Rurouni Kenshin Kobashi
[[Image:|px|Image of Rurouni Kenshin Kobashi]]
Real name Rurouni Kenshin Kobashi
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Height 6 Foot, 2 Inches
Weight 241 Lbs.
Date of birth April 15, 1982
Place of birth Tokyo, Japan
Date of death
Place of death
Resides China Town, New York
Billed from Tokyo, Japan
Trainer Jushin Hymoto kabachi
Gods and Heretics Wrestling
Solid Core WrestlingAAA(Defunt)
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Debut November 2000
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Rurouni Kenshin Kobashi (born April 15, 1982)Is a Japanese professional wrestler currently working for Gods and Heretics Wrestling(GHW), He wrestles on The Tuesday Night Triumph Program.

Before Wrestling

Rurouni Kenshin Kobashi was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan To an American army father and a Japanese mother. He had a decent upbringing as he lived on a military base, till one day his father left him and his mother with nothing. Since that time he has held a grudge against his father who he disrespects for walking out on him and his mother. Rurouni and his mother soon were able to settle into a small apartment on the lower east side of town which wasn't in the best neighborhood. At a young age the rage he felt for his father leaving him and his mother got him into a lot of fights at school and on the playground. He had been suspended from almost every school he would attend because when he got into fights he would end up breaking a nose, or an arm of the person he was fighting against. By the time he had made it to high school he had several run ins with the law mostly for petty stuff like stealing candy, or ditching school, or even slashing the tires of the school principal. His junior year in high school after being kicked out of school for threating to break a kids arm, his mother being at wits ends did not know what to do with her son and came close to kicking him out. One day during the fall of 1998 there was a knock on the door, Rurouni's mother answered the door and two men explained that they were looking for Rurouni and heard that he lived here. His mother not sure what these men wanted or who they were with was about to tell them nothing. The two men sensing the mothers fears told her that they represented the Dragon Dojo which was a school for troubled kids, who needed Discipline. His mother being at her wits end and wanting to give up on her son agreed to let Rurouni go with the two men if it would turn her son into a better person.


His mother was relieved but saddened on that day when Rurouni packed light and left with the two men to what she thought was discipline school. In reality the two men had seen Rurouni and were impressed with him enough to want to train him to be a professional wrestler. Little did Rurouni know, he would be in for a long and painful education. Upon arriving at the Dragon Dojo Rurouni was taken aback as he watched various students training in the ring, and outside of the ring. Rurouni looked around and amazement begin to set in as he watched the students training, Rurouni had watched several wrestling matches but never really took a liking too it. During his first few training sessions he had to be reprimanded by the instructors because he was being too rough with the students. Within 2 weeks he was taken off training for breaking several of the students arms and put on cleaning up the dojo which ment mopping it every night, taking down the ring and putting it up for shows, sweeping the entire gym and cleaning toilets. Rurouni grumbled about having to take up the duties and thought on several occasions to run away. Rurouni though never being one to quit or give up did his duties on a daily basis for the next year and half without complaining. By the time he had hit 18 he had gained the concept of how to work and wrestle and the instructors were proud of him especially his trainer Jushin Hymoto Kabachi Whom Rurouni would later consider like a father to him. At the age of 19 after a full year of training under Jushin, Rurouni was put into his first match against a more experienced but gruntled veteran named Rejoh Yukimakie who felt that he should be getting a bigger push then what he was. The match took as the semi main event and went 10 minutes the crowd was on there feet throughout the match in the end Rurouni picked up the win with a STF the crowd ate it up but Rejoh feeling slighted that he lost at the end after being told not to worry walked out of the promotion.

Rurouni would go on to a successful career in Japan, wrestling in many of the promotions and catching the eyes of fans with his no none sense style of wrestling. While working in Japan Rurouni had a chance encounter with Hawkeye who was a popular and rather famous wrestler who was working at the time for Neo Japan Professional Wrestling. They both talked for a bit and then parted ways, little did Rurouni know that he would later be seeing that man again and it would chance his life. While Rurouni was wrestling for a small time promotion a letter came addressed to him, Rurouni opened up the letter and found out that his mother was gravely ill and in the hospital. Rurouni not having seen his mother since the time he left, no showed his match upsetting the promoters and fans to be with his ailing mother. He would stay at his mothers side for days on end, but to no avail on September 17, 2001 his mother passed away in her sleep the effects of Rurouni losing his mother played hard on him and caused him to heavily drink and not be able to perform as he would disappear for days on end in the process ruining his contracts in Japan. Rurouni wound up in Mexico where he joined with AAA while there it was obvious that Rurouni wasn't focused as he was being to stiff on the Mexican wrestlers. The promoters began to get worried as the Mexican wrestlers were complaining that working against Rurouni was almost killing them. Rurouni worked there for 6 more months before getting a call in 2005 about opportunities to wrestle in America. Rurouni said yes and caught the next bus out of Mexico City and headed to San Diego. He arrived in San Diego ready to work and began his search, unfortunately all the promotions he tried out for couldn't find a way to use him so he had trouble finding work about to give up but call it fate or just luck he would run into Hawkeye who he had met in Japan once, while also learning from Hawkeye that AAA went under and is now defunct. The two men talked and caught up on current events, Hawkeye told Rurouni about Solid Core Wrestling(SCW)which was a federation that he Hyper elf and Kingbear ran and that they were looking for talent to fill the slot. Rurouni almost cried that day after Hawkeye made him that offer, he said yes they shook hands and a contract was signed on that very day.

Solid Core Wrestling

Solid Core Wrestling was America's first look at the Japanese superstar named Rurouni. During the second Live Show Hawkeye came out to the ring and said that a new talent had joined the ranks of Solid Core Wrestling. He called Rurouni one of the best Japanese wrestlers he had ever come in contact with. On that Night in Nov Rurouni came out to a chorus of boo's as America got there first look at the man who would carve up many people. Rurouni in his first match went out and gave it his all but lost. The next week Rurouni would go out there and show off his skills with the Sickle as him and Vladimir would get into a fierce match that would see both men pushed to the limits, Rurouni lost that contest as well but neither man was the same after the first encounter. Rurouni would go on become successful. He didn't win any titles while there but he provided good muscle and the fans could not wait to see the sickle come into play. Rurouni was building up some steam in Solid Core Wrestling when it was learned that Solid Core Wrestling was merging with Glory and Honor Wrestling and would later be known as Gods and Heretics Wrestling Rurouni all though had just started to make his mark It would not be till the merger that the whole world would see what he was capable of doing or the bloodshed and carnage that lay in wait.

Gods and Heretics Wrestling

In Wrestling

Signature Moves

  • Fujiwara Armbar
  • leaving a trial of blood from the use of his Sickle
  • Gorilla Press into a SpineBuster
  • Northern Lights Bomb
  • Thunder Death Driver
  • Burning Hammer

Finishing Moves

  • Kenshin Bomb(Kyptonite Krunch)
  • Lights Out(Short arm lariat)
  • Kabashi Cutter(Variant of a 3/4 face lock from an elevated position)

Signature Taunts

  • Holds his right hand high above his head letting the light gleam off his sickle while standing on the stage


  • Wandering Samurai

Entrance Music

  • Ruff Neck (Skindred)

Favorite Weapons

  • Hand sickle
  • Lighter and fluid to spit fire



Allies and Enemies

Championships and Accomplishments

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