Rob Grayson
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Height 6'2
Weight 245lbs.
Date of birth Aug 8th, 1978
Place of birth Unknown
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Resides Toronto, ON, Canada
Billed from The Haven
Trainer Stuart Billington
Platinum Dynasty Wrestling
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Debut October 1999 (UCW)
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Rob Grayson grew up in a small town in rural Canada before moving to the bigger city to pursue his life dream of becoming a wrestler. Once there, he enrolled in a training camp run by former Canadian great Stuart Billington and became his star pupil.

It was there Rob Grayson was introduced to his long time friend and oftentimes tag team partner Boot.

Before making his in-ring debut, Rob Grayson became romantically involved with Stuart's only daughter Felicity despite her being 7 years older than him. Felicity also went on to become Rob Grayson's manager at the start of his career.

Wrestling career

Ultimate Championship Wrestling

On October 1999 Rob Grayson made his debut in UCW, managed by Felicity in a successful match with Chameleon.

Shortly after his debut he briefly ended up in a stable called the New Connection with Falcon and Ravnos. This was an answer to the top stable of UCW at the time known as the Hardcore Connection. Grayson turned on Falcon and left the Connection after they brought Chameleon into the group, who Grayson was still feuding with.

On his PPV debut, Grayson entered a 6-Man match for their Internet title and he outlasted Chameleon, Falcon, Ickeez, and Frostbite. He was then eliminated and suffered his first loss against Vigilante Virus who was then defeated by MaYhem. This match opened a lot of eyes of the management towards Rob Grayson.

Rob then soon allied himself with Boot and they started a team called the Newfie Screech. They helped Boot win the UCW United States Championship from Dark Saint after Felicity distracted the referee and he and Boot hit Dark Saint with the Rum on the Rocks / double uranage finisher.

Rob then attempted to start a stable with fellow Stuart Billington trainees Crazed Killer and Johnny Sweet called the Devil's Advocates. They finally made their first appearance as a group during a match between Johnny Sweet and Falcon but were quickly sneak attacked by the Hardcore Connection who were making run ins on every segment of this show, and buried by the announcers.

Later in that same episode, Boot and Grayson were involved in a match for a title shot against a team of Deathwish and Axel, and despite the fact that they were clearly dominating the interference of the Hardcore Connection and then the surprise of Johnny Sweet turning on his newly formed stable, the Newfie Screech ended up losing what should have been their glorious moment.

This set up a feud where Rob Grayson, Boot and Crazed Killer had countless times challenged the Hardcore Connection to a battle, but every time they were ignored and no matches were ever made. This was due to a friendly relationship between the Hardcore Connection and several staff members where the Hardcore Connection members pretty much just picked and chose whoever they went against, more often then not defending their titles in matches where they had no chance in losing.

Rob Grayson did get some revenge against Johnny Sweet when him and Felicity teamed up for a mixed tag against Sweet and his manager Cherry Pie. After the match Crazed Killer and Boot showed up and with a bottle of actual Newfie Screech and a cod fish, Johnny Sweet was given a proper Screech In.

Rob Grayson and Boot were regarded as the top newcomers of 1999, which also ended up being the final year of UCW as they closed shortly afterwards.

Rob Grayson, Boot and Crazed Killer were the core of the Devil's Advocates groups, but at a couple times new members were brought in temporarily. Most notable was Frostbite, who later became known as the Mad Maple.

Hardcore Championship Wrestling

Soon after UCW closed Rob Grayson showed up in HCW and won his first ever championship by winning their Hardcore World Championship in the Cage of Death match.

The match involved weapons and explosions and other insanity and Rob Grayson was awarded the title when he was the first to escape when the ladder was lowerd from the top of the cage.

Rob Grayson went on to defend the HCW title on several occasions, and even reunited the Devil's Advocates with Boot and Crazed Killer, but HCW only lasted a couple months before closing.

Internet Championship Wrestling

A while after HCW closed, Rob Grayson was sought out by Todd, his biggest fan. He was convinced to return to wrestling and made his debut in ICW in a handicap match against Denim Bandit and Whip Lash.

He briefly teamed with Crazed Killer and entered a battle royal for their Tag Team titles, but they were unsuccessful.

He was soon entered into a tournament for their vacant Internet title and he won the title by defeating Dustin Hunt in the finals. He also faced and defeated his old rival and eventual tag team partner the Mad Maple in a previous round. This was the only singles match between the two.

