"The Mexican Sensation" Evil Gringo
Real name Robert Heard
Ring Names Mexican Sensation, Mexicutioner, Latino Demon, Mr. TWOStars, Pingu
Height 6'0"
Weight 225lbs
Date of birth 01/08/1985
Place of birth Rochdale, Manchester, England
Date of death None
Place of death None
Resides Manchester, England
Billed from Rochdale, Manchester, England
Trainer Self trained until 2003 whilst in RCW, NOAH Dojo (03-05)
Handled by Robert Heard aka Evil Gringo
Win/Loss Record N/A
Debut 25/02/05
Retired N/A
Robert 'The Evil Gringo' Heard is an English Professional wrestler who due to a twisted upbringing believes and acts as though he is a Mexican. He currently works for TWOStars making his debut in February 2005 and continuing to be a part of their active roster until the present day.

Early career

Gringo started his career in RCW aka Rochdale Championship Wrestling in 2001 at the age of just 15. During his time with the company he would have several chances to win the World Title but would come up short in his efforts against his three biggest rival, Spam, Alex Woods and Chris Law. He did however in this time win the Intercontinental and Dark Hardcore titles from Spam and was never defeated in his run as the hardcore champion.

In 2002 he suffered an almost career ending knee injury when his ACL and PCL tore and his knee cap dislocated during a match against Spam but he returned to face Woods for the RCW World Title in a 'title v career' match that ended when Gringo missed his Six Star Tequila Splash, hurting his knee and leaving him open to the Male Insertion and the three count.

Gringo would later return after more rehab in the fall of 2002 to take over as the 'Commish' of the company by defeating Steven Moore thanks to the help from his former nemesis Spam, the two taking out Moore with 'The Anne Doyle Keith-Cut of Love', a GringoKick into a Tombstone Piledriver and finally Gringo's Six Star Tequila Splash.

The company would soon wind down due to a lack of venues to perform and injuries to key stars. It did have two final shows however - one against E.O.W. in the Woods Sports Center of Spotland with Gringo and Spam teaming up in a losing effort due to the work of a crooked referee. (Gringo would have his revenge however by nailing the ref after the bell with his newest move 'Shock Therapy') and then finally at The Rawentstall G-Mex Gringo would take on Spam Jr in a close match that ended with a defeat after the younger Spam used a Van Spaminator with a chair whilst the ref was down.

After end of RCW Gringo was invited over to Japan and worked a tour with NOAH, usually alongside KENTA and Marufuji and this included a special match for him on this 18th birthday when he teamed with the pair to take on Kotaro Suzuki, Kanemaru and Ricky Marvin. Gringo would get his first pinfall win in NOAH in this match with his first SSP since his knee injury, landing it for the 1-2-3 on Suzuki.

Gringo was by now jaded with the industry however and left to gain a new job, only wrestling on occasion to keep fit and sharp until he received an offer that changed his life...


The Gringo entered into TWOStars at the request of then owner Darkstar, a man who Gringo had some personal history with and who felt Gringo could do with the work.

He quickly began to show his worth with wins over Hank Hammerton and Dominator before winning an 8 man elimination Battle Royal to become the number one contender to the TWOStars World Title, a title he went onto win at WrestleNova against TWOStars and ERE legend Acid Christ.

The Rise of the Sensation

From here, at the youthful age of just 19 Gringo would go on to begin a legacy few could match. He defeated Dominator, ERE World Champion Mr. Fill, Draven Cage and Chris2k to retain his title in successive defenses as his first run lasted an impressive five months.

Later as his faction 'The Future' imploded he was double crossed by friend The Incredible Holt and lost his title in the first ever Elimination Chamber match in TWOStars history before rebounding back with wins over Darkstar in a 'Three Wishes' match, Sam H and Deadman of ERE and coming close to the title at No Mercy in a triple threat match with Barry Gower and Holt and later at Survivor Series 2005 in a four man elimination Ironman match against Holt, Dante Mueller and Brett Banner. He would then enter 2006 and the Battle Royale PPV and do what is often thought impossible - winning the TWOStars 30 man Rumble match from number one and booking his second straight Nova main event - a match he would lose to Holt as the cage they where fighting in buckled and broke, flinging Holt to the outside and victory just as the belt had seemed in Gringo's grasp.

