Rurik Krychek'
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Real name Rurik Krychek
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Height 5'5"
Weight 215 lbs.
Date of birth February 27th, 1978
Place of birth Provideniya, Siberia, Russia
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Resides Arizona Bay, Aldaraia
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Trainer Unknown
Action Wrestling League (July 2006 - present), Reign Incorperated (February 2004 - present), OW! (2004 - present)
Handled by Clockman89
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Debut February, 2004
Retired {{{retired}}}

Rurik Krychek (born February 27th, 1978) is a Russian Professional Wrestler, currently working for Online Wrestling!, Reign Incorperated(sic), and Action Wrestling League. Known by his mocking nick name "Marinate," he is considered a main eventer. Rurik is best known for his excellent ring psychology, revolutionary concepts, and enigmatic promotional videos.


There's very little that's truely known about the mystery that is Rurik Krychek. He is known to have been born on February 27th, 1978, in Provideniya, Siberia, Russia.

Three known biographies of Krychek has been released, but each contradicts another's story. The facts that each story confirms is that he stowed away to America as a teenager. First living in New York, it's nearly impossible to find any record of him there. One biography listed him as being arrested for inciting a riot, however, there are no records of such a riot, or even records of his being arrested.

Later on, disillusioned from his having trouble adapting in New York with his poor English at the time, Krychek went to Los Angeles, thinking it would be a better place to start. Here is the only known time he has had a job other than wrestling, but no one is sure which is the correct one.

In all three biographies, it lists his meeting eventual team mate Dave Richmond in the l33t in the work. One biography listed it as a pet store, and another listed it as a gaming shop.

Where he lived, or where he got a better grasp of English is unknown, but at this point Krychek speaks fluent English. It is assumed that during his time living in Los Angeles that he developed his hatred towards Los Angeles, and California in general, which is refered to in many promos, as he demands for the Bill Hicks hook, "Arizona Bay."

His history after that is known from Dave Richmond's biography, that the l33t was formed as an online gaming group, and once Richmond was threatened to be kicked out of his parents house, Richmond took the closest friends he had and ventured into wrestling.

The l33t

The l33t is one of the more dominate stables in wrestling, if only for it's most recognizable members, Rurik Krychek and Dave Richmond. Ivan Rurik, 'The Black Mage' Dexter Cloud, and James Unger are the other three members. A translator/manager was in the group for a short while during the OSW era for Ivan Rurik, who spoke only Russian and German, couldn't speak to the American crowds.

Early Career; Ri, InCW, OW!, IPWS

Rurik Krychek, along with the rest of the l33t, debuted in Reign Inc in early 2004. This is the only time that Rurik Krychek has ever actually been a face. However, since Reign Inc operates mostly out of normal continuity, it's never brought up. This is due to Reign Inc's shows being written months in advance, and therefor can screw up other continuities with their stories.

Not too long afterwards, the l33t joined OW!, a sister-federation to Reign Inc, which operates out of normal continuity. OW!, however, experiences considerable down time, to the point of only a few shows a year. This fact is the reason that despite being a part of OW! for a few years, the l33t have only ever feuded with one other stable, High Flyers Incorporated.

Rurik Krychek and Dave Richmond of the l33t took to the independent federation Inner City Wrestling, which experienced one show. But this was where Krychek's eventual personality would emerge. Reign Inc and OW! rarely feature actual promos from superstars, so this was the first time Krychek ever had to really promo.

Though it was a brief run with InCW, Krychek's first promo forged the animation that he would continue to use in later in his career, as well as his well-noted anti-religion stance, and early workings of his and Richmond's "truth tellers" gimmick, by pointing out flaws in his opponent's, Gabriel the Archangel, logic. Krychek wound up winning the match.

Krychek continued in the independents while Dave Richmond took a break from them. It's assumed by l33t fans that Richmond took time off to do some gaming tournaments. Rurik Krychek then experienced a few month stay in a federation known as IPWS.

IPWS is where Krychek began to get his first real break into the main event. Krychek declared a war upon entering, not against anything in general, however. Krychek was approached by a stable by the name of 'The Ministry' about joining them. A weary Krychek accepted the offer.

