Roxxi Price
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Roxxi Price]]
Real name Roxanna Leigh Price
Ring Names {{{names}}}
Height 5'6"
Weight 123 lbs.
Date of birth January 3rd , 1987
Place of birth Los Angeles, California
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Chicago, Illinois
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Trainer Women's Erotic Wrestling (WEW), Damien Garcia (Trainer).
Handled by Alexa
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Debut September 2004
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Roxanna "Roxxi" Price( Born January 3, 1987), is a professional wrestler and Valet born in Los Angeles, California, working under the ring name Roxxi Price. She is currently employed to Xtreme Chaos Wrestling (XCW), And Chaotic Championship Wrestling (CCW). She also worked for Women's Wrestling Federation (2005) Extreme World Wrestling in 2004, and World Wide Wrestling (WWW) in 2005 - 2006.

The Early Life

Roxanna "Roxxi" Price was born on January 3, 1987, to Keith Price and Britney Price(Whittem.) Roxxi was brought up in Los Angeles, California. Her first interests were Gymnastics and Volleyball. She was known to be a popular young girl and was highly in contact with many big celebrities such as Paris and Nikki Hilton, Sophia Bush, Britney Spears and Newly turned Celebrity, Jessica Burciaga. Roxxi first got an interest in Wrestling when she was just 7 years old, while her brother and father watched it. Her child-hood favorite was "Macho Man" Randy Savage. She liked wrestling, even in her teen years, now with favorites The Rock, Triple H, Trish Stratus and Luna Vachon. Roxxi left school and headed for Universary at the age of 18. There, she learned Medical Studies. Upon having a high degree in Medical Work, Roxxi then took in modeling. She was featured on COPA Swimwear Gear, where she was a Bikini Model. She then worked small jobs, doing Modeling. Her first mega modeling deal was with Lacoste, where she was modeling a new perfume. She then tried out for Miss New York. Roxxi made it into the final 2 but came second, with Stephanie Brookston beating her. Here, Roxxi was spotted by a wrestling Road Agent. They asked Roxxi if she would be willing to take part in Wrestling Sports Entertainment. Roxxi accepted the offer in 2003, but did not Appear on Television till May, 2004.

First On Screen Federation - EWW / Manager

Roxxi first got into training in various small federations. She learned techniques, and was known for learning moves very quickly. This lead to her on screen debut in Extreme World Wrestling, EWW in May 2004. She became the on screen valet of Brody Davis, and accompanied him to most matches as a manager. As she accompanied Brody to his match against T-Dawg, Roxxi would then be attacked by T-Dawg's manager, Rebeccah Ray. This led to conflict on EWW. Roxxi was with little experience, so Rebeccah usually got the best of her. After T-Dawg beat Brody ina Singles Match, T-Dawg pulled Roxxi into the ring. There, he handed her over to Rebeccah who nailed Roxxi with a DDT. An On Screen feud would soon happenw ith Roxxi and Rebeccah though Rebeccah was then released from EWW. After Brody won the EWW World Heavyweight Championship, he told Roxxi that he did not need her help, and that she was a waste of time. This led to Roxxi getting a solo career in EWW.

As EWW's Backstage Interviewer // Feud Wtih Tanya Creed

She first became the Backstage Interviewer of EWW, And Interviewed most wrestlers and divas. In July 2004, while interviewing the heel EWW Women's Champion, Tanya Creed, Tanya insulted Roxxi and called her stupid and non talented. Tanya took advantage of Roxxi, and thought it would be fun for Roxxi to have her first match here in EWW. Tanya issued a challenge to Roxxi, and told her that she would face her tonight in a singles competition, and even put her Women's Title on the line. Roxxi did not want to compete but she was told she had to or lose her job. On July 16, 2004, Roxxi faced Tanya in a Singles Competition. Roxxi was down most of the match, with little in ring experience, compared to the 5 ft 11, 160 Pound Tanya Creed, who dominated most of the match. While Roxxi was in the corner, Tanya ran at Roxxi. Roxxi was able to jump up and catch Tanya in a Sunset Flip Pin. The referee pinned 1..2..3, and Roxxi won the Women's Title on her first match. Even with the Women's Title, Roxxi did not know if she wanted to become a full-time women's wrestler. As she stayed out of the ring for a week, a diva battle royal was held on that week, where the winner would face her at Summer Bash. The match ended in a draw with both Tanya Creed and Lady Poison winning the match. The divas then went on to face Roxxi on July 31, at Summer Bash. Lady and Tanya double teamed Roxxi most of the match, which left Roxxi out for most of it. After Lady delivered the Lady Spienbuster to Tanya, she then picked Roxxi up and delieverd the Ladilicious (Powerbomb Pin) to Roxxi. Lady pinned Roxxi before Tanya broke up the pin. Tanya and Lady fought mostly, before Tanya cheated and hit Lady with a steel small trophy like thing. Lady was knocked out. As Tanya turned around, Roxxi did an unexpected Diving Crossbody from the top rope. Roxxi was able to pin Tanya, and retain her Women's Championship. On August 12, there was a 3 on 3 diva tag-team match. Roxxi teamed with Desire and Kirsty Paxton to defeat Tanya, Lady Poison and Latoya after Desire did a swinging neckbreaker on Latoya.

