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Robbie with the UWL World Heavyweight Championship at a UWL TV Taping

Robbie Venom
[[Image:|270px|Image of Robbie Venom]]
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Ring Names
Height 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight 214 lb (95.5 kg)
Date of birth October 31, 1985 (age 22)
Place of birth Wrexham, Wales, UK
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Knoxville, Tennesee
Billed from The United Kingdom
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Debut Independent: July 14, 2006, Major (NLCW: March 9th, 2008
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Robert Cai Bamford (born October 31, 1985) is a British professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Robbie Venom. He is currently signed to Universal Wrestling League (UWL), and No Limits Championship Wrestling (NLCW). He is the current holder of the UWL World Heavyweight Championship. His brother, Jamie Bamford, is also a professional wrestler currently working for British promotion Grapple Arts World-Wide. May or may not have engaged in sexual activities with a variety of farmland animals (sheep, goats, chickens, etc.).

Early life

Robbie was born in Wrexham, Wales, the son of Rhys and Beth Bamford, one of four siblings (an older brother, and a younger brother and sister). Robbie was raised in Wales as part of a proud Welsh family and to this day is still extremely proud of his heritage. A keen footballer as a child, Robbie represented his home town Wrexham at school boy level but dropped the sport aged 16 as to concentrate on his school work, not seeing himself as good enough to pursue Football at a higher level. Robbie completed college gaining qualifications in I.T and Journalism before taking a gap year before university. It was during this gap year that Robbie, a big pro-wrestling fan, attended many independent shows and soon met and became good friends with a local wrestler. Robbie then decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional wrestler, joining a local indy federation's training school. Once Robbie graduated from the school aged 18, he began working for the federation as well as others around the UK before saving enough money to move to America and pursue the independent circuit there.


At the age of 19 and only one year into his career, whilst working for an independent federation in California, Robbie suffered a major injury to his spine and was told he may never wrestle again, and that he was also lucky to escape being paralysed. It took two vigorous years of physio therapy before Robbie was able to get back into the ring again. Robbie soon signed to No Limits Championship Wrestling, the first major federation he would work for, where he was friends with contracted wrestler "The Punk" Jamei Hunnigan.

Career - No Limits Championship Wrestling

Beginning NLCW

On March 9, 2008, Robbie made his NLCW debut in a three-way match against Derrick Lambert and "The Hardcore Redneck" John Thomas. Robbie was able to pick up the victory thanks to interference by The Punk. Two weeks later, on March 23, Robbie defeated fellow NLCW newcomer Slim T in his second match.

First Titles

On March 30, Robbie was booked in his first title match on Avulsion as he face Al Thadius for the NLCW Hardcore Championship. Robbie would win the title after hitting Thadius over the head with a sledge hammer wrapped in barbed wire, ending a brutal match. However, on April 13 Robbie would lose the title in his first defence and Pay-Per-View debut to Delfino, this was also Robbie's first defeat since joining NLCW. The next week on Avulsion, Robbie challenged Tyler Scott for the NLCW Television Title. Robbie would win the match after hitting the Abomination Bomb as Frank Merrit distracted Tyler. The next week would be Robbie's greatest challenge yet as he had two title matches on the April 27th edition on Avulsion. not only did Robbie have to defend his TV Title against Derrick Lambert, but he was also booked in a Tag Title match with The Punk against Rick Majors and Fuel. Once again Robbie shocked the world by successfully defending his TV Title, before pinning NLCW Legend Majors later in the night to win his third NLCW Title in seven weeks.


After losing the Tag Team titles to Chris Logan and Isaac Reynolds the next month, Robbie and The Punk disbanded. Robbie went on to win a few singles matches and also made it to the final of the Random Roulette Tag Team Tournament, where he and Hardcore Hendrick were defeated by Jackson and Tanya Black at NLCW’s annual British based PPV, 1NE (this match also feature Tag Team Champions Logan and Reynolds, who lost their titles to Jackson and Black). Following 1NE, Robbie has parted ways with NLCW choosing not to extend his initial 6 month contract with the company. The main reasons cited for this by Robbie in interviews since his departure were creative differences and wanting to focus on his career in UWL. It is believed he left NLCW on good terms and Robbie has not ruled out a return in the future saying “Never say never” in an interview.

