Romeo Valentine
Chad MM 12
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Height 6'0
Weight 215 lbs.
Date of birth 2nd November 1983
Place of birth Montreal, Canada
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Resides Montreal, Canada
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Trainer Lance Storm
Scott D'Amore
WWE Ambitions
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Debut July 5th 2006 (Ambitions)
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Romeo Nico Valentine (born November 2, 1983), is a professional wrestler born in Montreal, Canada, working under his real name (without the Nico). He is currently employed by Xtreme Wrestling Organisation (xWo), wrestling on the Meltdown brand. He is one of the newest additions to the roster but already has an impressive fan-base due to his looks and in-ring ability.


Born in Montreal on November 2, 1983, Romeo had a very poor childhood. He was raised in The Bronx, New York by his mother, Vivian, and his abusive father, Frank. His father would regularly strike Vivian in front of Romeo and this can only have had a mental effect on the young Romeo. Frank Valentine was the person who introduced Romeo to wrestling, he took him to a local wrestling promotion that happened to show a young Peter Senerca (Tazz) wresting. From this day on Romeo was hooked, but his mother was strictly against Romeo ever seeing it again, this caused many rows in the Valentine household. On July 7, 1999, Frank Valentine mysteriously disappeared, leaving Vivian to care for a then 15 year old Romeo on her own. There was a widespread investigation on the disappearance, many people thought he had been murdered, but the general presumtion is that he just went A.W.O.L on his family. Romeo couldn't handle the stress and eventually ran off just before his 18th birthday, he went back to Montreal, where he was born. He got a part-time job working at a warehouse just on the outskirts of Montreal. This was just helping provide his accommodation until one day he got his lucky break. He noticed a flyer posted on a wall in downtown Montreal that was advertising for local wrestlers to take part in auditions to join a local wrestling school ran by Scott D'Amore. Romeo won the tryouts and received rave reviews all around the country for how he had performed. Many fans likened him to a mix of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, a combination anyone would wish to have. He would then be introduced to Lance Storm, a man who would help Romeo adapt his style and encorparate several technical manoeuvers into his repotoire. When he finally left the school in early 2006, he was a wanted man in the world of wrestling.

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