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Real name Robert Turner
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Height 6'2"
Weight 226 lbs.
Date of birth December 5, 1981
Place of birth Capecod, Massachusetts
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Resides Wilmington, Delaware
Billed from Wilmington Delaware
Trainer Himself
OCW: Online Championship Wrestling, Wrestling 2000, PWT
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Debut June 2006
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Robert Turner (born on the 5th of May, 1981) is an American wrestler who goes by the ring name of "Rot". He currently works for independent promotion Wrestling 2000, and the Independent Wrestling Empire. He has had moderate success so far in wrestling. He has been labeled "The Best Wrestler Alive" and "MSN's Next Superstar". He also coined himself "The Last Great Microphone Wielder".


Rot was born in Capecod, Massachusetts, but moved to East Hartford, Delaware. Rot was first born of two siblings in a moderately wealthy family. Two years after his younger brother was born (professional wrestler Russell Stephens) his parents had a divorce. The family then split, Rot and his father moving to East Hartford, Delaware, and Rot's mother staying in Capecod. Rot grew up as a pretty messed up child. He would get into fights with at school with bullies, and the teaching staff. One day he actually punched his principal in the face after he "disrespected" him as a person. Rot also didn't have a very pleasant relationship with his mother or little brother. Rot believed that Russell was the cause of his parents divorce. Rot has since made up with his brother. Once Rot moved onto Junior High and High School he began to change, and mature some. He still wasn't the nicest person. Rot since childhood loved the stars, and history.

High School

In East Hartford High, Rot was well-known and well-respected. In high school he didn't have many problems with authority, because authority knew him all too well, and knew not to push his buttons. Unlike most professional wrestlers, Rot didn't join the amateur wrestling squad, or football. Rot was actually into hockey. In his junior year he made one of three captains on the squad, but was kicked out in his second game because of a brawl that he provoked. Rot didn't lose the fight either. Throughout high school Rot would have his normal relationships with girls. A person posted on his fan site that he remembered Rot, he said that, "Rot was the biggest man-whore in our school." But things would soon change.

College And Change

Rot went to Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey. Rot had a full scholarship due to every generation of his family being in a war (besides for him of course). The scholarship was a lifesaver due to Rot's father not having the money to put him through, and being just over the level of income that you are eligible for financial assistance. In college, Rot met his good friend Tommy Grueder aka Palsied. Tommy was a huge fan of wrestling, and a mark of Shawn Michaels. Rot wasn't very big into wrestling throughout his whole life, but that would change. Tommy introduced him to wrestling (mostly Indy). Rot became very interested in wrestling, and told Palsied that they should go to a training school. Tommy did enroll in a school, but Rot didn't. Rot didn't have the monetary assets for it, nor the time. A big change happened while in his college years. He found what he professed to be the love of his life. She was Natalie Simon. They met in their sophomore year in college, and dated until well out of college. Rot and Natalie were coincidentally going into the same field of profession. Rot and Natalie majored in Astronomy sciences. Rot minored in History.

Life Out Of College And More Change

Rot and Natalie moved to Wilmington, Delaware. They moved into an apartment (which Rot still lives in) together. They were known as a very happy couple, and didn't seem to have any problems. But Rot did. Rot had many problems. He wasn't addicted to anything, but when he drank he was extremely violent (which also happened to his brother, Russell). Rot wouldn't hit Natalie, but he would destroy all of her possessions. Rot lost his job, and soon Natalie began to provide for both of them. Natalie was slipping into depression, and Rot recognized this from his father. Rot asked her what was killing her, and she simply replied with, "You." Although the two had been engaged, they called the marriage off, and parted ways. But this was after a huge change in Rot. After consuming a large amount of alcohol at a fair on a boardwalk, Rot passed out. He was left there, and when he woke up he found no one there. Natalie's ring was laying on his chest. The feeling that no one was there for him, and the love of his life's ring dumped onto him; Rot went through a deep psychological change. Rot returned to his apartment, and immediately called Palsied who was in California, of course wrestling. Palsied flew in, and he helped Rot get back to his feet. Palsied told Rot to train, and get into the wrestling business. Now Rot's younger brother was already in the business, and helped initiate the training.

