The Royal Shootout is a twist on the conventional battle royal. It combines the battle royal with lumberjack and Last Man Standing rules to determine champions or number one contenders to titles. It was created by Merrill Waters in 2007 in order to determine Twilight Wrestling International's first Supernova Champion. The first one is took place at the New Dawn PPV on June 28, 2007.

Rules and Details of the Match

The match occurs in two stages. Stage 1 is the battle royal stage, and Stage 2 is the Lumberjack Last Man Standing stage.

Stage 1: Battle Royal

The match starts out as a conventional battle royal, with 8-14 competitors in the ring all at once. Wrestlers then eliminate each other by throwing opponents over the top rope. This continues until there are two remaining. However, the eliminated competitors do not leave ringside, as they also have a role in the second phase of the match.

Stage 2: Lumberjack Last Man Standing

Once two wrestlers are left, the match then shifts into Last Man Standing rules, with a twist. While the competitor who is knocked out for 10 seconds still loses, the ten-count cannot take place on the ring floor. This is because the eliminated competitors act as lumberjacks, forcing the active competitors back into the ring. The match ends when one wrestler is knocked down for the ten-count, and the one still standing wins the match.

History of the Match

To this date, one Royal Shootout has taken place.

Royal Shootout I: New Dawn 2007

The first Royal Shootout occurred at TWI New Dawn on June 28, 2007 from the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City. The winner of the match, Jason Rolento, became the TWI Supernova Champion. The other competitors in the Battle Royal phase were, in order of elimination:

  • Trevor B
  • Jax "Nightwolf" Havik
  • Veronica Rodriguez
  • "The Ebony Empress" Allante Clark
  • Jay Williams
  • "The Forgotten Maiden" Maya
  • Brian Kennedy

Eric Herrera came in second, claiming the first right to the number one contendership.

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