New Blood Rising

At this time a new group of talent in Drake Rush, Michael Howell III, Arron Winter, Red Scorpion and Ashton Butcher broke through and began to make waves in the company as 'The New Blood'. Although Howell would leave after a disagreement with both bookers and his stable mates the rest carried on and faced off in 'War Games' against Team TWOStars, lead by Gringo and also containing his newest tag partner, Black Dragon. In an all out war the end finally came when Dragon, sick of being in the shadow of Gringo, turned on him and aided the New Blood in dismantling him. This lead to a series of matches between the two which ended, along with Dragon's career, in a violent hardcore match which Gringo ended by smashing Dragon from the top rope into thumbtacks with a Super Shock Therapy during their brutal Thumbtack War at Zero Tolerance 2006. Later he would try and reclaim the World Title from Gower but would come up short at MSNoD and later in the first ever King of the Mountain match in TWOStars history before being helpless to stop Drake Rush win his first world title.

Losing Streak

From here Gringo would team with new friend Twiggie but would go on a losing streak that would see him lose to Drake and his newest enemy Dangerous Dan Jackson.

Gringo at this time only managed one win in singles competition over the rookie Jason LaRoque and began to get more and more paranoid, seeing his more successful partner as the reason for this demise and arguing constantly with Twiggie despite the hippies best wishes.

As 2006 ended and 2007 arrived Gringo sought out the Rumble match as a goal, the site of one his greatest triumphs he felt could feed him the energy to finally overcome Jackson and then regain a foothold on the ladder of World Title contendership.

However in their tag match a miscommunication allowed Gringo to once more lose at the hands of the Dangerous One as he and Arron Winter picked up the win over the duo - Gringo seemed to be fine with it, even hugging his partner but that was until the Rumble match.

Return to the Darkside

Gringo would make it into the last six of the Rumble match once more, helped by his partner in crime Twiggie... that is until he shocked the world and eliminated not only Twig but himself in an effort to cripple and humiliate his former friend, claiming he was living off Gringo's name and image like a parasite, making himself stronger whilst Gringo grew weak.

This would lead to a long and violent feud with Twiggie managing a win at Hell to Pay 2007 before the two collided in a Last Man Standing match at WrestleNova III which ended with the not often seen Black Hole Press that crashed the Hardcore Hippy through a barbed wire board, two tables and a stack of light tubes for the final and match ending ten count. Using this as a springboard Gringo went on to challenge Boyo, the newly crowned World champion with whom he had contested several match of the year contenders in 2006, and defeated him via count out after Powerbombing the Welshman through a flaming table with aid from his new faction, Faction Encompassing wRestling Excellence or F.E.R.E.

F.E.R.E Inc.

Consisting of the tag champions AC/DC (Apollo Chambers and Draven Cage), Gringo and Maquina De Lucha (who later unmasked and was revealed to be Crippler) the stable known as FERE began to run rampant through the roster as the four men and their entourage (Mamacita, Angel and Bobby Banks) took on all comers and aided Gringo in recapturing the World title after a two year wait in a brutal Barbed Wire Cage match with Boyo.

Soon after Maquina would unmask to reveal Crippler and put Boyo out of wrestling with a shoulder injury whilst Gringo would turn his attention back to Twiggie, losing to the now XTV Champion in special 'Champion v Champion' match at Endgame before facing the Twiggster again along with Draven Cage, Jason 'Jaycey Baby' LaRoque, Sickness and Arron Winter in the second ever Elimination Chamber match at MSNoD 2007 where Gringo went down in history as the only man to ever eliminate all five other men from the match on the way to retaining his title.

DC was bitter however as Gringo had been the last man to enter the Chamber and also was aided by Cage during the match and even argued that had Cage not Gored himself into the glass of a chamber pod then Gringo would never have defeated him and would have lost the title. FERE was about to implode just like the Future before it...

