for six months straight, Rourke's fatigue had been raised, along with injury, as his uncle had driven every nail, every light tube, and every object he could to cause Ricky Rourke to collapse with blood running down his face. It was not until Ricky Rourke was pitted against "The Cobra" Carlos, that he would turn the tables and bring out a pair of "brass knucks" and strike CraVen down, whom was the Special Referee. Escaping his blood rival's clutches, Rourke looked to friends to help him remain safe and heal, but found no one in sight. He had one more opportunity to take the Continental Title at No Limits, against Logan Spades and Bryan Kith in a Triple Threat Match. What looked like a winning opportunity for "The Radical" only became another opportunity for CraVen, as the torment had took its toll on a fatigued Rourke. Falling down and collapsing, Rourke only suffered another attack. However, a distracted CraVen would only give Rourke enough time to run off and escape the clutches of his own uncle. Managing to do this, CraVen then proceeded to chokeslam Logan Spades and Bryan Kith, after both had tried to fight back. This anger-enraged CraVen ultimately gave Bryan Kith the opportunity to Spear Logan Spades, only to have it turn into an ankle lock that would make a tired Kith tap out. Disappearing, CraVen went off to kidnap his own nephew once more. Escaping CraVen by going to Flashbang, when he hired Money = Power's Roy D. Rage, and swindled him into thinking he'd get a large amount of pay for helping Rourke take down CraVen in a beatdown, which Rourke scheduled on Flashbang to face CraVen Alexander One-on-One, knowing he would show up and follow him.

In the following weeks, Rourke turned to his old friend Izzy Insane and his new-found friend, and potential love, Katherine Lucretia, to hopefully help Rourke out of this predicament. CraVen Alexander would only take out both Izzy Insane and Katherine before Ricky Rourke's Blood vs. Blood Match with CraVen at No Remorse. The valiant Ricky Rourke put up a hellacious fight against CraVen, but had received a loss, even through his efforts. With the fire burning within, he gave all he could to avenge his fallen comrade, Izzy Insane, and his crush, Katherine Lucretia. Even managing to crash down through two tables, Ricky Rourke put his uncle through a surprise turn around in this fight, whereas it was expected to be one-sided. With CraVen winning the fight, he only continued his beat down, until a bold, and bloody, Izzy Insane came to the rescue. His efforts were a failed attempt to even up the odds, as he not only received a bloody beat down the second time, but he had not stopped the onslaught and only made it worse. Ricky Rourke was thankful for the EMTs that rushed out to stop CraVen, and the security that even suffered a massacre to "The Seventh Sin" himself. CraVen reluctantly left, as he had done the damage needed. Even though, Rourke suffered such a beat down, he still surprised everyone when he came out in two matches later, after Logan Spades had captured a win on Bryan Kith to retain his Continental Title. Dressed in Hayabusa's attire and mask, Ricky Rourke issued a respectful challenge to the Continental Champion, in which case the title would not be on the line, but it was a bout for respect.

Virtues vs. Sins

The crowd anticipated Ricky Rourke vs. Logan Spades III, as Rourke would adorn Hayabusa's name and attire, and Logan Spades would become "The Great Muta" for a night. In such a Japanese-influenced bout, these two had led NIWA into a whole new level of Japanese Wrestling, dishing out the most brutal chops ever witness in any NIWA Wrestling Ring. Giving their full heart to tribute to these two great Legends, Rourke and Spades put on a bout that was never seen between Hayabusa and "The Great Muta" Keji Mutoh. However, these two did not expect their rivalry to be interrupted by none other than CraVen Alexander, who continued to assault Ricky Rourke and Logan Spades, once both had fallen from a sick dropkick from the top rope delivered by "The Radical One".

