Rocky Creed (born November 3, 1986) is an Australian wrestler currently contracted as a Fantasy Wrestling Alliance superstar on the Fight Night brand.

Rocky is also well known for his successful boxing career where he was 20-0 and had a reign as WBO World Heavyweight Champion.

Rocky Creed
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Rocky Creed]]
Real name Rocky Creed
Ring Names "Rocky Creed"
"The Rockman"
"King of Australia"
Height 6'2
Weight 235 Pounds
Date of birth 03/11/1986
Place of birth Melbourne,australia
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Melbourne,Australia and New York,NY
Billed from Melbourne,Australia
Trainer Steven Gagowski, Frank Mir, Kurt Angle
Handled by
Win/Loss Record {{{winloss_record}}}
Debut FWA Sunday Night Smash 30/11/07


Early life

Rocky was raised by his mother and father in the small suburb of Altona in Melbourne, Australia. His father was an accomplished amateur boxer, Rocky had a mixed childhood and was involved in some minor crimes as a teenager such as shoplifting and drag races. Rocky then began to train in boxing per request of his father at the age of 16 and he went to various gyms along Australia to mould him into a great boxer. By the time he reached 17 he already was a professional boxer.

Professional Boxing (2003-2007)

Rocky Creed made his debut in boxing at Jeff Fenech's Promotion based in Sydney on November 14, 2003. He fought Barry Hughes and defeated him on points 115-113 115-113 112-114 in a split decision, this was the start of big things for Rocky as he would go onto be the first Australian to capture the World Heavyweight Championship. In the next year he got up to 11-0 after defeating various no namers in Australian boxing but he shook the world when he scored a victory over Oleg Maskaev in a bout in Las Vegas in early 2005. Rocky went on to win the WBO Heavyweight Championship after defeating Wladimir Klitsckho in early 2006. Rocky had beat Ibragimov and Tyson to get the shot at Klitsckho and by now he was 17-0. He suffered a broken hand in a bout against Vitali Klitsckho but managed to win on points 116-112 114-112 114-111 in his hardest bout ever. When Rocky was seemingly at his best he beat Ruslan Chagaev and Evander Holyfield. However this would be the end of Rockys boxing career as he retired on August 15, 2007 after holding his WBO Title for over a year. This was a huge shock in the boxing world as Rocky was seemed to be one of those boxers who could reinvent boxing and get some interest back in the sport however Rocky hung up the gloves stating it was never his intention to box and that his father put so much pressure on him to do it.

Wrestling Training (2002-2007)

Rocky Creed's first wrestling match he viewed as a fan was the classic at WM12 between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, this was the match where he first became interested in pro wrestling but he would not seriously think about it as a future career until he was 16. Rocky Creed's first trainer in wrestling was a man by the name of Steven Gagowski a small time wrestling promoter and trainer in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, he first met him in 2002 and began having secret training sessions of wrestling whilst he was boxing as well. Rocky Creed however never was able to wrestle in a match because of fear of his father finding out. Rocky however kept training whenever he could in wrestling. As revealed in late 2008 with confirmations by the two trainers Rocky Creed trained with Frank Mir and Kurt Angle both respectively around about the same time in mid 2006. Rocky had some control over what he could do outside his boxing training which was surprising considering he was highly protected by the sport of boxing who always wanted to watch over him. Rocky sought Mir because he knew he could learn a whole number of styles from Mir and this is how he first learnt his great submission technique and Rocky was seriously contemplating moving to the sport of mixed martial arts. Kurt Angle also trained Rocky but was more or less a mentor and told him more about the mental and psychological side of the business to try and prepare Rocky, both trainers were praised a lot of by Creed in multiple interviews and Rocky stated in late 2008 his success in professional wrestling so far has solely been because of his three great trainers.

