Rob Franklin is a wrestler that has competed in MCW, UCW, and TEAM.


Rob Franklin was born in Detroit, Michigan on May 24th, 1987. His parents were rich entrepreneurs in construction. He weighs in at 203lbs, and stands at 6'

Match History

MCW Zero Hour - Rob Franklin defeats Blade and Steve Marlay in a 3-way match.

Center Stage 5 - Nakita Dahaka defeats Rob Franklin and Joseph Justice in a 3-way match

MCW Finale - Nakita Dahaka defeated Rob Franklin in a "Loser is My Soldier" match

MCW Tag Team Invitational - BLITZ defeated Rob Franklin and Nakita Dahaka

UCW Revolution - UCW United States Champion & MCW Champion defeated Rob Franklin via DQ

UCW Revolution - Cameron Cruise and The Sergeant fight Rob Franklin and Nakita Dahaka to a No Contest

UCW Revolution - Adam Benjamin and The Sergeant defeat Rob Franklin and Nakita Dahaka

UCW Night of Legends II - The French Commandos defeat Rob Franklin and Nakita Dahaka

UCW Revolution - Rob Franklin defeats Johnny Nash

TEAM Invitational Tournament - (1) Dan Ryan defeated (16) Rob Franklin

MCW Tag Team Invitational Finals - Rob Franklin was eliminated last in a battle royal for the MCW title

TEAM TiT - Sean Stevens defeated Rob Franklin

TEAM SuperShow V - Ravager defeated Rob Franklin 5-4 in a Marathon For Charity match for the Challenge Championship.


Upcoming Matches

At MWCW's "We're Here To Stay" Rob Franklin will be involved in a 7 man elimination match against The Confederate Messiah" Jeffrey Lee, "The Masterpiece" Vincenzo Andrea Zambrotta, Jordan Parsons, "Hot Stuff" Adam Cash, Jean Claude (French Commandos), and Cameron Cruise.

At TEAM's "SuperShow VI: Lethal Lottery" Rob will compete in the Lethal Lottery Match with Cameron Cruise as his partner against "Hot Stuff" Adam Cash and The Sergeant, "The Ego Buster" Dan Ryan and Troy Douglas, "The Muffin Man" Kin Hiroshi and Harley Ace Douglas, Matthew Kurtis and Mike Randalls, and Otaku and "Extremely Bisexual" Beau Michaels

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