Career - Universal Wrestling League


In April 2008, Robbie signed a contract to perform for UWL as well as NLCW. In an nterview Robbie cited his reasons, saying: "During my brief time in GAW, I really enjoyed working a lower profile, diffferent style of wrestling to NLCW, it was nice to mix it up a bit. So when GAW closed down, a few of the guys who worked for UWL recommended it. I'm close friends with a couple of the guys like Mark Faith and Ci McConnell, so I thought I'd give it a go." He made his debut on the April 23rd Championship Extravaganza III show beating Jake Hunter with a Shooting Star Press. After the match, Robbie was confronted by Canadian Kid, who insulted Robbie's British heritage. This led to a punch up that had to be broken up by UWL officials.

Canadian Kid

Folliwing his triumpth over Jake Hunter, Robbie was put in a six man tag match the next week. The match was originally booked to be Robbie and the 2 Man Army - Brad Hunter and Jason Hunt - taking on Canadian Kid, JR Zevon, and Matt Mathews. However, earlier in the night Mathews attacked and injured Jason Hunt, getting himself thrown out of the arena in the process. The match was changed to Robbie and Brad versus Canadian Kid and JR Zevon. The match was a no-contest as it broke into chaos when Rich Morrison came after both Brad Hunter and JR Zevon, and Candian Kid attacked Robbie with the Canadian flag. On May 10 at UWL's first ever Pay-Per-View broadcast, Robbie had the chance for revenge on Canadian Kid and did so getting the win. The feud was far from over though, as the two are booked to face each other on the June 7th Supercard, Destiny III, in a Flag Match. Both men were also in the four man tournament that took place on the May 21st TV Taping to crown the first ever champion of UWL's new title - the UWL United States Championship, with Robbie coming out as the eventual winner after defeating Chros Nichols then Alex Storm. The next week Robbie Venom and Chris Nichols teamed up to beat Canadian Kid and PH Davidson. The feud between Robbie and Canadian Kid finally came to an end at Destiny III as Robbie successfully defended his UWL United States Championship in the flag match. After the match Canadian Kid tried to attack Robbie but was stopped by Kyle Neverwinter, who was revealed as Robbie's new tag team partner.

Best of the Southeastern Super Juniors

The week after Destiny Robbie and Kyle (The Celtic Connection) defeated Bo Devine and Big Daddy Bombshell in tag team action. The following week, Robbie was entered into the Best of the Southeastern Juniors tournament along with 7 other men. After first defeating Dick Blood, Robbie then faced Josh Eagles in the semi-finals, a match which many said stole the show; Robbie was able to get the victory after hitting his Venom Splash to end a gruelling match. In the final Robbie faced Ma-Ku Shinnen (who was later revealed to be Mark Faith in disguise) and Robbie was the tournament's victor after forcing Ma-Ku to submit to The Poison.

The World Heavyweight Championship

Robbie's victory in the Super Junior earned him a shot at Ciaran McConnell and his UWL World title at All-Star Spectacular. The week before the Supercard, The Celtic Connection faced Ciaran and John Anthony, a match which saw Robbie take his first loss in UWL when Ciaran pinned Kyle. At All-Star Spectacular, Robbie was unable to overcome Ciaran in a gruelling contest and he was pinned for the first time in his UWL career. Undeterred, the next week Robbie got back to winning ways, defeating Flap Flanagan before it was announced there would be a four-way elimination match at UWL's first ever show in the UK - Live in Liverpool. The match saw Robbie, Mark Faith, Thaurer, and Ciaran McConnell battle for the World Championship. After Ciaran was shockingly eliminated first, it came down to Robbie and Faith, and eventually Robbie was able to force Faith to submit, winning his first World Championship after less than three months in the promotion. Following these results, Robbie was forced to vacate the Unted States title as it is against UWL rules for one man to hold two singles championships at one time (this was only the second instance that this had happened in UWL's history). Following the victory, Robbie was attacked by new stable Hostile Uprising, something he now looks to avenge. The next week Robbie had the opportunity to become a double Champion as The Celtic Connection received a shot at Ultimate Awesomeness' tag gold. At the start of the match, Robbie and Kyle revealed themselves as the masked men who ha been attacking Ultimate Awesomeness in recent weeks, signalling a heel turn by the tag team. Despite picking up the win, it was via count out after Robbie hit Flap Flanagan with a steel chair, so the belts stayed with the Champions. Robbie’s first title defence came two weeks after winning it as he faced and defeated Josh Eagles at a July 30 TV Taping, debuting his new finisher “The Mortality Overdose” (a Springboard 720 DDT) to win the match.

