RoughKut Wrestling or simply RKW as it is known was founded by Steven "Rough Kut" Hanson and has been in off and on operation since 2000. RKW has had many presidents over the years including; men such as jD, J-Sin Knight, Sean "Torch" Smythe, Hayes, Little Jim, and Co-Presidents Lee Archer and Jack Hondo.

Year One

The first show, a weekly program called Saturday Slaughter, was in 2000 and featured SyN vs Cham Pain in a Hardcore rules match. What ensued was a blood bath that saw both men carried out on stretchers when Cham Pain slipped and fell off of the roof then SyN hit a Swanton Bomb from the nearly 5 story tall building. The match was officially declared a no contest but would not be the last time they met.

The second show crowned the very first championship in RKW history when TanK defeated Marcus Rosario to win the RKW Intercontiental Title.

Following the events of the past couple weeks TanK and SyN met in the ring, Cham Pain cost TanK the match when a female came out and distracted the ref allowing SyN to take advantage and gain the victory.

TanK was given his match with Cham Pain the next week. This time SyN interfered and cost TanK the match.

Following these events the very first RKW Pay-Per-View event took place, Merciless. A 7-match card, headlined by a rematch of the first main event in RKW, Cham Pain vs SyN for the World Title, loser must retire. SyN came out on top, with the help of interference by Shane Kai causing Cham Pain to retire. An event was held honoring Cham Pain afterwards.

TanK dropped his IC title and there was a match for it involving Kris Kage and Kold Blooded Killa. Interference caused a disqualification and set up a future rematch.

After this SyN was to take on Kold Blooded Killa in a match that saw KBK get knocked out.

As the weeks continued on SyN feuded with KBK, Kris Kage and Shane Kai (who had an obsession with urinating on people). Also Newcomer Logan was making waves as he captured the HardCore Title and just two weeks later ended SyN's 2nd Title run.

Fall 2004

Records between Year One and August 2004 have been lost. There are some details to what happened in the past, J-Sin Knight took over in 2002 and tried to bury the company. Jeff Lightning is a known champion from this era. (I am J-Sin Knight and I'm slightly offended by this comment haha. However I did create a history for Kut a few years ago but never got it to him. If interested in all of it email me at and whoever does this on Wiki can edit it as they please. Included is a list of title holders/results etc.) Jeff Lightning officially calls J-sin Knight out to a one role play match with Kut as special guest referee. Knight when you see me, you know where to find me... posted 11/30/12.

What we do know is that in August 2004 a handler named Chang ran things, who was part of the previous incarnation of RKW. On the 8/4/2004 the first edition of HardKnox (on record) was shown. In the only match on the card Kid Romeo defeated Jon to win the RKW Hardcore Championship.

8/14/2004 HardKnox featured a two match card. Kid Romeo squashed EvilCarniClown in a singles bout and in a match for the RKW Intercontinental title. Newcomer Johnny Mancino defeated fellow debutee Joseph David and Hardcore Champion Kid Romeo by use of a ring bell.

During this time Kid Romeo took the reigns as president and on the 8/21/2004 Edition of HardKnox a 3-match card took place. Kid Romeo lost a singles non-title match to Joseph David. Elijah Malachi defeated Johnny Mancino to earn the right at a shot at the Intercontiental Title and in a shocker Johnny Mancino and his Opponent Elijah Malachi teamed up to win the RKW Tag Titles against Joseph David and Wolfie.

8/30/2004 Johnny Mancino successfully defended his title against partner Elijah Malachi. Kid Romeo and Wolfie each picked up singles victories as well.

This would mark the last card on record for quite some time. RKW closed and was later Re-opened in late 2005.

The Last Inception?

In August 2009 RKW was reborn when The Catch 22 Corporation bought the rights to the promotion. RKW no longer a household name, took a regional approach, basing the promotion out of Northern Alabama. Many changes were in store.


The King Of The North and the Hardknox Titles were disbanded, the RKW World Heavyweight Title was renamed the RKW Championship. New stars were hired such as James Phoenix and White. Long time announce man, Bruce Charming, was moved to General Manager, his partner was fired and they were replaced with former DWF wrestler Joe Bruce and Michael Lane.