He entered a feud with Eric Showtime and ended up teaming with Maple due to their common enemy in this feud and it was then that their initial rivalry was put on hold for the common good, and previewing their future partnerships. Showtime was also in an alliance with the ICW World Champion RJ Souza. RJ clearly underestimated the relative rookie but Rob ended up in a match with RJ and in a stunning upset won their World title, which he held until the federation closed.

Rob Grayson also reunited with Boot and promised to seek out the ICW Tag team titles, but they never received a match against their champions. A Devil's Advocates reunion was promised as well, but the three never appeared together at the same time.

Ultimate Championship Wrestling

While Rob Grayson was not present at the start of this version of UCW, he did make an appearance shortly after during a confrontation between Boot and a team called the C4 Dream Team. Crazy Ivan and Star King were in the ring talking about how important they thought they were, despite not winning a single match in UCW, and happened to mention how they were better than the Newfie Screech. This lead Boot into the ring to confront the two, seemingly by himself, but then the arena lights went out for a moment and when they turned back on Rob Grayson was standing in the ring alongside a surprised Boot. The reunited Newfie Screech made short work of this team, but after the match Rob Grayson disappeared once again.

He made a few scattered appearances but finally started appearing full-time, but not as an active wrestler but as management, and he was the active president while the company was in a bit of turmoil. It was his knowledge of wrestling that helped jump start the company into the success it became. He eventually gave full control of the company to Felicity who remained the owner of UCW.

After giving up his staff position Grayson entered the ring as a full-time wrestler and in his first official match as part of the roster, he defeated long time rival RJ Souza. He also went to XWC on UCW's behalf during a UCW vs. XWC rivalry after he was attacked during a match by XWC President Derek Crane and their champion Cyrus O'Dell.

Rob Grayson ended up becoming a part of the XWC roster thanks to a relationship with Huntress, and he even helped her become the first ever UCW Womans champion on a UCW PPV.

Rob Grayson made a return to the UCW roster from XWC and reunited with Boot as the Newfie Screech once again. They faced the UCW Tag Team champions Shadow and Vixen and won the titles after an appearance from their former instructor Stuart Billington.

After losing the tag titles Rob Grayson remained inactive until returning as a mystery partner to team with Mad Maple against Chaz and Joey Love. Rob and Maple were victorious, and World's Finest was born.

Rob Grayson went on to challenge Joey Love for the UCW Internet title, and won his first singles title in UCW. It was during this reign that Rob Grayson had his first encounter with Faith in a successful title defense. This would start the long time rivalry between World's Finest and the Femme Fatales. Oddly he would lose the title to his own partner, Mad Maple, during a battle royal.

The rivalry with Buffy and Faith would reach it's peak when Rob Grayson and Maple faced the two for the UCW Tag Team titles and won them giving Rob his second Tag title reign with his second partner.

After losing the titles Rob would drift around the card and take part in UCW's second Hardcore Rumble, but was eliminated by Enforcer after a spear through the Ultimate-Tron big screen. Rob would get revenge against Enforcer when he challenged him to a submission match, the type of match where Grayson was more proficient and beat the hardcore brawler.

It was also around this time when Grayson and Maple became allied with Dingo Dundee, and the three formed a group who's name differed depending on which team member was asked about it. Either being Team Grayson, Team Maple or Team Dingo. There were also periods where it may have been Team Blood, Team Gunner, Team Wonder Boy, or Team Kuts as new allies were brought in. The core three teamed up on a notable occasion where they faced the three members of a rival faction called ToXin. Their leader Ultimatum was not in the match, but the team defeated Kev Mania, Cobra and Freakshow.

Rob Grayson mostly stayed around UCW and entered the occasional match, and he ended up capturing the UCW Internet title for the second time after a submission match with Spike Roberts. This reign was short as he lost the title to Inferno during a lumberjack match where Justin Chain interfered and nailed Rob Grayson with a steel chain. He won back the title for the third time after a brutal three way cage match involving Chain and Inferno.

Somewhere during this time, Rob Grayson and his heated rival Buffy started an odd relationship. They mostly kept it secret from their own friends because of the rivalry between their teams but it did eventually become known that the two were a couple after a heated break-up ensued.

There was a scheduled match between World's Finest and the Psycho Circus, but Mad Maple had to be removed from the match due to injury, and Buffy was placed into the match by Felicity. The two did manage to win the UCW Tag Team titles together despite their miscommunications during the match.

After losing the Tag Team titles Rob Grayson took a brief break from UCW, and returned again in an interview segment hosted by Lil' Kuts. This segment was interrupted by Gay Bandit and his parter Mad Prancer and an impromtu match broke would with Grayson and Kuts getting the victory after Kuts nailed his infamous Gore on Bandit.