Part Time Wrestling for CCW (2005-2007)

Rocky wanted to do anything to get into professional wrestling while he was boxing but he understood the severe backlash that would come with him wrestling and that he would not be allowed by the WBO and legal action would be taken if he advertised himself in a wrestling match. Rocky Creed went under the alias 'David Shore' and wore a mask to prevent himself from being recognised even though he was performing for an attentance of no more than 500. Rocky Creed managed to win the CCW Championship three times all as David Shore and the first time he defeated Antonio Banks a.k.a Montel Vontavious Porter in April 2005. He won the belt two times later against Shane McClane (not to be confused with Shane Mclean) and JB Cool in January 2006 and September 2007. All of these title reigns lasted only the night he won them as he wasn't committed to professional wrestling yet and in a way did not want to start right at the bottom. David Shore revealed himself to be Rocky Creed after defeating JB Cool which caused a spark in the sporting world and the WBO had no case to try and sue Rocky with and all was looking upwards for Rockys professional Wrestling Career.

Short Term Wrestling in Japan (2007)

In late September 2007, Rocky Creed made his pro wrestling debut in Japan. Making his debut in New Japan Pro Wrestling against current TNA wrestler Alex Shelley he fought a 15 minute technical and high flying battle and was close to winning however Shelley's partner Chris Sabin interfered and cost Creed the match. He rounded up the short term tour with matches against Jushin Liger in a victorious manner, but lost to Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tajiri and Masato Tanaka.

FWA Career (2007-)

Rocky Creed officially signed for the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance on the 22nd of November 2007, there were many questions raised at the signing of the former WBO World Heavyweight champion especially since a lot of FWA management felt that he did not possess enough wrestling skills to last a long tenure in FWA. Making his debut on Sunday Night Smash on November 30 against Dante Westbrooke, Creed was defeated and started off his FWA career with an unimpressive loss. He fought Dante on the undercard of pay per view Winter Wasteland but again to no avail as he would be defeated once again. At the end of 2007 he only had 3 televised matches (the undercard match was available online on Being 1-2, Creed still had a lot to prove but he was willing to make the effort as long as the FWA was willing to take notice.

The start of 2008 involved 3 low profile victories for Creed on Sunday Night Smash but he got the callup to jump on Fight Night the flagship show on the 25th January against Alexx and cult figure Pumpking in a Carnal Contendership qualifying match. Creed put on a decent showing but could not prevent himself being pinned by the veteran Alexx, this would not be the last time he faced Alexx however. Creed took his next opportunity at qualifying for the new Carnal Contendership against Gill on Sunday Night Smash and won but this wasn't impressive as his next week. Diamond Jack Severino was placed in a match against the inexperienced Creed as a tune-up match but Creed stood up to the challenge and managed to salvage a draw but was in complete control at the conclusion of the match, this raised eyebrows in the FWA backstage as Creed had shown a vast improvement in such a short time. 'Pulling a Rocky Creed' is the term for this in FWA now. The next week was Carnal Contendership, where the winner of the battle royal would get a main event world title shot at Back in Business. Creed entered early and seemed to enjoy and thrive in the environment but was eliminated by Alexx, one of his arch nemesis' in the FWA. Still, Creed was improving at a rapidly increasing rate and the FWA was beginning to take notice. Creed was a part of the popular X-Division with Alexx, Darnell Porter, Wolf, Mountain Rush and Mark Reynolds among others. Picking up wins against Adam Rock, Randy Mysterious and a triple threat involving Mountain Rush and Mark Reynolds however was not enough to be put on the Back in Business main card and Creed was forced to settle for the main event of the undercard which was a battle royal. He finished in 3rd place after being eliminated by the duo of Mountain Rush and Daemon Inferno. Creed continued his momentum with a victory in a triple threat match against Wolf and Daemon Inferno on Fight Night in late March.

First Major Feud

Around April to May 2008 Rocky Creed had established himself as a mainstay in FWA but had yet to make his pay per view debut, however this all changed after accepting the open challenge that Diamond Jack Severino had laid out at Payback 2008, Maxx Power a wrestler who had a short stint in FWA around this time accepted however Severino shrugged that challenge off. Creed managed to be successful on his pay per view debut defeating foe Diamond Jack Severino with a R.U.B. The feud between the two simmered after the pay per view match but it has never evaporated as the two have faced off several times after this occasion.

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