Ring of Non-Stop Action ( RONA )is a promo based e-fed that started back in September 2006. RONA is being run by two admins, 2G Stone Cold John and 2G CrayZ. They got help from 3 mods that put in much effort as well. RONA is coming live on TV every Friday night. They got PPV's each month.

History of RONA

Ring Of Non-stop Action started back in September 2006. Back then there where two different shows. TNA and ROH. After 2 months or so, the shows merged in to one show, RONA. The merge happened during a TNA versus ROH storyline where both the GM's of the shows surprised everyone in the main event by taking out the talent in the ring and shaking hands. Since the start of RONA many people have come and gone, but there are still many original members around. RONA had 7 PPV's so far and the biggest there was yet was there Wrestlemania variaton named, Roads of Glory. Currently RONA is working towards there 10th PPV entitled, Rocktober, wich will feature 'live bands' throughout the show.

RONA is currently recruiting members again since the activity has dropped slowly over the last month's. They are looking for CAW's(Create A Wrestler) at the moment that can fill in some spots.

The very first show of RONA was packed with great matches. The show opened with the X-Division Championship match with Narc vs. Tom(Shadow). Tom won this match and became the X-Division Champion. On RONA 25, the Anniversary Show, Tom once again managed to win the X-Division title, but this time in a Fatal Four Way match beating Candice, Vinnie Pantera and Marcus Blade. The second match showed Sull Master defeating Decimator to become the #1 Contender for the Pure Championship. Then we moved on to a little bit of tag team action for the Tag Team Championship! The Bastards With Attitude verus Smidger and The Dude. The Dude and Smidger won this match with The Dude pinning Cage_Match for the win and becoming the new Tag Team Champions. Then we got to see Minkaro beating the living hell out of Laughing Boy in a Steel Cage match while he defended his Pure Championship Shortly after, we went on to see an epic match up between two legends in RONA. Assassin(Christian Isis), the reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion then, versus Illmatic, the reigning ROH World Heavyweight Champion then. The titles would unify and become the RONA World Heavyweight Championship. The winner of the match would face RSP after this match and would have to defend the RONA World Heavyweight Championship. Illmatic won this match up between Assassin and him self. With that, he would now have to defend the title against RSP. Yet another great match that night, with Illmatic draw against RSP. This was just the start of more matches between the two.

Currently, we are on the look out for more members that can make RONA go strong for many more years to come.

Current Championships

Title Champion Previous Champion Date Won Last Defense
RONA Undisputed Championship Adrian Stone Bishop ???  ???
RONA Rising Sun Championship Narc Illmatic TBA TBA
RONA Tag Team Championship Stone Cold John and Minkaro Bishop & James Carter 07-21-2007 07-21-2007
X-Division Championship 2G crayZ Sugar Kidd 11-09-2007 09-16-2007
Hardcore Championship Illmatic Stone Cold John 09-23-2007 09-23-2007


Pay Per Views
Year 2007
January Twist Of Destiny
February Escaping the Hostile
April Roads of Glory
May Dark intentions
June Land Of Confusion
August Breakdown
September Redemption
October Rocktober


Stone Cold John
The Dude
(The) Bishop
Christian Isis
Vinnie Pantera(Retired)
Marcus Blade
James Carter
The Sugar Kidd

More to come!!

Tag Teams and Factions

Coming Soon!

RONA Staff

Jack Daniels - General Manager

Jenny O'Reilly - Interviewer

Dave - Play By Play Announcer

Don - Color Announcer

Unique Speciality Matches

Las Vegas Lock Up Match - There are two slightly different cages surrounding each other. A ring is placed center and the goal is to get out of this structure by climbing over both of the cages that are different in height. One of the cages has some barbed wire on certain areas. This match has only happened on Roads Of Glory, since that was located in Las Vegas.

More coming soon!

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Ring Of Non-stop Action

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