Krychek was later entered in a federation wide royal rumble type event, with pinfalls in addition to over-the-top eliminations. The Ministry was spread out quite a bit through out the match, but once three or four had gotten into the ring, most of the other wrestlers fell to them in record times. Krychek entered somewhat late in the match, and wound up defeating the leader of the Ministry at the end of the match, after using his Kingdom's Fall, and thus winning himself a title match.

The top members of the Ministry later vanished, and Krychek was named the new leader of the Ministry, which Krychek took without reluctance, enjoying the idea of having people to shove around. In the lead up to the title match, Krychek berated the Ministry to the point where it eventually dissolved under his leadership, mostly for their losing to the World Champion Panther.

History is unclear as to how it came to be, but Krychek was granted the right to choose the match, and thus his signature match was forged; The Paradome. No one is quite sure why the name was chosen. Come match time, Krychek used dirty tricks within the cage match, such as attacking Panther before the cage was descended fully, and attempted to behead Panther by holding his head under the cage as it came down.

After two false finishes, Panther delivered his Black Magic from the top of the inner steel cage, through the outer cage's steel floor. Upon landing, however, Panther flopped off of Krychek and Krychek managed to get part of himself on top of Panther. It's hailed as a fluke that Krychek managed to do so.

Shortly there after Krychek lost the championship, and disappeared from IPWS. A failed come back a few monthes later was his last apparence in IPWS.


The l33t reappeared together in another federation, this time with Dave Richmond, Ivan Rurik, and Rurik Krychek. The Black Mage, and James Unger made apparences in the promos but never in a wrestling capacity.

During part one of OSW's history, the l33t reigned supreme in upper-mid card and below. Dave Richmond won the Old School Championship, the equal to WWE's Intercontinental Championship, while the Russians of the l33t won the World Tag Team titles in a four-way TLC match. OSW experienced a short down time after the pay-per-view, due to sponsorship issues.

OSW re-emerged a couple of monthes later, as a farm federation to the NAFW. However, despite press releases by both NAFW, and OSW stating it was a farm federation to NAFW, the l33t refused to admit it, and to this day insist that OSW was a sister federation to the NAFW.

The first night back, Ivan Rurik had been released from his contract. He still appeared in the l33t promos, however, mostly in Dave Richmond's. A triple threat title unification was done between the Old School, the World, and the ? title. Ben Hurst, the ? champion defeated Kuroi, the World Champion, meaning Dave Richmond was never pinned to lose his title. That night, Krychek managed to win a gauntlet to win a title match against the World Champion. The World Tag Team titles were discontinued due to lack of interest in the division, and one half of the champions being let go.

For the next month, Rurik Krychek played mind games with the World Champion Ben Hurst, while Dave Richmond still displayed the Old School Championship around still. No one is quite sure how he managed to still hold onto the physical championship. Krychek focused mostly on Hurst's inability to say much else beyond "no, you're wrong!," a quote which Krychek keeps with him to this day, whenever it applies.

At the pay-per-view where Krychek would face Hurst. A long brutal match, featuring the entire l33t stable getting involved in it. After Hurst had kept Ivan, Unger, and Black Mage were put down, Hurst and Krychek resumed their wrestling. Richmond would get involved one last time, tripping Hurst off the top rope, and busting him open. This allowed Krychek to apply a sleeper hold to take advantage of the lighter headed Hurst. Hurst managed to break out of it and attempt a come back, but took a Kingdom's Fall to end his championship reign.

That wasn't the end of their feud, however. Krychek was left off the card of the next show, and as such said nothing the entire week. Krychek addressed the crowd during the show, declaring the kingdom of Krychek had come. Krychek mocked the former champion with a doll of him in guillotine. During his 'acceptance' speech as the new champion, Hurst was revealed to be the doll in the guillotine, and snuck out of it, and attacked Krychek.

Dave Richmond interjected himself more into the feud, and later a new comer named Matthew Cage interjected himself into the feud. After a month of feuding between the four, a steel cage match was held at OSW's final pay-per-view, hailed by a lyric from the Led Zepplin song "No Quarter;" "Locked in a place where no one goes."

The l33t worked together in the cage most of the time, except for their trademark finisher-counter-and-reversal spots when they face each other in a match, where they both attempt and fail all of their finishers, and trademarks until one is finally landed. The match featured several near-finishes, including Richmond's almost being out of the cage, being pulled back in, and bringing the referee on the outside of the cage inside with them.