Second title ends reign ends and a new division arrives

Gringo would cast aside the words of DC and seek on final confrontation with Twiggie, his title on the line as he sought to once and for all end their feud. In a back and forth match Gringo tried everything he could to retain his title and defeat the Hardcore Hippy but at Genocide 2007 it was not to be as the longest and most successful title reign in TWOStars history came to and end as Twiggie nailed the champ with the Twiggaludo Frosion and ended his title run. Soon after the roster found itself under the management of not one but THREE men as Darkstar, Holt and Winter all sought to out do the other. The only thing they could agree on it seems was that they could not stand each other and as a result divided the roster into three with Darkstar claiming the World title as his own belt and drafting Sickness, Jaycey and Gringo as his top three stars. Holt responded by running the Pure Division and established his own title, the Pure World Title and drafted Chambers, Gower (who was now part of FERE after Crippler left the company), The Judge and Elder. Winter not to be outdone brought in the World Hardcore Title and choose DC and Twiggie as his figureheads.


Gringo was placed in a tournament by Darkstar for the newly vacated World Title and first defeated Sickness and then Jaycey for the gold to become the first ever three time world champion in the company.

He defeated Jaycey in a rematch to retain but soon became bogged down in the inter divisional strife that happened on the roster. It was then decided that all three champions of the brands would face one another - Gower, Gringo and Twiggie - with the winner taking all three titles and being crowned the new Triple Crown champion of the company with the three co-owners, Winter, Holt and Darkstar also facing off to define the sole owner once and for all.

Taking place at World Wat 2007 the two three ways shook the company as Arron Winter defeated Holt and Darkstar to claim the sole ownership of the company and Twiggie defeated Gringo once more to claim the right of being the first ever holder of the Triple Crown.

FERE is over

Not long after Gringo, blaming Gower for him losing the match at World War, broke away from FERE and targeted Gower, vowing to make him pay and avenge the loss of his third world title.

AC/DC where stuck in the middle but decided to go it alone, dumping both Gower and Gringo on their heads and splitting on good terms with each other into the singles ranks.

Gringo did not seem fazed by this however and continued to chase Gower, the two colliding in a Last Man Standing match at Seasons Beatings 2006 that ended in a double knock out before once more attacking each other during the Rumble match at Battle Royal 2008. During this time Cage defeated Twiggie and became the Triple Crown champion whilst Judge won the Rumble match and set a date at WrestleNova IV against the World Champion - but who that might be was cast into doubt when Winter announced the return of the King of the Mountain match that would see Gilmore, Twiggie, Gower and Gringo all qualify to face Cage.

Hell to Pay and a special date with Baz

At Hell to Pay 2008 Gringo came close to winning the Triple Crown on several occasions having pinned the champion Cage to earn the right to attempt to hang the belts. However he was too focused on his nemesis Gower and eventually the pair brawled their way through the crowd and out of the arena as Cage retained his championship and booked a date with his former partner, The Judge, at WrestleNova IV. Soon after in an attempt to finish the feud Winter booked Gower and Gringo in a falls count anywhere match, which Gringo won after a DDT onto the windshield of Paul Heyman's car knocked Gower out long enough for a three count. But neither man wished to end it here - both men wanted to prove they where both the better man AND wrestler and to this end Gringo challenged Gower to the one match that would prove this...

Iron Man match - 60 minutes at WrestleNova IV, the match to end it all

The two collided in a match heralded as the finest of Gringo's career and some state the match of the night. Both men where weary of each other's big moves and eventually it seemed Gower had finally taken the match, when with only a couple of minutes left, he slapped on the Torture Dispenser in the middle of the ring...

Gringo clung on however and the match, still at 0-0 went into overtime and the two men, drained and bruised and battered tried everything they could until finally Gringo was to pull out a new move - the A.E.S. - and gain the only pinfall and finally end the 70 minute plus epic and their feud once and for all.


Fresh from his win over his nemesis Gringo demanded that he be seen as the number one contender to the new Triple Crown Champion, Judge, stating he was the companies only TRUE Iron Man. He even began to dress in hotrod red and gold like the comic book hero and adopted the move that won the Iron Man match (a Fisherman's Screwdriver) as his new finisher, calling it the A.E.S. (Anthony Edward Stark) in honor of the beloved Marvel character. Not only that but he also switched his entrance music to the brooding Iron Man by Black Sabbath such was his joy in his success at 'Nova IV.

