Chicago, IL- Joseph J. Gentile Center

July 26, 2007


Main Event

Junior Riot Series Finals - Ladder Match- 10k for the winner

Ayo Tanahahi def “X-Man” Zac Jones and “Dangerous” Cody Hawk (25:23)

Mitch Granderson handing Michael Hegstrand Momorial Trophy (1:25)

Gantlet for the Michael Hegstrand Memorial trophy (Number one condership for the Midwest Heavyweight title)

"Hunter" Jason Hunt def Kris Williams, Masa Mursorio, “Showtime” Erick Slade, “Seanastion” Sean Lucas, Rampage Rodriguez, and Shinsuke Ogasawara

Lucas by Cutthroat Suplex covered by Masa (1:30)

Masa by Fade to black covered by Slade (2:00)

Slade tossed over the top rope by Shinsuke (2:30)

Shinsuke given a hotshot by Slade covered by Williams (2:31)

Rodriguez by Rawk Cutter II covered by Williams (5:21)

Williams by Cobra clutch/STF lock by Hunt (9:10)

Junior Riot Series-Ladder Match

Ayo Tanahahi def. Kentia Mursorio Flight of the dragon on a ladder from the outside to the inside the ring

Junior Riot Series-Ladder Match

“X-Man” Zac Jones def “Thunder” Josh Xavier X-Buster off the top of ladder (9:25)

Junior Riot Series- Ladder Match

"Dangerous" Cody Hawk def. Dark Messiah Danger, Danger II (10:15)

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