Alone, the two were taken down. But to the crowd's dismay, they put the crowd in an upset when the two reluctantly teamed up to take down CraVen, in a series of Tag Team moves that put the crowd in a surge, unable to hold back their want to see these two work together. With CraVen managing to over-power the two and counter one of their moves, he would bring the assault once more. This led to Rourke taking a vicious chokeslam, and for Logan Spades to show his true colors when he took on CraVen in a bout and tossed him out of the ring. An angry CraVen announced that this feud would be over. That only one Alexander will be in the NIWA. A darkness loomed over Ricky Rourke, as he heard CraVen's announcement for Instant Access, whether the match be a Last Man Standing, Hell In A Cell, or Buried Alive... only one Alexander will exist in New International Wrestling Alliance.

Following his success at Instant Access of 2008, "The Radical" Ricky Rourke was pitted against his own uncle, CraVen Alexander. They started from the Parking Lot and fought all over the Ring, but never stepped foot until the near end. It was a battle to survive, a brawl to stay alive. More so than just a "Wrestling Match", it was a fight between blood over the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues we all have within us. Regardless of Rourke's sneaky tactics earlier on in the year, Rourke had evolved into a good person. He lucked out in what could have been the end of his life. From a path in prayer, he had only asked to go out fighting and to be forgiven of the sins he committed. Proving his change, he unexpectedly ended the very existence of the dark shadow that loomed over him ever since the start of his life, growing up with CraVen. The truth behind this was that it was not just a "Feud" picked by Bookers. It was a real fight between the Alexanders. Real bloodshed, sweat, and tears. When asked after his match, Ricky Rourke did not have a straight answer. He could only say he prayed his uncle would come out of the ground and say it was just a feud booked by Writers. The death of his own uncle has put a tragedy in the very mind of Ricky Rourke—the fact he killed his own blood. He could only look to the future, and away from the past, in hope that his uncle's spirit will live within him and become the guidance that it once was when it was within CraVen. Regardless of CraVen's tactics, he taught Ricky Rourke a life lesson—to not take it for granted. He promised he was going to bring change to New International Wrestling Alliance. Not in his uncle's ways, but his own.

The Path to the World Title

After his feud with CraVen Alexander, Ricky Rourke would move on to the World Heavyweight Title Division. He spent months feuding Management just to get his spot. He faced Bill Parkman and Evan Bosco in a Triple Threat in attempt to take the title, but failed. Being one of six Wrestlers to step into the Elimination Chamber at Dawning of Destruction '09, Ricky Rourke then failed again to capture the Gold. Vulcan walked out successfully, and was awarded #1 Contendership, instead. During this time, Ricky Rourke lost sight of himself, and spent his time losing hype for the World Title, as he had not realized how much of an impact he still managed to make. He spent the better half of the year attempting to keep his placement in the World Title Division.
Radical Generation NXT

The Original GNXT (From left to right; Ricky Rourke, Izzy Insane, Alexis Morningstar, Aaron Aomori)

Having formed a Faction with long-time friends Aaron Aomori and Izzy Insane, Ricky Rourke attempted to make a name for himself and two others. Spending a good few months targeting other Wrestlers, the plan was now simple. If Ricky Rourke could not win the World Title on his own, he'd take it, with help from two others. Its not the only thing he planned to take, either. He planned to take the Continental Title and the Hardcore Title, and force the New International Wrestling Alliance to witness the rise of a new Stable, Generation NXT. Generation NXT formed on May 5, 2009 at Fallout of 2009, when Will Woods, and a surprise return from Dante, came out only to be interrupted by Izzy and Ricky Rourke, and a surprise debut from Aaron Aomori, their long-time friend. The three worked together to destroy both members of Team Xtreme, using chairs to snap on their necks. The collaborative effort put Team Xtreme out of action before they could even finish their return debut promo.