EWW Closes

EWW then closed on August 23, for a Re-Vamp. Roxxi was forced to give up ehr Women's Title. She remained out of wrestling until September 5, when EWW returned. She returned to find the Women's Championship Vacant, as all of the other titles were too.

EWW - Back as a Manager // Wrestler

She competed in a Diva Wet and Wild Battle Royal, but lost at the end to Lady Poison, and Lady won the Women's Championship. After the match, Roxxi stayed out of matches for most of September and October. Instead, she accompanied Cold Iced F**kerz, to the ring. She helped Cold Ice F**kerz win the World Tag-Team Championships. Roxxi then stayed as a Manager and a Backstage Interviewer. She once again left Cold Ine F**kerz, as she wanted to take a Solo Career.

Feud with Tanya Creed

Tanya Creed once again challenged Roxxi to a match. Roxxi faced Tanya on 13 September, in a Singles Match. Roxxi was about to do a Diving Crossbody when Lady Poison, the Women's Champion, Interrupted and made Roxxi fall. Tanya then covered and secured a Three Count. Roxxi would then face Tanya again next week, with Lady banned from ring-side. After hitting a DDT, Roxxi won the match. On October 1, Roxxi competed in an Intergender Tag-Team Match, teaming up with Philip Brown to defeat Tanya Creed and Crissis Rellic. The next PPV was Halloween Massacre, a Diva Battle Royal was set at Halloween Massacre for a contendership at the women's title. Roxxi successfully eliminated Barbie Blonde and Lizzy Tay. After she pulled down the rope when Tanya Creed ran at her, Roxxi was able to eliminate Tanya and win the match. She would face Tanya for the last time, in a Streetfight on December 2, and yet again she would defeat Tanya after doing a Surprise Roll-Up. There would then end as Roxxi would start a feud with Lady Poison.

Feud with Lady Poison

Roxxi would start an on screen feud with Lady Poison on December 9. She faced Lady Poison in a non title singles match. Roxxi lost the match after Lady did the Ladilicious and secured a three count. Roxxi would then have her last match at the PPV Christmas Chaos. She would face Roxxi for the EWW Women's Championship. After successfully planting Lady with a Jumping Impaler DDT, Roxxi would win the Women's Championship for her second time. She was later told that EWW was short on money and needed to close. Roxxi left EWW as the Women's Champion on December 18.

Women's Wrestling Federation - WWF

Roxxi would join Women's Wrestling Federation after spending a month out of wrestling. She would first become a Low Carder, and a Manager to Mrs Nasty. She accompanied Mrs Nasty to most matches, and helped Mrs Nasty win the World Women's Championship. Roxxi would then compete in her first ever match in WWF. She would face off against Meggie Gene. After using an Impaler DDT, Roxxi would cover Meggie for the three-count and win her first match.

Feud With Meggie G

Roxxi would feud with Meggie for the next couple of weeks. She would face Meggie in a Bra and Panties match. Meggie stripped herself down to her Bra and Panties on purpose, for a pop from the crowd. Roxxi would then win that match. Sh would continue to feud with Meggie which led to an Inter-Gender Tag-Team match with Roxxi and Mrs Nasty VS Meggie and Britney Riveiera. After Mrs Nasty and Roxxi did a double Facebuster, Mrs Nasty would pin Britney for the win. Roxxi would then face Meggie G again next week, in a Paddle On The Pole Match. Meggie would win this match but she asked to be spanked instead of Roxxi. Roxxi would then face Meggie on March 15 in March Madness. She would defeat Meggie with a Schoolboy Roll Up. After the match, Roxxi was attacked by the WWF Featherweight Champion, Sandra Blaze. This would lead to Roxxi and Meggie's feud ending. Soon after, Meggie accepted a Playboy Deal and left WWF.

Feud For the Featherweight Championship w/Sandra Blaze.

Wrestlers Managed

  • Brody Davis
  • Cold Hearted F**kerz

Championships Won

  • EWW Women's Champion (x2 & last champion)

Past and Current Romances

  • Brody Davis (Managerial - Past)
  • Cold Hearted F**kerz (Managerial - Past)

Past Feuds

  • Roxxi VS Tanya Creed (EWW)
  • Roxxi VS Lady Poison (EWW)


  • Ditzy Blonde (Start Of EWW)
  • Girl Next Door (Most Of EWW)

Stables // Tag-Teams

  • Cold Hearted F**kerz w/Roxxi

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