Rob Arnold
[[Image:|px|Image of Rob Arnold]]
Real name Rob Arnold
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Height 6'3
Weight 226 lbs
Date of birth September 22, 1983
Place of birth Bath, England
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Tampa, Forida
Billed from Bristol, England
Trainer Himself, Dan Keeling
Unsigned Wrestler.
TXI, TXW, CWA, TXA, VXW, XHF, Others uncredited.
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Debut January 2002
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Brief pre-wrestling Background

Rob Arnold was born in Bath, Somerset England on September 22, 1983. He grew up in Wells, which is the smallest City in England, he attended local schools there, before heading to Bournemouth to become a journalist.

Rob's dedication to Wells, and nearby Bristol was phenominal and leaving it was the hardest choice he made in his life to date, he even left behind his childhood friend and on-off girlfiriend, Sharon Jacobs to go to Bournemouth. However it was in nearby Portsmouth he would meet Dan Keeling, and join a wrestling school at the age of 17. Within a year, Rob Arnold had the opportunity to make a name for himself in a re-established company, called The Xtreme Invasion.

Rob Arnold would undergo the moniker of Terminator. The name was chosen purely out of random, and it seemed to stick with fans and TXI Corporate. And it was late December 2001, Terminator would debut, and on January 1, 2002, he wrestled in his first match.

Terminator: The Early Days

TXI: The Xtreme Invasion!

On January 1, 2002, Rob Arnold, known more commonly as the Terminator would come to the ring, to face TXI well-known, Brummy Midlandson for an opportunity at the Intercontinental Title. Rob was dressed in his usual wrestling attire, it looked like it was going to be a sparkling debut, that was, until Brummy pulled what had to be a shock win, after the general domination Terminator had of the match. Rob was shocked, gutted, disappointed, however not deterred. In the following weeks he would participate in various matches, winning along the way. Finally, at the first TXA Pay Per View of his life, Rob won the Intercontinental title in a steal cage against Brummy.

However, the reign wouldn’t last too long, Rob lost the title just two weeks later in a four-way match. However, as far as excuses go, Rob’s weren't bad, he was suddenly in contention for the Undisputed championship. Not just this, he was becoming involved with groups such as the Wolfpack and the IOX, the latter of which was headed by Dan Keeling. It was only a matter of six weeks, when Rob Arnold was suddenly at the top of the food chain! Rob was forced into a hell in a cell match with Champion Chi Reto, and Brummy. It was highly interesting that these three were meant to be friends, and Terminator had been already named as a turncoat, he wasn’t on anybody’s side and it shown. However this night Rob drove Chi Reto through the cell and picked up the win, unbelievable when just months previous he was a TV Debut sensation!

Rob Arnold was a force, he was picking apart opponent after opponent. It wasn’t until months later he had a real challenge, in the form of Armageddonator. The matches between these two were nothing short of epic, and with stable domination in the IOX, with Rob now in cahoots with Keeling only sparked some fierce matches, with the title changing hands twice in two weeks, Rob eventually coming out best. Whilst he had lost the title in this time, it was not disputed that the terminator held the title for the longest in TXI history.

In the months that followed, Rob found that friendships don’t really exist when Dan Keeling was involved. He lost the Undisputed Title to the New Black Scorpion, and was immediately dumped from the IOX. However, Rob would return weeks later, to not only claim the title back, but to re-emerge with a new look, and his team of Nightmare. In a bizarre twist however, Terminator would be injured, and lose the title, before again returning a month later, and win the XWF/TXI title. Rob seemed to have the midas touch.

Then, something big happened, something…changed.

Backstage, Rob Arnold and Dan Keeling had a huge argument, basically over a number of decisions Keeling had been making towards Arnold, and in a move similar to any screwjob, Rob was cost his title, and the next night, The Terminator was hit by a truck, and fired immediately! It had been 10 months, but suddenly, Rob Arnold, the terminator was looking for work.

After this, it was well documented about Rob Arnold’s hatred for Keeling, and it was well publicized in many wrestling magazines.

TXW: Total Xtreme Wrstling

During his time at TXI, Rob Arnold did some cross-promotional work for the fledgling TXW. Where Rob spent two months, he won the World title on the first TXW show, and held it for a month, before working with the world champion some more, before returning full-time to TXI.

CWA: Central Wrestling Alliance

...more to come...

Transformation: Rob Arnold

CWA: A New Era

...more to come...

TXI: The Unthinkable

...more to come...

CWA: The final days

...more to come...

Rob Arnold and David Shand

...more to come...

2005: Changing his ways

...more to come...

XHF: Xtreme Hardcore Federation

...more to come...

2006: Finishing Jobs

TXA: The Xtreme Alliance

...more to come...

XHF: British Pride

...more to come...

VXW: Vortex Xtreme Wrestling

...more to come...

XHF: A True European

2008: Old & New

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