The "NXT" Era

Generation NXT seemed to pick up a pattern with these chair stomps and cheap tactics, working to also repeat their history track record. Not only did the three team up against Team Xtreme to form one of the fastest rising and most-accomplished Stables of NIWA. But they also took on "The Brawler" LJ in a Three-on-One and successfully defeated him. They also had Vulcan succumb to not one, not two, but three neck stomps with a chair, after Ricky Rourke disqualified himself. Generation NXT spent the majority of their time helping Ricky Rourke rise to the top. Having to face NIWA Legend and six-time former World Heavyweight Champion, Infinity at Instant Access 2009, the newly named "Alex Craven" was defeated, even though Aaron stepped in as his Manager. It didn't stop him though, as he showed a change of heart from his "cocky" ways, when he invited Infinity out to shake his hand the next night on NIWA: Breakdown!. The two shook hands, as Alex admitted Infinity was the better man, before having Logan Spades attack him from behind with a sledgehammer, and then the two continued to take him out. Alex recruited Logan Spades and Rob Smith from Logan Spades' "The Kingdom", after putting their faction out of business. In turn, Logan and Alex teamed up against Infinity and Primus, only to make it known as Generation NXT vs. The ReVoLuTioN, going down in history as one of NIWA's best Tag Team Matches of all time. Infinity and Primus walked out with the win, as Generation NXT would regroup backstage. The following night, it was revealed that Aaron Aomori sustained a neck injury that would put him out of Generation NXT.
I R I R Rush

Ricky Rourke and Izzy Insane perform a Tag Team Move on Rob Smith.

The news caused turmoil with Generation NXT, as the news brought controversy. Alex thought it was best to give wishes to Aaron, and simply replace him for now. Rob Smith had opened his mouth which caused backlash from Izzy and Alex, only for Logan Spades to take Rob's side. Logan Spades and Alex Craven butted heads further, before Izzy pitched an idea to get Generation NXT into the Elimination Chamber Match at Dawning of Destruction '10. Alex Craven was pitted to face Logan Spades for a shot in the Elimination Chamber, by Jenna Jordan's request. In this Alex vs. Logan Spades IV bout, it ended with Rob Smith coming out to spectate the action, until he slid in and hit Logan with a chair. Alex set the chair up onto Logan's neck, before Rob stomped the chair, ultimately putting Logan out of Generation NXT, and out of a Wrestling career, whilst Alex Craven made the cover to move on to be a participant in the Elimination Chamber. With Logan out of the picture, Generation NXT would be made up of Rob Smith, Izzy Insane, and Alex Craven, as he managed to not only get himself a shot, but Rob Smith a shot for the World Title at Dawning of Destruction '10. With the two of them in the Elimination Chamber, Rob would get eliminated by Vulcan and Infinity, whom seemed to be the "winners", with the two-on-one against Alex Craven. But as Infinity turned on Vulcan, Alex would cover Vulcan, leaving it to just one-on-one again.

World Heavyweight Champion

Infinity and Alex battled fiercely, but Alex managed to walk out, after surprising everyone and pinning Infinity to become the *NEW* World Heavyweight Champion! Alex's first run as World Heavyweight Champion in over four years of being in NIWA. Not only that, but he sets Vulcan up for a Cross-Joint Chair stomp, having three chairs on his ligaments. His two wrists would be stomped on by Izzy
World Champion Wiki

World Heavyweight Champion, Alex Craven standing on the barricade.

and Rob, whilst Alex stomped on the chair on his neck simultaneously. Not only putting Former World Champion Vulcan out of business, but Alex walks out of Dawning of Destruction '10 the Champion, only to go on to Breakdown with Infinity coming out to challenge Alex Craven. The two feuded up until Countdown to Oblivion '10, when Alex and Infinity signed a contract that pitted Alex Craven's newly coveted World Title against Infinity's career. The stakes were high, as the second bout between World Heavyweight Champion, Alex Craven and "The Immortal One" Infinity would face off, paying homage to the first bout. It was definitely a lock-up, as the two clashed. The second installment was as surprising as the first, as it really kept the crowd on their feet. Alex Craven not only got C4'd by Primus, but he managed to kick out of that and an Infinitizer right before. He went on to win the match after defeating Infinity and retiring his career. Walking out of Countdown to Oblivion '10, with Primus winning the Oblivion Battle Royal, Alex Craven understands he has quite the challenge for Premonition. Can he make it there? He now moves on to a challenge the night after CTO against Dex "Dynamite" Johnson, whom demands a Title Match. Alex being a fair Champion has given Dex that chance to beat Izzy Insane, and move on to him.