  • 8/10/09 - RKW came back with a bang by putting the newly named RKW Championship on the line in a twelve man battle royal; Anthony Douglas walked away with the prize.
  • 8/20/09 - T-Bone beat Blade and Anthony Douglas via countout when Douglas and Blade took it to the back.
  • 8/30/09 - Anthony Douglas continued his dominance by beating Blade clean to retain the RKW Championship.
  • 9/10/09 - White defeated James Phoenix with the help of Black while pretending to be hurt.
  • 9/20/09 - Blade and T-Bone, both wanting a title shot faced off in a #1 contenders match but unfortunly it ended in a double pin that set up a triple threat for the supercard.
  • RKW: All Spic an' Span - RKW's first supercard since coming back saw Douglas retaining his RKW Champiomship as well as James Phoenix finally defeating his nemesis, White. Trevor D. Sanderson also became the #1 contender when the referee didn't realize he wasn't in the match.
  • 10/10/09 - Black and White defeated Trevor D. Sanderson in a handicap match when Anthony Douglas failed to show up.
  • 10/20/09 - This show saw James Phoenix defeating Trevor D. Sanderson to become the new #1 contender.
  • 11/10/09 -James Phoenix defeated Anthony Douglasfor the RKW Championship.
  • 11/20/09- This show benefited The Children's Hospital of Alabama. James Phoenix and Adrian Steele was the main event and there were attacked by White and Anthongy Douglas; respectively.
  • The Bible Belt Bash- Three main things happened: former RKW Champion Joey K. came back and defeated previously undefeated wrestler The Godfather and highly touted new comer Azrael Eldritch, The Hardknox Title was reinstated and Wild won it in a battle royal, and James Phoenix abducted general manager Bruce Charming.


  1. Alice Liddel
  2. Anthony Douglas
  3. Azrael Eldritch
  4. Black
  5. Blade
  6. Chris Paige
  7. Tyrone "Crazy Boy" Smith  
  8. HardKore
  9. HipStreet
  10. James Phoenix
  11. Joey K.
  12. "The Dawg" Justice Stiles
  13. Maximillian Vandiel III
  14. Nero Cain
  15. The Outcast
  16. Ragin Craig
  17. "The Mistress of Mischief" Sarah Twilight
  18. "Southern Comfort" Adrian Steele
  19. Spyder Crowley
  20. Steven Chandler
  21. "The Godfather" Vincenzo Savonarola
  22. White
  23. Wild

Former RKW Stars


Little Jim (Retired RKW president)

Steven "Rough Kut" Hanson (RKW Owner)

"The Renegade" Jack Hondo (RKW Co-President)

Lee Archer (RKW Co-President)

Niles Wilkinson (Head of Talent Relations)

J-Sin Knight (Retired RKW president)

RKW stables

The Dark Circus (H3 and Shorty O'Red)

Wild & Free ("Wild" Marcus Matthews and "Free" Marty Matthews)

Hell's Angels (Jackie Daniels and Kirsta Lewis)

Blue Age Dynasty (Luke Blue & Chris Blue

Elijah Malachi and Johnny Mancino

Team Excellent (Guy Masters & Lou Zer)

Chair Shot Productions (Lead by J-Sin Knight. Possible the largest stable in RKW history with superstars spanning over generations of RKW.)

Past RKW Superstars

  1. K-9
  2. "Double A" Axton Anderson
  3. ce "The Sniper" Borger
  4. Artifice
  5. Luke Blue
  6. Chris Blue
  7. T-Bone
  8. "The Main Attraction" Tyler Boyd
  9. Bob The Burglar
  10. CA$H
  11. Cataclysm
  12. Kole Chambers
  13. Ian-Credible
  14. Kill Crazy
  15. Brian Cruise
  16. Rosalia Constantine
  17. "The Dirty One" Ryan Davis
  18. D2H
  19. Jackie Daniels
  20. 'Nitro' Joel Denton
  21. Damage
  22. ngimal
  23. Flame
  24. Embra Fields
  25. Genki
  26. Tyler Graves
  27. Hipstreet
  28. Hyde
  29. Vin Halsted
  30. Austin Houston
  31. Danny Invincible
  32. Jigsaw
  33. Judge
  34. Marcus Jax
  35. Ali Khadafi
  36. The Kumquat Kid
  37. Kold Blooded Killa
  38. Kris Kage
  39. Trey Karsen
  40. Ahmed Krum
  41. J-Sin Knight
  42. John King
  43. Lawnmower Jones
  44. Kirsta Lewis
  45. Treacherous Hippo Love (H³ aka Harvey the Hardcore Hippo)
  46. Logan
  47. The Supreme Machine
  48. "Free" Marty Matthews
  49. "Wild" Marcus Matthews
  50. Darius Maxima
  51. Elijah Malachi
  52. Johnny Mancino
  53. Rocco Maxx
  54. Jaiden Do'Meirst
  55. Guy Masters
  56. Mistress
  57. Jeff Magnum
  58. "Dropkick" Dallas Murphy
  59. Ness
  60. blivion
  61. Shorty O'Red
  62. Cham Pain
  63. Grandmaster R.
  64. Godfrey Reynolds
  65. Jeff Reno
  66. Marcus Rosario
  67. Kid Romeo
  68. Solar
  69. Stoner
  70. Silvermane
  71. The Scavenger
  72. SyN
  73. Frank Swallows
  74. Trevor D. Sanderson
  75. Harry Seaman
  76. TaNK
  77. The Serial Thrilla
  78. Davis Vallley
  79. Billy Joe Winchester
  80. Rex "Tex" Western
  81. Silent Wolf
  82. Gunnar "Da’ Pimp" Wuher
  83. Wake Walker
  84. Nathen Xavier
  85. "Destiny" Darin Zenaka
  86. Lou Zer