Rurik Krychek attempted a sneaky way out of the cage, attempting a wire cutter on the cage wall to crawl out, but was stopped. The rest of the l33t interjected themselves into the match, so far as to get into the cage, but one by one they fell. Eventually all four men found themselves on the top of the cage, each on their own side, and all fell off. Rurik Krychek hit the floor just split seconds before the others, managing to retain his title.

Somewhere before the end of OSW, Rurik Krychek and Dave Richmond participated in an NAFW Quicksilver Invitational. Quicksilver being their version of a Cruiserweight Championship, which was being held by the prospecting Quicksilver contender Buddy Harbor. The Invitational gathered wrestlers from various federations in the world. The l33t made it to the finals of it, where it was a five-way battle royal, and when it was down to just two people, the last two would compete in a ladder match for a large sum of cash.

Dave Richmond was the last person eliminated in the battle royal, and thus began Harbor vs Krychek. Plenty of spots later, Krychek shoved a ladder out from under Harbor, but Harbor managed to bring the briefcase with him, but landed on his head, causing injury to Harbor.

The l33t returned to NAFW after the closing of OSW, and hailed themselves as OSW Champions, and frequently put the entire federation down in their promos. Krychek went so far as to even liken the NAFW to California, where Krychek asked for NAFW to sink away like he wants for California.

The l33t stuck together as Krychek feuded with the X-Treme Champion Buddy Harbor. During promos in the feud, Krychek would refer to the championship as "the XTC," a popular acrynom of the title. However, instead of saying the letters, Krychek would pronounce it as a word, resulting in fans laughing when he said it, as the pronouncing of it would be "extacy." Krychek never acknowledge the laughter of it, either not noticing what he was saying, or not finding it funny himself.

In the build up to the match, the l33t denounced hardcore matches, finding them to be beneath what wrestling was supposed to be, and said one of them would take the title simply to bring honor to it.

Another XTC contender was put into the feud, resulting in a four-way match planned for the pay-per-view. Unfortunatly, Buddy Harbor was re-injured going into the pay-per-view, and it was turned into a triple threat, for Harbor's title, while Harbor wasn't there. During the match, however, Harbor returned, and either a ladder match, or a tlc match broke out. The lines between the two matches blur together, as either match can use the same weapons.

Eventually Krychek would backdrop Harbor off a table bridge between two ladders, and onto a pile of thumb tacks. Krychek would then take the title to become the XTC. The celebration would be short lived, however, as later in the night, NAFW would be closed, and Krychek was one of the champions showed to be having his championships forcibly taken from him, including the OSW World Championship, which was owned by NAFW.

In the end the l33t got what they wanted, NAFW had fallen. NAFW would return later, and the l33t would make a brief return to it, before leaving due to disputes with NAFW.


Fans had been bugging AWL to sign the l33t for weeks prior to their debuting, and in all the weeks heading into the debut, they denied it. Krychek even continued the denying of it even while Richmond had viginette promos airing, and Krychek had viginette promos airing that never showed him(but did show Shahanshah.) Songs were prominatly used in their viginette promos, building them up, as well as words telling you about them. Krychek's included poems and the songs "Space Oddity," and "Ashes To Ashes" by David Bowie, an alien descriptive part of "Rosetta Stoned" by Tool, and finally showed the back of Krychek playing the piano of "Right Where It Belongs" by Nine Inch Nails.

The l33t debuted in an attack on the main eventers, most notably resulting in the accidental chair hit from Chill on Slambo the Clown's girlfriend Clara, which would later result in Slambo's dormant other personality "Hunter Weiss" to come out, unleashing a new evil on AWL. During all the rage of Hunter Weiss on the AWL, the l33t were spared most of the damage due to their having helped bring out the Hunter Weiss persona, even if by accident.

The l33t's first match in the AWL was against Slambo the Clown and Chill, just before the turn of Slambo into Weiss. The l33t won after Slambo attacked Chill, and gave the l33t the win. Their next match, first on a pay-per-view for AWL, was a 'King of the Hardcore Hill' match. The l33t have speculated that they were booked in a Hardcore match purely by spite of management, for the l33t's refusal to admit they had been signed. Krychek took to the action, while Richmond went to the commentary table for the match. Eventually Richmond would sneak in a win on Ripped.