Not only have Izzy and Rob costed each other their Steve Lindburgh Invitational Matches, after a conflict that has been going on in GNXT for some odd weeks. Rob costed Izzy his match with Dex by coming out and trying to help him, only for Dex to make the roll-up. Izzy came out when Rob was about to put Tokala away, before Izzy tossed Rob through a table with a drop toe hold, costing him his match. Rob came out for Dex vs. Alex, as Dex was hitting a Mid-west Cyclone on Alex. But LJ came out and took out Rob Smith, only to come in and set up for the PBS Finale, only to strike Dex, costing him the ultimate win over the Champion. Alex took advantage of the Gore, by pinning a fallen Dex to successfully defend his Title for the second time. With Primus being Alex's opponent for Premonition, Alex also has to look out for the defenses in-between. Currently having to move on to the next Breakdown, dealing with why Izzy turned his back on Alex and walked out, and Rob Smith, whom lied to save his own a**. Having to come out and choose between his best friend and his protege, it was a hard decision, but ultimately Rob's lying lead to Generation NXT sending him on his way. Though, it was not traditional like most exits, which involves a chair on the neck, Rob Smith walks out of Generation NXT. Fall Out looms the corner, and will be the One-Year Anniversary of their reign, and forming. What will become of GNXT as they face their 1-Year Anniversary.

Alex Craven vs. Primus

Turns out the following Breakdown after, Rob came back re-packaged and ready to go, having to never leave GNXT but swerve everyone else into thinking he left. Supposedly, Rob needed to brush up on
Premonition Poster Wiki

Premonition Poster highlighting Primus vs. Alex Craven

his skills, so he took the time out to train with GNXT in the Dragon's Den. This week was also the joining of GNXT's newest member, LJ, whom happened to swerve everyone the very same night Rob did. LJ was a former member of "The Kingdom" that is now defunct. Little-known fact, every member of the Kingdom joined GNXT. Following the success of GNXT leading into their 1-Year Mark. They'd find their anniversary with Primus teaming up with Silver as the CoAlition to face The Murder City SeX Pist0Ls (Alex Craven and Izzy Insane), forcing NIWAnites everywhere to witness the most epic Tag Team Confrontation in a long time. Though The CoAlition picked up the win, GNXT solidified their name by coming out to help Alex and Izzy beat down The CoAlition.
From this assault, Primus spent the following Breakdown hunting down each and every member of GNXT and single-handedly taking them out of action, save for Alex Craven. Silver took care of him, leaving the next week to be solemn until Alex Craven made his own attack, leading to the final show before Premonition.

With Generation NXT coming off a decline, will they rise up? The bigger question is... Will Alex Craven hold onto his Title, and his Faction come Premonition? And for those that have paid attention, he put up a valiant effort to retain it, but fell short at the hands of "The One Man Revolution" Primus, as his mentor C4'd him off the top turnbuckle and put him away after driving him onto a chair, injuring his ribs in the processs. Though, interference played a role throughout the match, a particular interference left many with questions. Alex Craven's best friend, Izzy Insane, slid in with a chair and struck his own Leader in the head with a chair. Though, this didn't cost Alex the match, it left him to pit blame on Izzy for as to why he lost.