However this did not sit will with up and coming Johnny Rockefeller, who on the same night as Gringo's epic win had ended the career of Gringo's former nemesis, Boyo, making the legend tap in a HIAC match with the Sharpshooter. Rocky was aiming to 'sharpshoot careers' and singled out Gringo as the next step on the road to where he felt he belonged - as TWOStars Triple Crown Champion.

The two collided in various situations and matches in the weeks running up to the TWOStars Redemption PPV and there they finally collided, in a match where both Rockefeller's 'Jet Set' and Gringo's 'downthesun' entourages collided. In the end Gringo found himself struck with J-Rock's Golden Ball bat and although he kicked out of the pin, he had no answer to Rocky's killer blow - The Jet Set Driver - which granted the young star the win and it seems a shot at the Judge.

The feud however has not been ended by this... Gringo still wants Rocky to face him one on one in a clean match with the chance at the title on the line and in response J-Rock aided the Department of Homeland Security in taking Jun Sasaki back to Japan as retribution for his involvement in the Redemption PPV match...

Finally things went a step too far as J-Rock managed to gain the contract of Gringo's Mamacita and made her his lacky... which lead to Gringo placing his career on the line in a bid to win not only the number one contendership to the Triple Crown but also Becki...

The two went at it, back and forth until Gringo brought Rocky down off the top rope with a Tornado Double Underhook DDT, the force of which destroyed J-Rock's shoulder and granted Gringo victory via referee stoppage and banished Rockefeller from the federation for good...

The Evil Immortal Highlanders

After Zero Tolerance there was big news in TWOStars, the tag belts where to be re-instated and a new number one contender to face AC/DC - the last ever champions - would be needed or so everyone thought until GM Arron Winter declared the titles vacant and announced a tournement to see who would gain the belts...

Gringo sought out the help of big man Willard the Immortal and the two made it through to the Semi-Finals before falling to former champions AC/DC in a hard fought match but regardless of that Gringo and Willard along with Will's friends, the Immortal Highlanders had become fast friends and enjoyed playing ribs and pranks on everyone backstage - including the GM - which lead to Evil Immortal being place in a 2 on 3 handicap match against Haynes, Hart and Helms at the Endgame PPV. The sheer force and stength of Willard coupled with the speed and experience of Gringo was too much for team Triple H, as Willard picked up the win and marked a successful start to life as a team for Gringo and he.

Dealing with an old foe and making a new friend

In the run up to the Summer spectacular that is Mid Summers Night of Destruction Gringo once more had his eyes of the top gold, now held by Gower who had managed to screw over the Judge and was now part of GM Arron Winter's group, Image Inc. To get there though he had to face respected ring veteran Craig Van Dam, a former Million Dollar champion in ERE who had also won gold as part of TWOStars who had plently of history of his own with the Triple Crown champ...

Just before MSNoD the two collided in a number one contenders match with the odious Gower as the referee which lead to the Belfast goon screwing over Gringo once more. CVD however knew nothing of what was going to happen and was just as shocked and disgusted as Gringo, apologising to him which sparked a mutal respect between the two which has continued to grow over time into a strong friendship

With the top belt out of the running Gringo then set his eyes on the TV title and qualified for the Battle Royal at MSNoD for the gold only to be elimanated from the match by another Image Inc member, this man being the Tinseltown Terror, Famous... it wouldn't be the last time the two would meet either...

After MSNoD Gringo had one final score to settle - he had never beaten the team of AC/DC, the team comprised of his hated old friends turned foes Draven Cage and Apollo Chambers. He enlisted the help of new friend CVD and the two faced off against the former tag kingpins who by now had a somewhat strained relationship as well as best evidenced when Cage went mental, flattening his partner with the Wrist Clutch Expulsion of Sanity when the match was all but won before dropping CVD on top of Chambers for the 1, 2, 3... that allowed the team of Gringo and CVD their first big win, all be it in a bizarre manner.

