Rob E Legend
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Rob E Legend]]
Real name Robert Elias Lenard
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Height 6'4.
Weight 260 lbs.
Date of birth 07-15-1967
Place of birth Toronto, Canada
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Resides Toronto, Canada
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Trainer Lou Albano/ ???
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Debut August 1988
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Rob E legend (born July 15, 1967 ), Canadian Born technical Wrestler. Currently employed as a superstar in WWA. Legend from RWF before it's collapse.


Getting his beginnings in Toronto Canada, it was after a particularly brutal barfight that Rob E Legend realized that he was a rough and tough fighter. Still lacking experience he trained under Captain Lou Albano for many years before an unexplained accident with another trainer occurred. Leaving after that he vanished off the radar until finally appearing in Extreme Canadian Wrestling in 1988 under the name "The Canadian Dream Rob E Legend." Finally announcing his retirement he again vanished off the radar until appearing in 2005 as a RWF Superstar. After RWF's collapse he decided to make the jump with his fellow superstars to WWA.

Wrestling career

Extreme Canadian Wrestler Circa 1988-95

RWF Superstar 2005-07

WWA Superstar (Current) 2007-??

Wrestling Facts

First North American Champion (RWF)

Hardcore Specialist

Finishing Moves

  • Cana-Bomb (Jackknife Powerbomb)
  • Boston Crab

Signature Moves

  • DDT
  • Fireman Carry
  • Alley-Op
  • Reverse DDT
  • Diving Elbow Drop
  • Big Boot
  • Ankle Lock
  • Sideslam
  • Spear

Theme Music

"Out of my Way." Seether (2005–06)

“Beginning of the End” By Spineshank (2007)

Championships and accomplishments

  • RWF North American Championship (1 time)

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