This lead to Alex attacking Izzy after his match against Tokala and Andy Canipe, only for Alex Craven's spotlight to dim when a figure appeared behind him and chased him out of the ring, and left Alex Craven with a dark, mysterious sign leading to a possible return of his Uncle, CraVen, due to the fact that it stated a story of "The Man Who Was Buried Alive", followed up with "He's Coming". To many, they seen one of the Masked Men. To Alex, he seen a robed figure. Was this delusion? Regardless, it sent him runnin' before being confronted yet again by another dark "sign" the next week prior, after LJ was kicked out of GNXT, and replaced by a returning Aaron Aomori.

Not only that, but Alex Craven called out Izzy Insane, and threatened to kick him out. When he gave Rob Smith and Aaron Aomori the "go ahead" he would, instead, be attacked and forced out of the very stable he founded. With Izzy taking control of GENERATION NXT, it left Alex alone. Later on in the night, Alex Craven had walked out of a No. 1 Contender's Triple Threat Match (later made into a Fatal Four-way with the return of Vulcan) victorious, after Alex Kayne costed Vulcan an opportunity for a match against Primus at Redemption. Directly after his match, this second "sign" played and provided more detail than the first, revealing druids on a quest walking in Death Valley, perhaps a vision that Alex Craven had the week prior.

These druids were unburying something, or someone when the video cut out and a casket appeared. Alex hesitated before walking to the casket, after seeing the images before him. Having to open the casket, he found nothing inside. Instead of acting in fear, Alex surprisingly acted in rage. This sent him into a tantrum, as he flipped the casket over and walked out of Breakdown! ending the show. Heading into Redemption, Alex Craven "spectated" the Cruiserweight Chaos Match for the No. 1 Contender spot against the current Cruiserweight Champion, Greg Aumann. After his "commentary" was given towards the end, the match would suddenly cut off leaving him in question. What was replaced on the Television screen would be a third "sign" that took off where the last was left, following the Druids unburying something, or someone. It is revealed that they recover a small amulet inside a box, and the moment that one of the Druids touches the amulet, it flashes and glows, to Alex's dismay.

He cussed at the Television screen, moments prior to his shock, as a lone hand rose up from the earth, covered in dirt. This third "sign" had given Alex enough to assume his Uncle was truly resurrected. But still skeptical, the former World Heavyweight Champion set out to find answers. He bumped into Nicholas Walters, and found himself bickering until it was revealed that what Alex seen two weeks prior was different from what Nicholas Walters, and everyone else seen. The Controversy over whether it was a Masked Man, or a Druid that scared Alex out of the ring. Alex claimed he did not fear "The Fallen" and waved Nicholas off, as if he were on drugs, before proceeding to the parking lot fifteen minutes after. In the Parking lot, he discovered the same figure he seen, whom revealed that Alex Craven had messed with the balance of Heaven and Hell, and that he had literally pissed off both God and Satan, and that the two sent for his destruction.

Though the eerie confrontation scared Alex, the mysterious Druid revealed that it was "The Fallen" that were behind these signs, and as Alex tried to get more out of this figure, they vanished and left him to discover on his own. Into his rematch with Primus, Alex Craven, despite the delusional figure we've seen, was more than focused as he tied up with his Mentor, one more time. He pulled out every stop, including a C4, and brought a hellacious fight, that would be cut off when he attempted to find himself in his old ways.
Alex Craven vs. Primus

Alex Craven vs. Primus face-off again at NIWA's PPV: Redemption.

Grabbing the title he once held, it seemed as if he became distracted with the obsession of being World Champion, and instead of attacking Primus he just gazed at the belt, before the Masked Men arrived. Ready to strike them, Primus watched Alex's confrontation, only to be blind-sided by JP forcing a disqualification. Primus fought back, but the numbers game came into play, and after a Vandalism by Krieg, Primus rose up to his feet for JP to come at him like a freight train to hit a Spear.