Still that night was the first ever recording of a commercial for l33t merchandise. Krychek didn't do much in terms of storylines, mostly supporting Richmond in his causes. A noted match is a six man tag where the l33t teamed with Cash Parker to face Chill, Solomon Black, and Eros Mako, where the l33t eventually won after Cash Parker was eliminated. Krychek was put through a table mid-way through the match and was unable to finish. The very next match saw Dave Richmond win the World Title in a tag team match with Rurik Krychek against Chill, and Blain Hamman.

The very next night, the l33t faced off in a match for the World Championship, where in they again did their finisher-counter-and-reversal spot. Richmond would defeat Krychek just before a swarm of angry wrestlers came to ring side to attack the l33t for Richmond's winning of the title. The next week, Krychek and Drake Love pinned Solomon Drake at the same time in a number one contenders match.

The show before the pay-per-view featured The World Champion Dave Richmond, and Co-Number One Contender Rurik Krychek facing Co-Number One Contender Drake Love, and Fox Strife. Strife left mid-way through the match to seek out Hunter Weiss, leaving Drake in a handi-cap situation with Richmond and Krychek. Once Drake began to fight back, Richmond got his title and got into the ring. Drake ducked the title shot to grab Krychek for a northern lights suplex, leaving Richmond to accidentally hit Krychek. Richmond wasn't aware of it until after Drake Love pinned Krychek

This led to a small rift between Rurik Krychek, Dave Richmond, and the rest of the l33t. Richmond blamed Krychek for the loss, and when Dexter Cloud tried to defend Krychek, Richmond superkicked him. The tension was further shown when Dave Richmond, Ivan Rurik, and James Unger arrived without Dexter Cloud and Rurik Krychek, and later Krychek and Cloud arriving by themselves at the pay-per-view.

In the promos leading up to the triple threat match, Drake reiterated his nick name the 'Career Ender.' Krychek challenged Drake's nickname, and told Drake to end his career to prove it. The triple threat World Championship match went forward, with the l33t taking shots at each other. Eventually Drake Love would throw the champion through the commentator table and locked in his signature submission on Krychek. Krychek tapped out in order to avoid injuries. Krychek used this to prove to Drake that Drake didn't end his career, and call Drake a liar, eventually coining the name "Saint Love" and the term "Saint Love is dead."

The l33t drift continued into another Richmond vs Krychek match on Fury. (still being written)


Rurik Krychek is a known misanthropic, humanitarian, and atheist.


Rurik Krychek, and the other l33t members are known for their promos taking place in lavish animated forms, with their roaming green room / chambers, as Krychek and Richmond refers to them respectivly. The Green Room/Chamber is an attatchment to the l33t van. Their wide range of technological knowledge allows them to promo from virtually anywhere, with a logical explination.

Rurik Krychek has done at least three promos speaking specifically about Arizona Bay, and hasn't been afraid to speak his mind on various subjects including politics, religion, Scientology, and other world affairs. Religion and Scientology are separated because Krychek doesn't include Scientology in his definition of religion.

Krychek is a primarily a "responder" when doing promos, normally only responding to people unless otherwise needed. Krychek generally uses his promos to either to get across a peticular point he has on a given subject, or to debunk lies/misconceptions told by his opponents.

Championships, Awards, And Known Merchandise

IPWS World Heavyweight Championship OSW World Tag Team Championship OSW World Heavyweight Championship OW! Hardcore Championship NAFW X-Treme Championship

2006 Awards AWL's Best Promos Of The Year

  • Tied with Hunter Weiss

AWL's Match Of The Year

  • The match was an Ulimate-X Elimination Chamber match with Drake Love, Dave Richmond, Panther, Hunter Weiss, and Fox Strife.
  • The handler of Rurik Krychek also wrote the match.

Was nominated for Wrestler of the Year, Theme of the Year, Feud of the Year, Finisher of the Year(for the AEnema), Gimmick of the Year, and Roleplay of the Year.