Soon after Rob Grayson reunited with Felicity and became involved with a feud between Felicity and Claudia, where he took part in a mixed tag match against Claudia and Vlad. They lost this match, and it was one of the last UCW matches that Grayson took part in before they finally closed their doors after four years.

Recently on his MySpace, Rob Grayson made some cryptic comments regarding UCW restarting, leaving many wondering.


Rob Grayson appeared in XWC as part of a UCW vs. XWC invasion, and in his first match there him and Boot won their tag team titles from Alex Carson and Warlock after a dominating tables match. This was their first ever tag titles together.

Grayson and Boot held the titles and ended up involved in a feud with the female team of Vixen and Huntress. This feud bacame even more interesting when Grayson and Huntress were seen together several times outside of the arena and were looking pretty friendly. This became confirmed when during a match Huntress showed up wearing a super hero type costume and when the two faced off in the ring they didn't fight each other, and ended up kissing in the ring. The match ended at this point and no decision was made regarding the winner.

The feud continued until a ladder match was held for the titles, and Rob Grayson managed to grab one belt while Huntress grabbed the other, and as a result of that, Rob and Huntress were declared the new tag team champions.

After Huntress left XWC, Rob Grayson was without a tag team partner, but was allowed to choose a new partner. He ended up reuniting with Crazed Killer, and the two of them faced UCW Tag Team Champions Spike Roberts and Ace of Spades in a Champions vs. Champions match. Rob Grayson and Killer won the match and became XWC Tag Team Champions, but the UCW Tag Team titles were not on the line.

Crazed Killer did not remain in XWC for long, and then the titles were declared vacant once again after Rob Grayson declined remaining in the tag team division due to the constant instability in tag team partners.

Shortly after, Rob Grayson faced Jackal in a match for the XWC U.S. Championship where there was also a stipulation where the loser got their head shaved. Rob Grayson won the match and the title but seriously injured Jackal with the Avenging Death Drop so no one got their head shaved because Jackal was stretchered out.

Rob Grayson also went on to be enrolled in a Lethal Lottery tournament with Chris Rage, as the two went on to advance in the tournament and fight for the XWC World title against the other team of John Simmer and Crucifix in a 4 Way match. Rob Grayson won this match after nailing the 7 foot John Simmer with the Avenging Death Drop off the middle rope.

While XWC champion Rob Grayson faced the UCW World champion Shadow in a match for what was called the Undisputed World Championship, but he was not successful. This was a title that could only be fought for by World champions to determine who the greatest really was. This was seen as a XWC idea and was never acknowledged by UCW, despite that it was won by the UCW World Champion.

Rob Grayson ended up leaving the XWC the XWC title was declared vacant, even though Grayson offered to keep defending it until he was defeated.


Rob Grayson and Mad Maple made one appearance for AWF where they defended the UCW Tag Team titles in a UCW exhibition match against Pyromaniac and Inferno. Pyromaniac and Inferno won the titles in this match.

Fake AWA

After being inactive since UCW closed, Rob Grayson made his return to the ring in a successful debut match against Justin Marsten.

Rob Grayson was forced by the staff to change from his superhero persona and wrestle unmasked, which down played a lot of what made Rob Grayson unique.

The day before he would have competed in a battle royal Rob Grayson quit AWA after a conflict with a minor staff member who tried to treat Grayson unprofessionally regarding several promos.

This was a different AWA, not the one that Verne Gagne created and WWE recently made a DVD about.

Hardkore World

Rob wrestled two matches in HKW, one where he defeated Johnny Parker, and then a loss to Roscoe Law.

Rob ended up leaving Hardkore World due to scheduling conflicts on top of not really enjoying it there due to a poor backstage atmosphere.

Platinum Dynasty Wrestling

Rob Grayson had signed with PDW, and appeared in one match there against Kurupt Loc. No further appearances were made and Rob Grayson has remained inactive ever since this scheduled appearance.

Titles Held

  • HCW Hardcore World Title
  • ICW Internet Champion
  • ICW World Champion
  • XWC Tag Team Champion (3x) w. Boot, Huntress, and Crazed Killer
  • XWC United States Champion
  • XWC World Champion
  • UCW Internet Champion (3x)
  • UCW Tag Team Champion (3x) w. Boot, Mad Maple, and Buffy

Theme Music

  • "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" by U2
  • "Trust" by Megadeath
  • "Oh My God" by Guns N' Roses

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