RKW Championship History

RKW Championship: The Big Prize (formally the RKW World Heavyweight Title)

  •  April 30, 2006- CA$H
  •  June 25, 2006- Joey K
  •  October 15, 2006- Jack Hondo
  •  November 13, 2006- Vacated for RKW's 2½ month hiatus
  •  February 18, 2007- Jack Hondo (2)
  •  March 18, 2007- Harvey the Hardcore Hippo
  •  April 22, 2007- Jaiden Do'Meirst
  •  May 21, 2007- Silvermane
  •  May 27, 2007- Vacated by Silvermane
  •  June 17, 2007- Silvermane (2)
  •  November 22, 2007- Kirsta Lewis
  •  August 10, 2009- Anthony Douglas
  •  November 10, 2009- James Phoenix 

RKW King Of The North

  •  July 23, 2006- Danny Invincible
  •  September 17, 2006- Johnny Mancino
  •  October 29, 2006- Vacated
  •  November 12, 2006- Trey Karsen
  •  November 13, 2006- Vacated for RKW's 2½ month hiatus
  •  March 4, 2007- Silvermane
  •  May 27, 2007- Vacated by Silvermane
  •  June 17, 2007- Cataclysm
  •  August 26, 2007- Marcus Jax
  •  October 15, 2007- Ryan Davis
  •  November 2008- T-Bone

RKW HardKnox Title

  •  April 9, 2006- Ahmed Krum
  •  April 30, 2006- Hyde
  •  May 7, 2006- Nathen Xavier
  •  May 21, 2006- Wraith
  •  May 28, 2006- Danny Orchard (Wraith handed the title over to Former RKW Referee Danny Orchard, whom he had admired for some time)
  •  June 4, 2006- Joey K
  •  June 25, 2006- Cash
  •  July 2, 2006- J-Sin Knight
  •  August 27, 200- Trevor D. Sanderson
  •  October 22, 2006- Kole Chambers
  •  November 13, 2006- Vacated for RKW's 2½ month hiatus
  •  January 28, 2007- Kole Chambers (2)
  •  February 11, 2007- Marcus Jax
  •  February 25, 2007- Ryan Davis
  •  June 24, 2007- Jaiden Do'Meirst
  •  August 19, 2007- Treacherous Hippo Love
  •  August 26, 2007- The Serial Thrilla
  •  November 1, 2007- Fonzie
  •  November 22, 2007- Bob the Burglar
  •  December 6, 2007- Stoner
  •  December 22, 2007- Godfrey Reynolds
  •  November 30, 2009- Wild

RKW Tornado Titles RKW's Team Title; No Tags Allowed!

  •  May 14, 2006- "Team Excellent" Guy Masters & Lou Zer
  •  June 25, 2006- Kill Crazy & Mistress
  •  July 23, 2006- J-Sin Knight
  •  August 6, 2006- J-Sin Knight & Jeff Magnum
  •  October 27, 2006- Kill Crazy(2) & Mistress(2)
  •  November 12, 2006- Jon Fu & Luke Blue
  •  November 13, 2006- Vacated for RKW's 2½ month hiatus
  •  February 4, 2007- Flame & Kole Chambers
  •  February 18, 2007- Vacated
  •  March 4, 2007- "Hell's Angels" Jackie Daniels & Kirsta Lewis
  •  May 21, 2007- "Blue Age Dynasty" Luke Blue(2) & Chris Blue
  •  June 17, 2007- Cataclysm & Blade
  •  August 19, 2007- Cataclysm & ??? (Cataclysm won the ownership of both titles.)
  •  August 26, 2007- Vacated
  •  September 10, 2007- Marcus Jax & Brian Cruise
  •  September 20, 2007- "Dark Circus" T.H. Love & Shorty O'Red
  •  November 15, 2007- Kill Crazy(3) & Luke Blue(3)
  •  Disbaned

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