The Coalition

At the next TV Taping, Robbie was given the chance for revenge against Hostile Uprising when he faced member Drakonin. The match was effectively a squash as Robbie was victorious. The next week Robbie faced and defeated old NLCW partner Jamei Hunnigan who had signed to UWL a couple of weeks earlier. During this show (July 13 TV Taping) The Celtic Connection added Tiger Claw to their ranks as he accepted their invitation after weeks of asking. At the July 20th TV Taping where the Coronation Cup finals would take place, Robbie made not only one but two UWL World Heavyweight Championship defences. First he defended the title in a scheduled defence against Johnny Dalton; then after the match he was challenged by Flap Flanagan. Robbie accepted and won. Also at this show, Dave Hunter was recruited to The Celtic Connection. The next week at UWL’s second ever PPV event, Honor and Glory, Robbie would defend the belt against Coronation Cup winner John Anthony, and after a great match Robbie would once again come out victorious. After the match it was revealed that The Celtic Connection and the Hard Rock Connection would join forces to form the stable known as The Coalition. However, the very next week Robbie and Dave Hunter competed to a time limit draw against Matt Mathews and Tim Harrison, Robbie shockingly turned on Dave and then Kyle Neverwinter and left The Coalition. The next week Robbie revealed his reasons, claiming that a “new Robbie” had been born when he won the title and that he had gone down the wrong path; he stated that it was time to be an honourable Champion and do things the right way. That night Robbie successfully defended the World title against former Champ Ciaran McConnell. Robbie is now scheduled to face Brad Hunter for the belt at Pure Aggression.

Grapple Arts World-Wide

Robbie has also had two runs in British promotion Grapple Arts World-Wide (GAW). The first began just a week after he signed to NLCW, and Robbie stayed in the promotion until it took a hiatus around six weeks later. GAW reopened on August 22, 2008 and Robbie again signed on a show by show deal, winning the GAW Universal Duos Championship along with his younger brother Jamie Bamford. Robbie then left to concentrate on working for UWL and CIW. During his two runs in GAW, Robbie never lost a singles match.

Castle Island Wrestling



In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
  • Mortality Overdose (Springboard 720 DDT)
  • Venom Splash (630 Splash)
  • The Poison (Elevated Boston Crab)
  • Signature Moves
  • Shooting Star Press
  • Springboard Shooting Star Press to outside
  • Fosbury Flop
  • Springboard Dropkick
  • Springboard 450 Splash
  • Managers and Associates
  • The Punk (March 2008 - June 2008)
  • Kyle Neverwinter (June 2008 – September 2008)
  • Jamie Bamford (August 2008 – September 2008)

  • Nicknames
  • "The Pain"
  • "Instant Impact"
  • "The Living Legacy"
  • "The Antidote"

  • Theme Music
  • "Scream" by Avenged Sevenfold (March 2008 - Current)
  • "Second Heartbeat" by Avenged Sevenfold – The Celtic Connection theme (June 2008 – September 2008)
  • "Dread and the Fugitive Mind" by Megadeth – The Vanity and the Venom theme (March 2008 - Current)

Championships and Accomplishments

  • Universal Wrestling League
  • UWL World Heavyweight Champion
  • UWL United States Champion (first ever)
  • Best of the Souteastern Super Juniors 2008 Tournament Winner
  • Pro Wrestling Honor
  • PWH Heavyweight Champion (final)
  • PWH Pride Champion (first ever)
  • No Limits Championship Wrestling
  • NLCW Tag Team Champion – w/The Punk
  • NLCW Television Champion
  • NLCW Hardcore Champion
  • Castle Island Wrestling
  • CIW Endurance Champion (first ever)
  • Pro Wrestling Supremacy
  • PWS Pride Champion (first and only)
  • Grapple Arts World-Wide
  • GAW Universal Duos Champion – w/Jamie Bamford (first ever)
  • Adrenaline Rush Wrestling
  • A-RUSH Tag Team Champion – w/The Punk (first and only)

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