  • The l33t Crest Shirt
  • While it's more of an l33t stable merchandise, but it's still considered part of his.
  • Open Your Eye Shirt
  • A picture of an eye rolling.
  • The Best Of The l33t
  • A DVD collection of the best of l33t matches, and interivews. A bonus joke was if you had one hundred proofs of purchases of the dvd, you would get one of three free shirts. In addition to that, if you proved your purchase of each of the shirts, you would get a bonus dvd collection featuring three dvds including just the lesser known l33t members.
  • Save Marie's Wings
  • Available in shirt, pants, and bumper stickers according to a commercial.
  • The Fucking Shirt
  • A shirt with a list of things Krychek dislikes, saying "Fuck" before each one. On the back of the shirt it reads "Most importantly, fuck you."

Wrestling Information

Wrestling Strategy, Moves

Rurik Krychek is not the fastest person in the ring, or the biggest, since the debut of Eros Mako, he's not even the smallest. But one thing you can never say, is that he isn't the smartest. Rurik Krychek's matches are known for his heavy use of mind games, and ring psychology. He has blatantly said that he uses his opponent's promos to size up their state of mind, and then use that knowledge to forge a game-plan, and if need be he can use the information during the match to re-strategize mid-match.

He is willing to employe anything as a mind game, and in recent years has brought a pet komodo dragon to the ring with him, at an amazing ten feet long, and the name of Shahanshah. Krychek brings it to the ring in case he needs a breather, and the komodo dragon can protect him while he re-thinks if need be.

Unusual notes about Krychek includes his amazingly hard head, which protects his brain from most attacks to it. He is known to use his head for headbutts, but not often.

Signature Moves

  • Kingdom's Fall (Death Valley Driver)
  • Ultimecia (Reverse Death Valley Driver)
  • AEnema (Koji Clutch)
  • Magitek (Diving Flip Over Neckbreaker)
  • Formerly known as The Third Eye
  • Complete Shot
  • STO
  • Running Calf Kick
  • Orange Crush Bomb


Krychek has only had three theme songs through out his career, and two of them were used only once. This is not including the l33t theme song of "Otherworld" by Nobuo Uematsu.

  • "Revolution" by Tool and Rage Against The Machine.
  • It's an unreleased track, therefor the sound quality is never great. This is his main theme song.
  • "Mosh" by Eminem
  • Was used in IPWS during the Paradome match.
  • "Revolution(Counting Bodies Remix)" by Tool, Rage Against The Machine, and A Perfect Circle.
  • Assumed remix by Rurik Krychek, used during his OSW World Title match. Takes the lyrics by Tool and Rage Against The Machine, and puts it to the drum beats of A Perfect Circle's "Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of A War Drum."

His entrance attire generally uses a white glossy trench coat, and sun glasses. On the occasion he wears a crown for mockery. He has also been known for painting words on his forehead to tie into whatever his promos had talked about that week.


  • Is a well documented member of Mensa International.
  • As aposed to traditional political stances(Republican, Democrat), Krychek has refered to himself as a "Learyist" in honor of Timothy Leary and his "Think for yourself" quote.
  • Is a known fan of the band Tool, Bill Hicks, Timothy Leary, A Perfect Circle, Rage Against The Machine, and Nine Inch Nails.
  • Rurik Krychek's acceptence speech as new champion of OSW had a line taken from one of his handler's other character's acceptence speech. "I thank all the people I stepped on and over to get to where I am."
  • He is mostly known as being Russian, as 'Rurik' is Russian for 'Noted Ruler.' His last name is of unknown meaning and descent, possibly Czechian.
  • He is multi-lingual, having shown his knowledge of Russian, English, German, Spanish, and Italian. Promos have shown at least basic understanding Hebrew, has promoted his time in Japan, suggesting he knows Japanese. He also knows Enochian, however, as this isn't a nations language, it's disputed whether it should be counted.
  • He may need glasses, as his eye color has changed from green to brown and back over time, suggesting he may be wearing contacts. This may just be for odd effects.
  • He may be ambidexterous, and mostly uses his right hand for attacking. He has been shown writing with his left, but with his promos being heavily edited visually, it's disputed whether he actually is.
  • His "Save Marie's Wings" foundation has been seen on the merchandise of many superstars including Synkai Daythona, Eric Smiles, and the other l33t members.
  • Can play the piano, and has been seen playing "Right Where It Belongs" by Nine Inch Nails.
  • He has been shown owning a copy of the novel "Devil's Dance" by Saddam Hussein.

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