A surprise save by Alex would cost himself in the process, as JP tore into his abdomen and sent him spiraling to the mat. With "The Fallen" surrounding him, it seemed as if they were ready to pick him apart, when JP gave a signal and called them off. They left the ring leaving Alex Craven furious and to call them back. But as he did the lights dimmed and another "sign" played. This time, everything was pieced together, including past tales of the Buried Alive Match between Ricky Rourke and CraVen Alexander. The final message sent was "You Cannot Kill What Is Already Dead". Alex waved this off, accusing "The Fallen" to be behind this, and that he knew they were the ones that played the signs.

Little did he know, a hand rose up from the ring, and what awaited him was his Uncle. Grabbing Alex Craven's throat, he Chokeslammed him into a fiery demise, ending Alex Craven and paying him back for what happened two years before. Was Alex Craven truly burned in a fiery demise? The night following a Funeral was hosted by "The Fallen". They spoke of how bold Alex was, before Krieg attempted to give him his final resting words, when CraVen Alexander stepped out. Not only did CraVen reveal his alliance with "The Fallen", but he also put Alex Craven to rest, and soon after revealed the charred remains of the fallen Alex Craven.

He took his palm and thrusted it into Alex's face, before the body with it crumbled into ashes. CraVen dipped his hands into the ashes and sifted them through his fingers, spreading them on the casket. The crowd was left in dismay, as again, they cheered for CraVen without realizing that he was bringing "Destruction" and the end of everything, including them. With Alex Craven gone, CraVen Alexander is truly the only Alexander in NIWA, and to walk the earth, finishing his journey he set out for, two years ago.

In Wrestling

Alex Craven

All Around Style

Ricky Rourke has always had one of the most impressive in-the-ring styles, as he is an Aerialist, Chain-Wrestler, Submissionist, and also practices Puroresu frequently. He learned to be an Aerialist from the backyard wrestling he used to do as a kid, always wanting to do back-flips and front-flips on his friends. He took up Chain-Wrestling when he was trained by one of his mentors, and one of his best friends, Patrick Martin, whom wrestles under the ring-name Alex Shelley. In High School, he took up Mat Wrestling and thus formed the submissionist side of his nature, along with help from Scott D'amore to brush up his technical wrestling. While overseas, Ricky Rourke learned the art of Puroresu from several wrestlers, giving him his shoot-fighting nature that he sometimes uses in Pro Wrestling. Rourke likes to call his form of combat "All Around Style".

Finishing Moves

  • Pan!c in Detroit {Spinning Reverse STO}
  • Falling Star {Corkscrew Shooting Star Stomp}

    Alex Craven performing a Frog Splash in tribute to mentor and Professional Wrestling Legend, Primus.

Signature Moves

  • The ReVolution [Reverse Swing Neckbreaker / Primus' Taunt / Frog Splash]
  • Lungblower

Trademark Moves

  • Murder City Stretch #1 {Cross-face}
  • Murder City Stretch #2 {Anaconda Vise}
  • Murder City Stretchtacular{Rope Stretch Chicken Wing}
  • Hurricanranas
  • Sound the (Air Raid) Siren! {Celtic Cross}
  • Moonsaults/Shooting Star Presses
  • Stiff Chops
  • The F*ckin' Catalina Wine Mixer {Corner Armdrag}
  • Suicide Dive
  • Running Delayed Hesitating Dropkick
  • Kick to the Balls / Flip-Off Taunt
  • Shiranui/Ninja/Sliced Bread #2
  • S&D {Snapmare & Dropkick}
  • Welcome to Detroit, M*THER F*CKER! {Modified Russian Legsweep}
  • Ride On a Shooting Star {Springboard SSP / Standing SSP}


S.e.X. (Sports Entertainment Xtreme)