Early Wrestling and PWT

Rot was trained by Ivan "Phantom" Nevelle, and his younger brother Russell "Ravage" Stephens. Both men having successful careers in wrestling. Rot wrestled in DIW for two months, but hated the environment. One fateful day, Rot was approached by Professional Wrestling Today. Rot signed a contract with PWT, and soon began to climb the ranks. His first match was a dark match, he faced Akmed. Rot quickly disposed of the big man, which impressed the PWT management. They scheduled him in a match the next week. That match was a Triangle bout (or a Triple Threat), he would go up against Sasco Studmen and Andrew Warren. Rot beat both men, and used his finishing move coined the "Inept" for the firs time. Rot went onto more success in the business. One night though, changed his perspective on PWT management. Rot and Palsied were due up to face the tag team champions (Bobby Johnson and MJ Storm) for the tag titles. Rot cut promos throughout the week, and in some opinions buried the opposition. But when Rot showed up at the Angel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Rot was informed that he would be losing to the team. Rot was extremely upset with the call, and asked "why?". The Road Agents told him it would help progress the storyline, but Rot wasn't in a storyline with them. So Rot demanded that the decision be changed, since he basically killed the opposition on the microphone. The Road Agents didn't change their mind. A few days after Rot and Palsied "jobbed" to the Tag champs, Rot informed PWT that he was leaving, and requested a release. PWT obliged.

The Innovative Revolution X

After leaving PWT, Rot was offered a job by a couple random promotions ranging from NWA territories to other unnamed promotions. But Rot had his eye on one promotion in particular, and that was indy promotion running out of New York called the Innovative Revolution X. Rot joined his friends that were either fired or released from PWT. Those names being Bryce Manning, Caleb Stephens, Drew Stevenson, and his other good friend Bryan Williams. Rot became a hit in IRX. His microphone and mat skills carried him to the top, and to the Innovative Championship. Rot was seen as the top most innovator in the IRX [behind Bryce Manning ;)]. Rot had many memorable matches. One match that really stood out was his match against friends Bryan Williams, and Scott Addams. The IRX began to diminish in activity, but Rot tried his best to keep it going. He cut a promo at a fan festival, and told the IRX loyal that he would lead them back to the promise land. That never happened.

The Now

After IRX dwindled into nothingness, Rot was in desperate need of money. He signed a contract with PWT, W2K, and OCW. He renewed relations with PWT, and signed a paid-by-appearance contract with them. A few days later he signed a contract with W2K. He currently is most active in OCW and W2K. Rot once had bad blood with owner Justin "2 Fine" Klein, but has seemed to put that aside for Bryan's sake. Rot is seemingly taking the MSN circuit by force as he is trying to build up his repoitoire of accomplishments. It was announced that Rot had ran from OCW due to a "violent enviroment". The actual reason isn't really known. Rot is rumored to have signed with Independent Wrestling Empire.

Personal life

Rot also has made many friendships throughout his career so far. His best friends are of course Palsied, and Bryan Williams. Some of his other friends are Bryce Manning, Caleb Stephens, Drew Stevenson, Georgia James, Sean Hunter, and Jamal Atkins. Rot's been known for some "beefs" though, he's rumored to dislike (with a passion) ex-trainer Ivan Nevelle, and OCW's co-owner Justin Klein. Those are only rumors though. One man that Rot publicly denounced was former X2:WA owner Jim Best. Jim Best fired Rot over the excuse of "causing controversy and blatant disrespect to fellow co-workers". None of these have been proven true.

Rot still resides in Wilmington, Delaware in the same apartment he shared with ex-girlfriend Natalie Simon. He has been seen helping out in the community of Wilmington.

Rot wants to be friends with Suicide Hank (Hank Collins) but Suicide Hank doesn't want be his friend ever.

Rot wishes he was Cross.


  • IRX: Innovative Champion
  • MSN: MSN Biggest lame 2007 and 2008


Common Moves

  • Knee-To-Back Breaker (Carlito Backcracker)
  • Leg Drop from Top Rope
  • Flipping Novacaine(Downward Spiral, old Edge Days) from top rope
  • Shuffle Side Kick
  • Moonsault
  • Crucifix Arm Bar
  • Springboard Elbow Smash
  • Enzugiri
  • Chop To Throat
  • Craddle DDT
  • Facecrusher (a la X-Pac's X Factor)
  • Headscissors from Top Rope or springboard
  • Drop Kick from either Top Rope or Springboard
  • Inverted Neckbreaker
  • Cross-Arm Russian Leg Sweep (Crosses arms on neck, does a very speedy Russian leg sweep)
  • Double Underhook Suplex
  • Snap Suplex (Followed up by a senton or leg drop)
  • Cradle Backbreaker
  • Sunset Flip pin
  • Belly To Belly Suplex (note: this move isn't overhead)
  • Victory Roll Pin
  • Death Lock (Triple H style)
  • Mat Ankle Lock
  • Sleeper Hold (any variation: standing, chickenwing)
  • Rear Naked Choke Hold
  • Cross Face
  • Rings Of Saturn
  • Front Facelock Chicken Wing

Trademark Moves

  • Cardinal (rolling thunder into leg drop)
  • Mock (Front Slam, to Knee drive to throat)


  • Inept (headscissors into a sit-down piledriver)

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