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Robert Garland is an accomplished wrestler when it comes to e fedding. His career began back in 2005 over at the site and has continued from fed to fed, usually each one closing down before he could get to the top.

In early 2007, he has signed up with the GWF as Flaming Badger and ever since then went from one high stakes battle to the next throught his time there. Robert Garland, himself came up with the idea of GWF Sunday Brunch as a way to give the lower cards some more matches... soon though, it's turned into a development fed, much like the old one Extremely Violent Entertainment.

Through being a match writer, and a booker for a small development show, along with a multi time GWF Promo of the Week winner... He's pretty busy!

On June 6,2008, Garland has officially stepped down from management of GWF's Sunday Brunch. He still however calls some of the shots and makes some of the decisions made.

E-Feds Participated In



Random wrestling seasons around Gamefaqs.

Championships Obtained

The GWF Global Championship 1x
The ECF Extreme Championship 1x
The EWA Breathrough Championship 1x
The GWF Tag Team Titles 1x w/ Josh The Jersey Boy
The EWA Internet Championship 2x


GWF Promo of the Week winner, 1st place = 2x 2nd place = 2x 3rd place = 1x
Creator of the GWF Sunday Brunch wiki.
Participated in the only 3 ECHW Bathroom Stall Brawls ever.
3x Double Champion.
Undefeated in EWA for 10 strait matches.
Working The ECF Extreme Division
Main Eventing the GWF.
Obtained #1 Contendership for the GWF United States Championship
Obtained #1 Contendership for the ECHW Television Championship
Obtained #1 Contendership for the ECF Extreme Championship
Owner of GWF Sunday Brunch
Has been called Paul Heyman v.2
Experienced as a Face, Heel, and a Tweener.
Obtained #1 on the Power 15 in the GWF two times in a row.
Has never been made to submit.
Leader of EWA's I.W.D. (With Michael Smart and Shane Xzavery)

GWF Awards

Nominated For
2007 fued of the year. (W/ AT Fire)
2007 Newcomer of the year.
Most likely to be World Champion in 2008.
2007 Match of the year (W/ Dave Shadow) (Barbed Wire Ropes Match).
2007 Match of the year (W/ Dave Shadow and AT Fire) (Triple Threat).

Current/Past Stables and Tag Teams

The Killer Kookies Kid (GWF)
(With Shane Xzavery and Josh The Jersey Boy

Tag Team w/ Chris Williams (GWF)

The Iconic Wrestling Design (EWA)
(With Shane Xzavery and Michael Smart)

More Wrestling Information

Height = 5'11
Weight = 209 lbs.
Hometown = New Orleans, Louisiana
Nicknames = "The Original Badger;" "Rodent;" "Badger;" "Red Badger"

Sig Moves

Brain Damage (Saikyou High Kick)
Steam Roller
Rear Naked Choke
Body Splash
Falling Scar (Matt Hardy's Butterfly Lock)
Bite of the Badger (Senton corner Front Leg Drop)
Cradle DDT

Entrance Themes Used

"Tread the Floods" - Trivium (ECF)
"The Black Halo" - Kamelot (GWF)
"Face Fisted" - Deathklok (GWF)
"Time" - Joe Satriani (ECHW; EWA)
"The Beautiful People" - Marilyn Manson (ECHW)
"Meaning of Life" - Disturbed (GWF)
"So Hated" - Zeromind (GIW)
"Weapon of Choice" - Fat Boy Slim (GWF Stable Theme - The Killer Kookies Kid)
"Ion" - Apocalyptica (EWA) Stable Theme - The Iconic Wrestling Design)
"Redemption" - Shadow's Fall (EWA)

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