Generation NXT

  • Ricky Rourke
  • Aaron Aomori
  • Izzy Insane
  • Rob Smith
  • LJ Crayton



  • "The Radical"
  • "Rated Classic"
  • "Surprising Son"
  • "Rising Son"
  • "Ricky Rourke-San"
  • "Death Defyin', High Flyin', Muay Thaiin' Superstar"
  • "Talent on Loan from Goddamnit"
  • "The Future"
  • "Better Than You"
  • "The Best Around"

Entrance Themes

  • "Beverly Hills" by Weezer (CWA; 2005)
  • "I Wanna Be Your Hero" by Def Leppard (IEO; 2006)
  • "Paparazzi/Up Yours" by Dale Oliver (TNA; 2004-2005, 2007)
  • "You're the Best Around" Karate Kid Soundtrack (NIWA; 2007)
  • "Blow Me Away" by Breaking Benjamin (NIWA; 2006-2008, 2010)
  • "Cells" by The Servant (NIWA; 2007, 2009-2010)
  • "Motor City" by Adam Scaggs (NIWA; 2010)

Career Championship Highlights

New International Wrestling Alliance

ZERO-1 MAX Wrestling

  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion [2x] - w/ Izzy Insane

Freedom Championship Wrestling

  • FCW World Heavyweight Champion [1x]
  • FCW X-Division Champion [3x]
  • FCW Tag Team Champion [2x] - w/ Aaron Aomori
  • 2005 - MVP of the Year (shared w/ Seth Cobain)

Total Non-stop Action Wrestling

  • TNA World Champion [2x]
  • TNA X-Division Champion [3x]
  • TNA Tag Team Champion [1x] - w/ Alexis Morningstar
  • TNA's Second-ever Triple Crown Champion [1x]
  • 2006 - TNA World X-Cup Winner

Ring of Honor

  • ROH PURE Champion [2x]
  • ROH Tag Team Champion [1x] - w/ Izzy Insane

2-Xtreme Wrestling Federation

  • 2XWF X-Division Champion [2x]

Personal life

Rick Julien Alexander II changed his name when his father Joseph Xavier Alexander passed away in a tragic heart attack during one of Rourke's biggest matches in the Yahoo Pro Wrestling circuit board Tournament. With the loss of his father, he was willing to drop out and make his forfeit legit even though he was scheduled to win a spot in the final four. However, the aid of his closest uncle, god father, and mentor, CraVen Alexander, helped him through his tough time and eventually helped Rourke by being at ringside, to go through the Tournament and win. CraVen Alexander is only seven years older than Rourke, whom is currently twenty-three-years-old. Ironically, Ricky Rourke's Great Grandfather, Marcus Alexander, better known as "Mean Mad" Marcus, was also a Pro Wrestler. Radical Rourke comes from a long line of Professional Wrestlers.

Outside of the wrestling business, he hangs with his best friend and cousin, Alexis Morningstar, his lifelong friend, Izzy Insane, and other Promotion Superstars like Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Jimmy Jacobs, CM Punk and Samoa Joe. He dated Raven Alexandria for a brief moment of time, but they parted ways. She is currently dating his cousin Alexis Morningstar, and both have a child together. His current crush is Katherine Lucretia, whom played an active role in NIWA during his feud with CraVen. She is a friend of his, outside of NIWA. They recently started dating, and have moved in together.


  • Is the World Heavyweight Champion
  • Is Better than not only you, but your whole family pedigree.
  • Is the man in all cases that "Send for the Man" comes up, unless Steve Lindburgh is around.
  • Is Never Going To Give You Up.
  • Has a pet Iguana named "Iggy" playfully mocking fellow wrestler, and friend, "Izzy Insane".
  • Is the only person to win the Continental Title three times consecutively.
  • Used to be able to speak fluent Japanese
  • Once cut a promo on "PEPSI" with Alexis Morningstar, while they were in CWA. It seemed to get a lot of ratings for it's comic humor.
  • Once was nominated by Alexis, as a prank, for the skit in the Oscars Award Ceremony.
  • Can take out guys bigger than him with the aid of Botches.

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