Robert "Bobbo" Davis
[[Image:|px|Image of Robert "Bobbo" Davis]]
Real name Robert Davis
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Height 6'2"
Weight 275 lbs.
Date of birth October 1st, 1985
Place of birth Reno, NV
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Reno, NV
Billed from Reno, NV
Trainer Nicholas Brantner
Handled by
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Debut April 3rd, 2005
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Personal Info

Before Wrestling

Robert (aka Bobby or Bobbo in the ring) grew up in Reno, NV. He was the first born of two children. He has a younger sister named Lydia. His father died when he was 11, which is a major reason why he stepped into the ring. His father was the one who showed him pro wrestling at a very young age. After he graduated from high school, he entered into training at Nic Brantner's Crash and Burn Wrestling Crash Course. After proving himself in one of the faster-paced learning programs in the business, Bobby was ready to make his debut.


Bobby assumed his childhood nickname of Bobbo and signed a deal with One Up Wrestling. Bobbo was one of the stars that helped launch the program, premiering alongside other greats like, Micheal "BDS" Sweet, Michael "Plat" King, and Dylan "Gamr" Scott. His first televised match was at OUW Paramount on April 3, 2005, where he lost to G-Prime. Afterwards, he went on to feud with Revolution, taking on Chris "Coz" Zernskie and BDS in a tag team championship match alongside Sonic, which the new team lost. He decided to target only one member of Revolution, which was BDS. The two went on to a match at OUW Massacre, where Bobbo won and became the first ever OUW FTR Champion. Bobbo defended the title successfully for over a month before losing to Wolf. Bobbo went on to participate in OUW's first ever Elimination Chamber match, where he was eliminated third by Wolf. After this match, Bobbo went on a year-long hiatus. He returned at OUW Finale to wish the departing superstars well before disappearing again for a short time. Finally, Bobbo was ready to reappear, and did so with the reformation of the OUW. Bobbo went in and immediately called out his old tag partner Terry "Sonic" Pierce for a match. Gamr made the match for OUW Midnight Melee, and it was there that Bobbo won, advancing in the OUW Championship tournament. His next match was against Jasper "Dark" Griffin, a match he lost. He then went on to fight in a three-way match at Culmination against Coz and Jace Kage for the number-ine contendership to the US Championship. He was pinned by Jace. He then challenged John "Pheonix" Hessingstock to a match, attempting to get Pheonix to give up a shot at the OUW Intercontinental Title. He won that match by disqualification, and Gamr awarded him a shot at the IC title at next week's Sunday Night Storm. Bobbo then appeared in a series of vignettes showing him on vacation before the match, making witty remarks in an attempt to infuriate Pheonix, an idea that succeeded. However, at Storm Bobbo lost his match despite having delivered his finisher, the "Bobbo Bomb." Recently, he posed a challenge for OUW's Genesis pay-per-view, offering for anyone from any wrestling organization to come to the OUW's event and be in a match with him. None of stepped to the plate to answer yet, and perhaps it is wiser that they don't...

OUW FTR Championship Reign

OUW FTR Championship
Preceded by:
Succeeded by:

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