Ride The Lightening

Under Construction

United States Champion

Under Construction

Cracks Start to show, Title Loss & Split

Under Construction

Gringo Finally Wins Back the BIG One

Under Construction

Fued with CVD & Losing the Gold

Under Construction

Burn Out, Marriage and Hiatus

Under Construction

The Sensational Return

Under Construction

Title History

ERE World Champion x 1

Defeated 'The Hangman' Draven Cage and Johnny Rockefeller in a Three Way Ladder Match - TWOStars End of Days 2011

TWOStars Triple Crown Champion x 1

Defeated 'The Executioner' Edward Samson on XTV 5:30 w/Black Hole Press

V1 Defence - Defeated 'The Executioner' Edward Samson on XTV 5:31 w/Green Destiny

V2 Defence - Defeated Johnny Rockefeller by DQ on XTV 5:34

V3 Defence - Defeated due to DQ by CVD - Remains as champion as title cannot change hands via DQ

V4 Defence - Defeated Apollo Chambers on XTV 5:38 w/Wrist Clutch A.E.S.

Lost: Defeated by CVD at Battle Royale 2010 in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match, 4 Falls to 3

Fall 1 - Gringo w/GringoLock

Fall 2 - CVD w/Sunset Flip Cutback

Fall 3 - CVD w/5-Star Frog Splash

Fall 4 - CVD via Count Out

Fall 5 - Gringo w/Death Star Press

Fall 6 - Gringo w/Jacknife Hold

Fall 7 - CVD w/Package Piledriver

TWOStars World Heavyweight Champion x 3

Reign 1: Defeated Acid Christ at Wrestlenova 1, April 2005 - (4 defenses April 2005 - August 2005)

V1 Defense: Defeated Dominator at TWOStars Backlash 2005 with the GringoLock

V2 Defense: Defeated ERE Champion MrFill at TWOStars/ERE One Night Stand 2005 with a Doomsday Death Star Press

V3 Defense: Defeated Chris2K at TWOStars King Of The Ring 2005 with the Death Star Press

V4 Defense: Defeated Draven Cage at TWOStars Capital Carnage 2005 with a Death Star Press through a table (whilst DC was being Powerbombed by the Incredible Holt) in a Last Man Standing Match

Defeated by The Incredible Holt at MSNoD 2005 in an Elimantion Chamber Match via Pinfall w/IncrediDDT on the steel panel

Reign 2: Defeated Boyo at Zero Tolerance 2007 in a Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match via Escape - (5 defenses: May 2007 - September 2007)

V1 Defense - Deafeated MASS in a Title match in the Main Event of XTV of 3:16 with an Inverted GringoLock

V2 Defense - Defeated Twiggie, Draven Cage, Jaycey Baby, Arron Winter and Sickness in the Elimanation Chamber main event of A Mid Summers Night of Destruction 2007

V3 Defense - Defeated Jason 'Jaycey Baby' LaRoque on XTV 3:32 with the Shock Threapy

V4 Defense - Defeated Arron Winter on XTV 3:35 with the Tequilla Slammer

V5 Defense - Match against Arron Winter on XTV 3:37 won via DQ

Lost: Defeated by Twiggie at Genocide 2007 via Pinfall from Twiggaludo Frosion

Reign 3: Won in tournament final over Jason 'Jaycey Baby' LaRoque at Payback, October 2007 with the Shock Therapy - (1 defense: October 2007 - November 2007)

V1 Defense: Gringo v Jason 'Jaycey Baby' LaRoque ended in a no contest - Gringo retained his title

Lost: Defeated by Twiggie at World War, November 2007 in a Triple Threat match also featuring Barry Gower when Twiggie used the Spike Driver Blues on Gringo

TWOStars United States Champion x 1

Won: v Famous at World War 2008 in a 2/3 Falls Match, 2 Falls to 1

Lost: v Sickness at Hell to Pay 2009 in an Ultimate X Match which also included CVD

TWOStars Battle Royale Winner 2006

RCW Intercontinental Champion

RCW Dark Hardcore Champion x 2 (Never defeated before companies closure and is still champion)


TWOStars Match of the Year 2008 - Wrestlenova IV v Barry Gower, IronMan Match

TWOStars Face of theYear 2008

TWOStars Match of the Year 2007 - Mid Summer Night of Destruction 2007, Elimination Chamber match v DC, Sickness, Arron Winter, Twiggie and Jason 'Jaycey Baby' LaRoque (joint winner with DC for the Endgame Elimination Chamber Qualification Match)

Entrance Music

  • Current
Welcome Home - Coheed & Cambria
  • Previous
For Whom The Bell Tolls - Metallica
Swamped - Lacuna Coil
Not Listening - Papa Roach
The End - Roadrunner United
Blackened The Cursed Son - Lamb of God
A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation - Trivium
Ironman - Black Sabbath
Hit the Lights - Metallica (w/CVD as Ride the Lightening)


The Mexican Sensation
The Sensation
The Mexicutioner

Finishing and Signature moves


  • Green Destiny - Fisherman's Emerald Flowsion *Innovated*
  • Death Star Press - Twisting Shooting Star Press Crossbody to a standing opponent *Innovated*
  • GringoLock - Anaconda Vice style submission

Signatures moves

  • Tequilla Slammer - Argentine backbreaker rack flipped over into a cutter
  • Skullburner + - Wrist Clutch Death Valley Driver
  • Cap It Off - Businaku Knee Kick
  • Exploder Suplex
  • Falcon Arrow
  • Super Falcon Arrow
  • Ode to Guerrero - Frog Splash
  • Memory of Misawa (MOM) - Tiger Driver
  • Springboard Missile Dropkick
  • Gringokick MkI - Capo/Liger Kick
  • Muto Who? - Shining Wizard
  • GringoKick MkII - Triangle Jump Enziguri
  • The Spanish Fly (Somersault Plancha)
  • Mexican Airforce Airstrike or M.A.A. Springboard Forearm
  • Gringo-plex MkI - Pumphandle, Half Nelson Suplex *Innovated*
  • Gringo-plex MkII - Half Nelson, Hammerlock Suplex *Innovated*
  • Gringo-plex MkIII (new) - Pumphandle, Half Chickenwing Suplex *Innovated*
  • Triangle Lancer - Neck and arm take down into an inverted Strangle Hold Gamma
  • Mexican Eagle Double Foot Stomp - either standing or off the top onto a fallen opponen
  • GringoSMASH! - Counter move to stop victim escaping the GringoLock when standing... Gringo will jump in the air with his foe still locked in the GL whilst standing... in mid air he will turn the foe round by unwrapping their arm and swinging them with the momentum, driving them face/shoulder down into the mat... Often transitions from here to the Inverted GringoLock *Innovated*
  • LOCK UP! - Counter to the opponent standing in the GringoLock... Gringo will maintain the GringoLock grip and will jump in the air dragging his victim... Foe will start to level out and Gringo will maintain the grip whilst moving forwards and sitting out so the pair land in a modified Side Effect. Gringo will then crank at the standard version of the GringoLock.


  • Shock Therapy - Cross Armed Electric Chair hold flipped into a sit out piledriver (Original finisher)*Innovated*
  • Mexican Phoenix - Phoenix Splash
  • Black Hole Press - Shooting Star Press over rotated into a Senton Bomb
  • The Aztecan Crucification - Anaconda Cross
  • Special del hombre del hierro - Translated roughly it means Iron Man Special in Spanish - Gringo's Inverted GringoLock. *Innovated*
  • A.E.S. (Anthony Edward Stark) - Fisherman's Screwdriver, named after the man who is Iron Man in honor of the move being used to win the Iron Man match against Gower

Championship Succession

TWOStars World Title
Preceded by:
Acid Christ
April 2005 - August 2005
Succeeded by:
The Incredible Holt
Preceded by:
May 2007 - September 2007
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
October 2007 - November 2007
Succeeded by:

TWOStars United States Title
Preceded by:
November 2008 - February 2009
Succeeded by:

TWOStars Triple Crown
Preceded by:
Edward Samson
November 2009 - January 2010
Succeeded by:
Craig Van Dam

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